Elementary teacher arrested for child molestation

May 11, 2016

Jeremiah Blackwell 2

San Luis Obispo County sheriff deputies arrested a Los Osos man on Tuesday for allegedly sexually molesting a girl under 14 years of age.

On Monday, deputies received reports that Jeremiah Linzie Blackwell, 42, had molested a Los Osos girl sometime between January and March at a home in Los Osos. After a short investigation, deputies arrested Blackwell on a charge of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old.

Jeremiah Blackwell

Blackwell teaches sixth grade at San Antonio Elementary School in Lockwood, in southern Monterey County. The alleged victim was not one of Blackwell’s students.

In 2012 through 2013, Blackwell was a substitute teacher for San Luis Obispo Coastal Unified School District. Blackwell also taught sixth grade at Cappy Culver Elementary School in San Miguel from January 2014 through June 2014.

In addition, Blackwell is a lead instructor at the Central Coast Surf Academy.

Based on their investigation, detectives believe there may be other victims. Investigators are asking anyone with information about other potential victims to call the sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4500.

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from what I know, there are members of society that come completely un-done when a woman is unfairly targeted, and that fairness is being put to the test.

I opened/registered an account here just to elocute ONE thing:

BIAS in this Society. So REAL, you can cut stuff with this bias. you can slam people with it and they recoil.

Last December 8th, “School administrators placed the teacher on administrative leave and officers launched an investigation. The teacher has not been arrested and no criminal charges have been filed.”

-this is a quote from the story about an AGHS teacher alleged to sexually assault a student. it was brief, few details, and NO pictures.

Then there is the article attached to THIS comment section where you’re basically parading him out in a modern-day lynching of another ALLEGED sexual molester.

I already formed my opinions about this, but I’ll ask anyway: What is it about THIS incident that allows the newsroom to publish pictures HERE of one of the alleged perpetrators, with many details, while back in Dec 08,1015, you were fairly benign in that reporting and there were NO pictures?

Not even the ones that shouldn’t ever be published, you added the ones that were digitally altered with some effects

So what’s the difference ?


you’re about to tell me I’ll never get laid, is that about right ?

Why one teacher gets the lynch mob treatment, and the other is fairly “hands-off”?

Waiting for your rationalizations.


Correction to the article (hopefully).

“In addition, Blackwell is a lead instructor at the Central Coast Surf Academy.”

Hopefully that will be “was” a lead instructor.


If the police are looking for additional victims, they should post something on the Surf Academy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thesurfacademy/

Looks like his own kid is in elementary school. Sad situation for his victim(s) and his family.


Yes, it is terrible that children have to suffer because of their parents.

Wonder if the D.A. will give him a sweet plea bargain. I hope not.


While no one here knows any facts other than what have been reported.

I’ve known JB for close to 20 years, but haven’t spoken with him in about 2. I know nothing more than what has been reported.

FWIW, This is way out of character for him, and it’s hard to believe the charges. We only know one side to this – that which has been reported via a blotter. Please don’t burn him until you know the facts.

He himself has a family with children – how would you like to be falsely accused only to find the pitchforks sharpened without knowing the full story? These days police pretty much arrest anyone accused of lewd misconduct with a minor regardless if true or false.

My hope and prayers are that the accusations are lies – and are being used as blackmail.


One never knows.


This is becoming all too pervasive in our schools. Children are most at risk to be sexually abused by someone they know and trust. Trust must have it’s limits and unfortunately, our children must be taught the signs to look for in all others. It’s sad, but necessary.


Jeremiah has not been proven guilty; but assuming he is guilty, someone with knowledge please tell the readers how extensive background checks are for teachers. Why wasn’t Jeremiah “caught” during the background verification phase and never permitted to be around children in any capacity? People like Jeremiah ruin the lives of vulnerable kids.

Kaiser Bill

If nothing showed up on the background check, then the school wouldn’t have any red flags. The fingerprinting brings back arrests and convictions. The Lockwood School District did nothing wrong in hiring Linze if he was cleared to work. Many employees, teachers, cops, firemen, et al, pass a background check and do very bad things after they are hired.

The case with that Paso teacher, Jeremy Monn, who had sex with one of his student, is a different story. Monn has previously had a relationship with another student in school district out of the area and the Principal actually wrote Monn a letter of recommendation to get rid of him! I believe that district is now being sued, they had a duty to report Monn but they did opposite and he committed another crime here in Paso.


Their fingerprints are run through a crime database that will uncover any arrest. School districts ask for letters of recommendation, however as the case in the Paso district with Jeremy Monn, not all school districts are forthcoming about the behavior of their teachers and principals. Cover Ups are not uncommon. Apparently Jeremiah had not been caught yet by law enforcement.


Why do we always assume people are guilty?

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Why did Lockwood not find anything in a background check?

Simple answer – he has no prior record. As the individual I know him to be – he’s follows a moral high ground. But everyone here just assumes he has a record and committed prior crimes.

Authorities always are looking for additional “victims” as these types of crimes are usually with several minors. It’s likely there are no other “victims” because the first one is just a liar.

JB could be guilty – I don’t know. I don’t think it’s fair however to just assume the minor is telling the truth. Authorities act in a conservative manner. However the media does not.

Through my connections I know there is more to this story – people that are close to him have expressed to me that the whole story isn’t out – but haven’t commented further. I suspect a possible set-up or false accusation – but don’t know, and not passing judgment on someone I know until the whole story is available.


It’s one thing to think about molesting and another to act on those thoughts, sick on both accounts. But, what makes these pervs think they will get away with ruining a kids life?


They don’t think, urge is way to strong.


I don’t buy that the urge is too strong to not act. That’s making excuses for criminal behavior.

Pedophiles are sick and twisted PREDATORS. The worst kind of predator who prey on the most innocent individuals in society – children.


Depends on if he is a pedophile or not. Not all child molesters are. Some are a one-time loser who recklessly destroys a child’s life by his/her impulsive actions. If there are multiple victims in this case, then that would show he is most likely a pedophile. If he is not a pedophile, then yes, what a scumbag to not be able to control himself.


….and I would suspect that he is a pedophile. He placed himself in opportunistic situations around children. Teaching school and teaching surfing to children. So gross.


If the urge is so strong that it causes people like this to act why wouldn’t they molest children right in front of a police officer or other witnesses when the “urge” overtakes them.

Why is it always done in secret, which takes plotting, planning, motive and opportunity (or creating opportunity)?

There are no excuses.


What makes them think???….. the public sector unions will protect them, this has happen time and time again. There is a reason school districts have the rubber room.