Tribune printing press moving again

May 27, 2016

NewspaperFourteen months after McClatchy began printing the San Luis Obispo Tribune in Fresno, the publishing company will again move the newspaper’s printing operations to a new press. The move is a result of McClatchy’s decision to start printing the Fresno Bee in Sacramento.

McClatchy officials say The Tribune will be printed in Fresno until the end of July. In the meanwhile, they plan to find a printing press closer to San Luis Obispo.

Last year, Tom Cullinan, the president and publisher of the Fresno Bee, said that moving The Tribune’s printing operations to Fresno would allow the paper to be printed on environmentally friendly presses that use water-based ink.

In a Fresno Bee article published Wednesday, Cullinan said the Fresno press has aging and costly printing-plate technology, which makes it one the most expensive printing operations in the country. Cullinan cited that as one of the key reasons for moving the Fresno Bee’s printing operations.

The Fresno Bee will be printed at the Sacramento Bee press starting Aug. 1. The move will result in the elimination of 27 full-time and 57 part-time positions in Fresno.

McClatchy, which owns the Tribune, Fresno Bee and Sacramento Bee, operated at a loss of $300 million in 2015. The publishing company concluded the year with approximately $397.3 million in outstanding debt.

As of Dec. 2015, McClatchy’s pension obligations exceeded assets by $464.8 million. In order to keep up on its pension payments, McClatchy transferred ownership of a number of its real estate holdings to its pension fund.

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Let’s hope the new press has a trailer hitch welded on and sturdy wheels underneath, you can tell it will be traveling again soon. When it gets to Manteca and goes 100% Spanish the fiesta will be over. Here I thought the mismanagement was a local problem, apparently the McClatchy people are just as incompetent as the ones on South Higuera. I will miss the three C’s: comics, crossword and cipher. Not much else.

I had a telemarketer call and ask if I was interested in re-subscribing to the Trib, and I said I had absolutely no interest. When the person on the phone asked why, I said, “the paper is deplorable” – to which he responded, “You’re the first person I have heard say something like that!” In response to that (likely) lie, I simply said, “Well, I must be the first person you’ve talked to, then!”

He quickly ended the call. Poor Tribune, cannot recover — will not recover from what you have brought upon yourself.

Should move that biased rag to China with all our other jobs.

I understand the Santa Maria Times has some press space available. Maybe the Tribune can become a weekly? /sarcasm.

These are the death rattles of a dying business. Sadly, the present employees emulate the groans of those standing on the stern of the Titanic as it was engulfed in the waves of reality.

I say this with a sense of sadness knowing the value of the print media before it succumbed to the Internet/ TV and the pain of dislocation for those becoming unemployed.

Hopefully, the NY Times and Washington Post will soon follow, drowning in their liberal editorial policies. No lifeboats for them either. But those on MSNBC rejoice, for their ambition is to electronically satisfy the vacuum left by their absence.


10. Aging population

9. No passion

8. No journalism

7. Impractical

6. Cost

5. Literacy

4. Wasteful

3. Big business

2. Cable


1. The internet.

#2 is actually “lack of honesty.” The bias of so many news sources is finally killing them.