Highway 46 crash injures two people

May 23, 2016


An ambulance transported two people to a hospital Sunday afternoon following a head-on collision in northeastern San Luis Obispo County.

The crash occurred on Highway 46 at Jack Ranch, according to Cal Fire.

Officials have not disclosed the extent of the victims’ injuries or the cause of the collision. Officers are continuing to investigate the crash.

CHP officers, Cal Fire personnel and San Luis Ambulance responded to the scene of the crash.

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I drive 46 and 41 regularly. In the last few of years I’ve noticed more vehicles, even motorcycles riding and crossing over the double yellow onto oncoming traffic??? Every trip actually. As if self preservation and the well-being/consideration of others has been forgotten? A false sense of security behind the steel and glass and an entitled attitude.

Don’t you know motorcyclists think the Rules of the Road don’t apply to them. Also, the entitled attitude is not limited to driving, it is happening is many aspects of society.

Felony-reckless tailgaters in big rigs (who get a power charge out of preying on smaller vehicles) are scary as hell.

Their victims are unable to call 911 because the malicious dirtbags preying on the public know exactly where the dead zones for cell phones are.

how many head on crashes does it take to do something about the drivers who can’t handle that road? what is the cause? I wonder?

It’s the idiots who can’t stand driving 60 in a 55 zone and insist on trying to pass instead of waiting a few miles for a passing lane. Very sad humans are so impatient.

The fact that we have a two lane road connecting SLO county to the Valley and I-5 shows how pathetic our infrastructure is. Accidents like this are the fault of bad drivers, but they also reveal our outdated road system.

Forget building a German-style Autobahn, we need to give health care to illegal aliens!

If we were not spending .80 cents of every tax dollar on government salaries, benefits and pensions we might already have our own “Autobahn”

This is wrong. Germany has more generous pensions than we do. The same goes for Japan. Yet their infrastructure systems are superior to ours.

The problem is not some Secretary getting a $50K a year pension.