Morro Bay wind farm may be operating by 2025

July 18, 2016

Offshore wind turbinesCORRECTION: The average wind speeds in the area of the proposed wind farm were misstated and are 19 mph.

The company planning to construct a wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay aims to have the project operating by 2025, even though the technology it is using remains in an exploratory phase. The proposed Central Coast wind farm is one of dozens of pilot projects worldwide that aim to use floating turbines, rather than fixed turbines. [Energy Digital]

There are currently more than 70 offshore wind farms in the world, but no floating wind farms are operating at utility scale. Floating turbines, which can be placed further offshore than fixed turbines, have the potential to harness energy from stronger winds.

Trident Winds, a Seattle-based company, plans to place 100 floating turbines 33 miles off the coast of Morro Bay. The turbines will harness energy from winds that have an average speed of 8.5 miles per hour.

The Morro Bay wind farm will consist of turbines mounted on floating structures. Each turbine will have a nameplate capacity of 6MW or greater. Trident aims for the farm to have a total nameplate capacity of 765MW, with the potential of later increasing the amount of energy produced.

At a cost of $3.5 million, the U.S. Energy Department is funding the development of the project’s technology through its Advanced Research Projects Agency energy program. A team of four universities and two national laboratories has three years to build and test a scaled prototype, which is to have two blades instead of the standard three blades.

Many of the existing offshore wind farms are situated off European coasts. The first offshore U.S. wind farm is expected to come online later this year. It will be operating off the coast of Rhode Island. The Morro Bay project would be California’s first wind farm.

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“The turbines will harness energy from winds that have an average speed of 8.5 miles per second.”

… Wow, thats impressive. 8.5 miles per second is 30,600 miles per hour, or just about mach 40.

Why in the world would you guys worry about something that is never going to happen?

It’s all about getting tax payer money to study it, and then say opps…never mind, but I did make millions off the Study. Can you say Solyndra?

Wind farm 33 miles out in the ocean, what could possibly go wrong?

This states is going to lead the way in energy generation using positive thinking, fairy dust and unicorn piss..

33 miles out? ahhhh no one in town will even know they are out there…..until one breaks loose and blows into the sand spit killing a bunch of plovers……

We need less renewable energy eyesores which destroy viewsheds.

We need more HYDRO power.

Remove politics from science, energy, medicine and education. If only I could fit that onto a bumper sticker…

That’s easy. “No New Taxes”.

New taxes are not a part of this project.

Real easy: “No repeat slogans”

?? Hydro power which destroys viewsheds?

“Denmark had the highest cancer rate of all countries listed by the World Cancer Research Fund International; researchers suggest the reasons are heavy alcohol consumption, smoking and physical inactivity”

no thanks

The Danes like to drink and smoke, but I can guarantee you their society was safer and had higher social trust than the USA, at least before Muslim “refugees” arrived. Danes would leave babies unattended in strollers because someone else in the community would watch the child.

What a gorgeous view for all the 1 mil +, ocean view homes. I’m sure those home owners are very exited about these future enhancements to a very natural ocean space. While you’re at it, why not just scrape off the top of Morro Rock and build a convention center with hotel, restaurant and a peregrin petting zoo. I’m so brilliant, you can thank me later.

Can you see 33 miles?

Some days up to 60.

I hardly think that 33 miles off shore represents ANYTHING to do with Morro Bay….although comrade Irons would like to take full credit for it.

Well, we WANT power, but DON’T WANT nukes… we DON’T want to burn shit… we DON’T want to dam up “natural waterways” – hey, we want to have our cake and eat it, too.

Wind, solar, et. al. – just another tax-payer funded boondoggle that needs massive PR to the ignorant masses for acceptance… all so we “feel” better about ourselves. We’re such heroes.

How many wars have we engaged in to subsidize our oil industry? What about the health-related problems due to air pollution? I am not saying the other subsidies can’t be wasteful but we need to compare all costs of energy — not just the upfront development costs — when deciding which are most economical. Is there a way of developing reliable, safe and relatively economical energy production without government subsidies and support?