Adam Hill must go

April 28, 2016

Jim Duenow


The election season is upon us and I fear disasters are in store for us. The worst will be the likely reelection of Adam Hill for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County supervisor seat.

The reason Hill’s reelection is likely is not that it is merited but rather that his campaign is awash with money. A cabal of real estate developers, who received favored treatment from Hill, has raised this money. Developers like Gary Grossman, John Belsher, Ryan Petetit and others are in Hill’s pocket and he in theirs.

Also, it has been observed that special interests like PG&E and Phillips 66 funnel money through the Democratic Central Committee only to Hill.

Another example is about money to Hill’s wife, Dee Torres Hill. After being let go from her job with CAPSLO for allegedly stealing gift cards meant for homeless people, she started her own alleged nonprofit corporation to aid the homeless. Her board of directors resigned en mass after seeing how she was running the “nonprofit.”

What she is really doing, is using her business to launder money to her husband, Adam Hill. Developers, such as Gary Grossman, suddenly decided to aid the poor by shoveling $40,000 to $50,000 to Dee Torres’ “nonprofit.”

No one has been able to see the books of the “nonprofit” to see where the money really goes and apparently the business has not reported its income to the IRS. Money laundering?

With all this money, Hill is likely to fool the voters and demolish his opponents with ads filled with blatant lies. He has already lied about his opponent Dan Carpenter’s record. He has made references to Carpenter’s daughter and called her a “troll.” The man has no shame.

Adam Hill has a reputation as a bully. He is worse than that, he’s a cruel, vindictive and vicious bully.

Take the example of Karen Velie who publishes CalCoastNews. Ms. Velie has written about the various peccadillos of Hill and his minions. Hill, in retaliation, has vilified Ms. Velie on his website. He has called her a drunk, a convicted felon, a resident of mental health hospitals, and other things too obscene to present here. All untrue.

Hill has personally confronted CalCoastNews advertisers and threatened them in various ways if they continued to advertise.

With Adam Hill, it is all about money and power. He is so obviously corrupt that one wonders where our law enforcement people are hiding. Hill probably has something on them, too.

We, the voters, are the only hope to solve this problem. Though unlikely, I hope wisdom prevails and Adam Hill is sent packing in the June election. Hope springs eternal!

Jim Duenow, a Democrat, has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.

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Debbie Peterson has a far more impressive record than Dan in building successful businesses, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, securing money for much-needed road repairs, taking on the “dust rule,” getting a massive fiber optic network off the ground, and keeping the public alert to the actions and shenanigans of special districts, boards, and commissions.

And Carpenter would make a better county supervisor then Peterson…

I don’t think Debbie Peterson would have caved in to her campaign contributors the way Dan did on the campaign finance voucher ordinance

We’ll never know because Peterson doesn’t win the elections she gets involved with, does she?

If Adam Hill is reelected for a second time, then the 3rd District deserves a sleazy politician like Hill who hides under the guise of being a progressive environmentalist to cover up his shady deals and unstable personality.

I voted for Adam Hill in 2008 against Jerry Lenthall. Hill said Lenthall was in the pockets of developers. Lenthall largely was pro-development and is a Republican. But at least Lenthall did not have the outrageous controversies attached to him that has typified Hill’s tenure. Lenthall is actually a reasonable human being by virtue of being a SLO cop for years, and would have been fired from the SLO PD if he exhibited Hill’s personality traits. No such luck in academia, where Hill lorded over Cal Poly students for years like he rants at the public in vitriolic letters denouncing his opponents.

By 2012, it was clear that Adam Hill was in the pocket of developers and his front of slow growth and protecting the environment was a total fraud. I voted for Ed Waage, another pro-development Republican, because he seemed to actually be a reasonable and sane human being unlike Hill. The 3rd District voters reelected Hill, even after he called into a radio show impersonating his opponent, Ed Waage. Hill said Waage was pro-development and a Rpublican, the voters were ignorant, and we got four more years of Hill.

