Adam Hill’s threats play out in public and in private

October 23, 2016
Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson


I ran for the San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor seat because I was deeply troubled by the way Supervisor Adam Hill operates. After several of his attacks on constituents who didn’t share his views hit the headlines, I met with him and told him that I wouldn’t support attacks on people he represents.

After his third attack, I told him I would no longer be supporting his leadership. Thereafter, I too suffered his scornful remarks in meetings, the intimidating public comments, and the untrue political labels. That was how it went in public, but one private meeting was more worrying than anything in the public eye.

In Jan. 2013, just weeks after I was elected mayor, I was attending a League of Cities conference. Supervisor Hill sent me several urgent texts saying we must meet at his office the next Monday. Remembering it was Martin Luther King Day, I asked if the county offices would be open.

“Oh, just meet me out front,” he replied.

I agreed, thinking we’d then go somewhere nearby for coffee.

When I arrived at the county building, he proceeded to unlock the front door, and then lock it behind me. By the time we reached the fourth floor and the supervisor’s offices, I realized there was no one else in the building.

He locked the door of the supervisors’ office behind us. When we got to the reception area of his office, he locked that door behind us. He then locked his own personal office door behind us.

We were the only people in the building, behind four locked doors on the fourth floor.

“Why are we here, Adam?” I asked.

He led me to a table piled with several stacks, many more than a foot high, that he said were research on a political opponent who he did not want me to associate with.

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

I listened to what he had to say and he seemed distressed that I wasn’t reacting. He led me to a computer with several files open about his opponent.

Looking back, I realize he was using the county building, his office and a county computer – public resources – for his own political purpose, an FPPC violation.

As I remained calm he became more agitated.

“This person is dangerous! The sheriff has given me a permit to carry a concealed weapon because of him,” Hill said.

Then he realized he’d told me, after locking me in an empty building, that he had a gun. He started to back track, saying, “I’m not trying to scare you, I’m not trying to scare you!”

I told him that I wasn’t scared; that he hadn’t told me anything I didn’t already know about his opponent and thanked him for the information.

Although he tried on a couple of occasions after that to get me to meet with him at his home, I never again made the mistake of meeting with him again except in a crowded coffee shop with outdoor seating.

Why tell you this now? The rich public record of the supervisor’s misconduct is just the tip of the iceberg. Many are truly, and justifiably afraid to tell their story.  I’ve heard much I can’t share, but I can share my own story.

You then can make an informed choice. With your vote, you choose how we are treated.

Debbie Peterson was the first directly elected female mayor of Grover beach, serving from 2012-2014. She is currently running for a seat on the Grover Beach City Council.


Debbie Peterson has no obligation to endorse anyone.

If you want someone endorsed, endorse them yourself.

Or better yet, run yourself.

Jorge Estrada

Debbie Peterson has found much to disapprove in Adam Hill. If we look closely, at some level, we can find something in everyone that we disapprove with. I admire Debbie for speaking her mind, my hope is that she will help Dan considering what is on the table.


I can’t believe these rude comments! This whole scenario speaks volumes about the man’s character or lack thereof. Thank you for having the courage to go public with such a frightening experience. And watch your back!

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Here we see Mrs. Debbie Petterson provide a powerful indictment of the hated Adam Hill. Adam Hill represents the worst in us, and it is time for him to go. Moreover, we must not let his chosen lackeys, Caren Ray, Kristian Barneich and Richard Waller enjoy electoral success either.

Enough is enough, Adam Hill’s time has come and gone, we just do not need his kind running our pubic business. His antics have shown he lacks the moral character and judgement to effectively serve the public, and Ray, Barneich, and Waller are just as bad.

The water moratorium must be passed ASAP, and the corruption of Adam Hill, Caren Ray, Kristian Barneich, etc. means their political quid-pro-quo with wealthy developers is of higher importance to them than protecting the public water supply. Sad.

Please Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th.



