Facebook post leads to arrest of serial burglar in Orcutt

September 8, 2016
Wendy Snow

Wendy Snow

After spending two weeks investigating a series of residential burglaries in the Orcutt area, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies found a Facebook posts detailing an unreported break-in. Deputies then arrested a 44-year-old Orcutt woman, who is accused of stealing cash and jewelry from several homes.

Sheriff’s officials say Wendy Snow was entering homes during the daytime through unlocked doors and windows. Snow is suspected of burglarizing six homes.

On Tuesday, deputies discovered the Facebook post discussing one of the burglaries. KSBY reported the Facebook post detailed a female resident’s encounter of finding Snow inside her home.

Deputies contacted the victim and, after further investigation, identified Snow as the suspect. Investigators found Snow at her home and recovered some stolen property. Deputies arrested Snow and and booked her in Santa Barbara County Jail with her bail set at $50,000.

Snow reportedly sold some of the possessions she stole, profiting about $4,000.

The sheriff’s office is reminding residents to secure all doors and windows before leaving their homes. Sheriff’s officials are also requesting that residents report suspicious people in their neighborhoods.


Winter is coming for you Wendy Snow.


Wanna bet that Ms. Snow is fond of recreational prescription pharmaceutical products?


perhaps, but you are much more eloquent than I


That is one good guess but it might not be a prescription pharmaceutical — there are other addictions in life that can lead people to desperation for cash.


Now everyone knows it’s Wendy.


I live in Pismo…every weekend, my whole city becomes suspicious.


ya know, i’ve noticed a certain amount of degradation in the town. not my parent’s town nor mine any longer. straight up the hill to Huntington Lake. Or hang out in Watsonville/Aromas/Salinas.


Why Watsonville/Aromas/Salinas? They are worse than Santa Maria/Guadalupe/Nipomo.


A definite Snow job.