This time, Hill has two opponents who better fit and understand the attitudes of 3rd District voters. Both Debbie Petersen and Dan Carpenter would be superior to Adam Hill.

If 3rd District voters fail to oust Hill in spite of his antics, it will speak volumes about San Luis Obispo County. For myself, it will be a sign that SLO County is on the road to ruin and has adopted slimy, big city politics.

Thank you, Mr. Duenow, for calling out local law enforcement. What the hell, Boys in Blue?

Is it legal to Banana Cream Pie Adam Hill in the Face?

I attended the debate in Avila Beach this year, and found Debbie Peterson and Dan Carpenter present, with a name tag on the table for Adam Hill, who was clearly not present. It seems arrogant that the incumbent wouldn’t show up, thinking he’s got it in the bag. I’ve heard many times about his reputation as a bully, and his lack of concern for the voters is unimpressive. Debbie Peterson is apparently a grass roots, meet the people, listen to the concerns, save money for the tax payers kind of gal (south county sanitation district nearly a million dollars), and shows up! She also has tact, and shies away from the insults, standing on her merits. This personality plays and works well with others. It’s time to elect officials not based on who greases their palms (developers), Debbie is committed to limiting development until the water situation is under control, when it makes sense to use more resources.

I agree with you 100%. Unlike the other two candidates, Debbie is not afraid to face her constituents and listen to their concerns. She has the desire to be County Supervisor to really be a help, no hidden agenda. I say give her the chance to bring respect back to politics.

Maybe she can first win a seat on the Grover Beach City Council. Then maybe she’ll be allowed to sit with the adults.

Wow! Mr Duenow does not mince words. He is certainly going out on a limb with the statement… “What she is really doing, is using her business to launder money to her husband, Adam Hill”.

Even though this is an opinion piece, as an attorney Mr Duenow is well aware of the tort of “libel” to which he may have opened himself up to a potential suit from the Hill cabal. He is obviously also aware of the defense to the tort of libel – namely if the statement is TRUE.

Debbie Peterson is by far the best candidate. She is smart, friendly, always ready to listen. She likes open books and open communication.

Debbie has had successful businesses in the past. She has positively dealt with vendors and employees.

Dan Carpenter inherited a family business that he ran to the ground and finally filed for bankruptcy in 1994. Failed businesses are bad for our local economy. People lose jobs and vendors remain unpaid.

Interesting that supporters of Debbie Peterson are now attacking Dan Carpenter. Interesting to note that Adam Hill is attacking Dan Carpenter big time!. These attacks only prove that both the Peterson camp and the Hill camp view Dan Carpenter as the BIG THREAT! Go Dan! Vote Dan Carpenter on or before June 7!

Peterson also can’t win an election. She was beaten in her bid to become mayor of Grover Beach. All her presence does is strengthen Hill.

Faster than a shoulder banded snail. More powerful than a wet noodle. Able to cheat constituents in a single bound.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.

It’s a drone

It’s Medallionman

Yes, it’s Medallionman, strange visitor from another planet who SLO with powers and abilities far below those of mortal men. Medallionman, who thinks he can change the course of our elections, bully individuals his bare hands. And who, disguised as Adam, worthless county supervisor, fights a never ending battle for the low road, injustice and all that’s wrong.

Do you know that Dan Carpenter regularly recuses himself on development votes because of conflicts of interest? Debbie Peterson is the better choice.

Once again, supporters of Debbie Peterson are attacking Dan Carpenter. Adam Hill is attacking Dan Carpenter big time with radio ads and campaign mailers. As I said before, Dan Carpenter is the BIG THREAT to both Peterson and Hill. Dan the Man! Vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor on or before June 7!

Context is needed. Usually a politician recuses himself due to conflict of interest, such as owning land near a proposed development or street project. If that is what Carpenter did, then Dan did the right thing.

Yes, on development issues in the downtown core of San Luis Obispo. He’ll have no conflicts as supervisor.