Santa Maria woman tested for Zika virus

August 19, 2016

mosquitoA Santa Maria woman honeymooned in Costa Rica this month and returned to the Central Coast with numerous mosquito bites and a suspected case of the Zika virus.  [KCOY]

Lab results are not expected to be ready for three weeks, but doctors reportedly said everything was pointing toward Zika.

The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes. The resulting illness usually consists of mild symptoms that last up to a week. However, the Zika infection can be passed from a pregnant woman to the fetus, and it can cause birth defects, according to health officials.

Jessica Davis married her husband on July 31. The newlyweds then took off for Costa Rica.

When they arrived in Costa Rica, they saw signs warning about the Zika virus, Davis said. Her husband and she applied mosquito repellant, but Davis was bitten by a few dozen mosquitoes. Her husband was only bitten a few times.

The mosquito bites caused rashes all over Davis’ body. The couple returned to Santa Maria on Saturday.

By Sunday, Davis had a fever, a very stiff neck, chills and a headache. The symptoms then became worse. Her fever reached 103 degrees, prompting her to go to the hospital.

Since going to the hospital, Davis says she is starting to feel better and cannot wait to go back to work. But, she say it has been hard, and she misses her friends.

Health officials warn that women who are returning from travel and who are planning to get pregnant must look at the Centers for Disease Control map to see if they have been in an area that has the Zika virus. Officials also say people who have been exposed to the virus need to get tested.

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Selfish entitled woman should have been sent back to Costa Rica for her health care.

Zika virus is here. It’s going to spread because mosquitos will bite the infected and spread it. It is causing microcephalic in some developing fetuses, which can cause mental retardation and death. Frightening.

How stupid can people be? Hopefully, she is not pregnant.

People will do something this stupid, and then, we are suppose to feel sorry for her. Let me thank you for probably carrying back some eggs, the zika itself and exposing your family, friends, co-workers and community with your selfishness. Hope the honeymoon was worth it!

Wow, that’s pretty harsh.

When someone purposefully goes to a Zika area for their honeymoon, gets Zika and brings it back to Santa Maria, they are not deserving of sympathies.

Would you be sympathetic if the disease was measles or ebola or drug resistant TB, and the public had been warned not to travel to the areas stricken with these diseases?

See previous mosquito article.