Actress charged with felony DUI for Highway 154 crash

June 15, 2016
Jensen Buchanan

Jensen Buchanan

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has charged soap opera actress Jensen Buchanan with two felony counts of DUI. Prosecutors say Buchanan’s blood alcohol level was .34, more than four times the legal limit, when she crashed head-on into another vehicle.

On May 18, Buchanan was driving her Mercedes SUV on Highway 154 near Buellton. Buchanan crashed head-on into a car driven by Bradley Gale Osalas, causing him to suffer major injuries.

Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Buchanan on Tuesday. In addition to the two felony counts of DUI, Buchanan faces special allegations of having a blood blood alcohol level higher than .15 percent and causing great bodily injury to the victim.

Buchanan, a Los Angeles resident, is scheduled to appear in Santa Maria court for an arraignment hearing on June 22. Last year, Buchanan joined the cast of the soap opera The Young and the Restless.



Let’s reprise and think. She was just dropped from Y&R a month or two ago and supposedly has a new job with some fly-by-night, hasn’t-started-yet streaming online only program.

She was in Santa Barbara with a BAC of 0.34 driving EAST towards LA where she lives – at 6:20 AM – so this possibly was her ‘drive of shame’ after a night working the casting couch with some producer/director/agent in Santa Barbara.

But at her age and after the botched facial surgery, I can’t imagine she has much ‘pull’ on the casting couch circuit anymore. Who knows? Old, washed-up wannabe actresses will do anything to revive a dead ‘career’.


And she even plays a JUDGE on the soap opera!!!! And has two grown sons. Tragic.


Four letter word could have stopped all this before it happened, Uber!


Off topic but can’t resist. You gotta watch Milo’s Press Conference today, on Breitbart!


Wino! She probably visited a few wineries, no doubt. What a great use of our water..


As to the legalization of mary jane , marlboro has been purchsing land in ca since 2009 . they helped push colo. wash, and oregon etc . if ca goes legal they will harvest it like corn . every facet of ca will be affected from driving to business dealings , education , services of all types . ca will slow down and get lazier and crazier etc . and yes i am a lazy typer

Jorge Estrada

Don’t worry, be happy.


No it won’t.

People won’t just be getting so many DUIs, overdosing in emergency rooms, etc. The lazy and unmotivated already know a shady dealer. Marijuana may just help those that take a little Xanax with their wine then drive their kids to gym class. You don’t have to believe me though, we can just wait and see.

I am down for more jobs though. We can put some out of work oil field workers or nature lovers to good work.



Jorge Estrada

I am very concerned about recreational marijuana too? Everybody pays for risk on your insurance premiums and this unaddressed consequence is something else to think first before you vote thence drive.


I’m amazed she could even get behind the wheel with a B.A.C. that high. That is in the range that you start to pass out. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Throw the book at her.


She no doubt has had plenty of practice.


She is just not so young and reckless.


Beg to disagree, she was VERY reckless.:(


Well, she is a blond after all.