Married Santa Maria pastors step down after ‘revelations’

June 15, 2016
Pastors Rob and Cindy Litzinger

Pastors Rob and Cindy Litzinger

A pair of husband and wife pastors have stepped down indefinitely from their leadership positions at a Santa Maria church. The church has not explained their departures, but it released a statement saying some revelations have created a “storm.” [KCOY]

Rob and Cindy Litzinger are the lead pastors at the nondenominational Church For Life, according to the church website. Interim pastor Jeff Hoyos said actions taken by the Litzingers were cause enough for them to step down.

“We’ve come into some revelations this week that have really led our church into a storm concerning pastors Rob and Cindy,” Hoyos said in a statement. “As a result, Rob and Cindy have agreed to enter into a restoration process and indefinitely step down from church leadership. We are still in the process of looking into the full weight of this matter.”

Hoyos also said the Litzingers will take an indefinite amount of time to receive counseling as a married couple. The Litzingers have a mix of adopted, foster and natural children — five girls and one boy — according to the church website.

Video on the website shows Rob Litzinger saying, “marriage is awesome,” while delivering a sermon on June 5. The sermon was part of a series on actions points for a great marriage.

Santa Maria police said no one has approached them about them with information about the Church For Life issue, and there is currently no criminal investigation into the matter.

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This is news worthy because these two are predators

This couple preyed on young women. Sending horrible pics of themselves. Typical wolf in sheeps clothing. The psychological damage to some of these girls was horrendous. They should be in prison.

@Josey Wales

WOW I am like so exhausted of seeing your name all over this story. Vendetta much? Listen, I don’t know who you are, obviously since your afraid to place your own name, but to be honest, please go away.

People like you are what causes anger and hatred in this world and all you are doing is stating your opinion not facts. Speak the truth, or do not speak at all. Seriously.

YES, I am a member of Church For Life, and I am VERY proud of that, I attend sporadically myself, my fault, my family is there and actively involved without fail. PASTOR ROB taught me to NOT SLANDER or GOSSIP, you love anyway and pray for them. THATS what a Christian does. I will assume you are not a Christian, as that is all you have done is SLANDER and GOSSIP. If you call yourself a Christian then maybe you SHOULD be at CFL learning what being a Christian is….obviously you don’t get it……

Your words are worn out, those that DO care, are out praying for them right now, those that don’t know Jesus are here feeding fuel to your RANTS, and are the typical people in this world that believe whatever they read to be fact…..anyway….Think I’ve made my point, I am not perfect, they are not perfect, you are not perfect, NOBODY is……….lives…..get one.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Remember that this supposed ‘Pastor’, Rob Litzinger, was the idiot behind organizing Big Oil to defeat the local, Santa Barbara County residents attempt to regulate Big Oil. Measure P sought to stop fracking and keep things like the Plains All American Pipeline Co. Refugio Oil Spill from ruining our beloved Central Coast.

Now we see that”Pastor’ Rob and Cindy Litzinger have resigned under pressure, and some people on this site are claiming they were swingers! Scandalous!

The Measure P Big Texas Oil Companies, and their local scandalous supporters, spent $141 PER VOTE to buy the Measure P outcome. Next, taxpayers were on the line for a $100 million dollar oil spill clean up that Plains expects taxpayers to fund.

Folks, local idiots like David Pratt (Santa Maria Oil) and ‘Pastors’ Rob and Cindy Litzinger are not just imbeciles, they are dangerous to our Central Coast way of life.

Let them go back to Texas.

Just saying,


OH and if you didn’t get how much you DONT know after reading my comment to you, maybe this will help…..they aren’t from Texas,,,,,,,,,wow don’t you look like a slanderous fool now? Wait you are lying? gasp! SCANDALOUS!!!!!!!!