“He lacks moral character and judgment to effectively serve the public.” The same can be said for Arroyo Grande City Council candidate John Mack who was cited by police on 10/18/16 for driving on a suspended license. Last year his moral character came up when as a planning commissioner, he deeded his house on the same day he voted against a development in his neighborhood. Worse he stated the deed transfer was because of a divorce – but the title was under girlfriend and not wife. Mack seems to think he is above the law or at the least bends the law to suit his needs.

Reminder. Mack was appointed to the AG planning commission by Mayor Jim Hill who was not phased by Mack’s actions and may have been at a meeting when Mack was instructed by others to deed his property. Mack is also supported by candidate LeAnn Akins. Their signs are all grouped together like the other candidates.

Should one question Akins’ moral character as well? Lets see. She voted on a democratic ballot in June 2016 primary. Switched her registration in August to republican and tried to get funds claiming she was a registered republican – I guess on paper she is legally registered that way, but how can she support republican values having voted 2 months prior on a democratic ballot? I’m thinking twice about my support for all 3 of these candidates. Character still matters to me.



Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. why are you not supporting Dan, and why have you waited until now to expose Adam?

Kaiser Bill

Yes, very strange Op Ed from Debbie Peterson telling people to vote their conscience against Adam Hill, but falling short of an endorsement of Dan Carpenter. Its like she wrote this after watching Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech.

Incidentally, short of voter fraud, Carpenter is going to beat Hill in a landslide. The only places I have seen Hill signs anywhere is one small sad Hill sign at Gary Grossman’s ugly James Way office park in Pismo and a big Hill sign at the Electricians Union building off 227. I see Carpenter signs everywhere.


Kaiser Bill, I sure hope you’re right. There may be some hope for SLO County if we start getting these unethical politicians out of office.


LOL. Due to your keen eye for political signage you conclude that if one candidate loses, it can only be attributed to “voter fraud”. Wow, chug that Kool-Aid.

Kaiser Bill

Voter fraud is real. Al Franken was elected to the Senate from Minnesota by a 200 vote margin on account of 600 votes from ex convicts who should never have voted. With a wackydoodle like Adam Hill who has already violated the Fair Political Practices Commission per Debbie Peterson’s Op Ed, one can never discount the presence of voter fraud in election.


“On account of 600 ex convicts who should have never voted”. Ex-convicts… meaning they’d served their sentences. One could also say that once they had served their time they should have been able to vote and that the fraud was stripping them of their constitutional right.

Kaiser Bill

You don’t understand election law. Typically, ex convicts have had to meet certain criteria such as getting off parole to have their voting rights restored. The mass granting of voting rights for ex convicts in Virginia by Clinton lackey Gov. Terry McAuliffe has the clear intent of trying to drum up votes for Hillary. The same is true of quickly making illegal Hispanic aliens “citizens” before the election.


No Voter fraud is a mostly made up boggie man by the GOP to enable voter suppression.

Voter real and affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans including Minnesota and Wisconsin. If not for suppression Franken would have won by ten’s of thousands.

Cases of voter-ID election fraud found ‘virtually non-existent’

 The GOP’s War on Voting Is Working

Kaiser Bill

Voter fraud can’t be non existent because I provided a clear example of one such case in Minnesota. Ironically, you then cite an article claiming voter fraud is non existent, from Minnesota.


“The 47 people charged” Wow for all of the “Voter fraud” noise you would think that more people would arrested to back up all of the GOP fear uncertainty and doubt.

Also “on account of 600 votes from ex convicts” So all these ex-cons none voted gop? lol

Kaiser Bill

Most of the ex cons Voted Democrat in the Minnesota Senate election I referenced. Take out those votes, as should have happened under the law, and the Republican wins the elections.


Also, if you like your doctor you can keep them and if you like your health plan you can keep it. Yeah we believe everything the government tells us, “There is no voter fraud”………..

Kaiser Bill

Yes, it is. The Washington Post is a complete propaganda rag, totally in the tank for Hillary on orders from their money man Jeff Bezos.

There are numerous cases of voter fraud. The Democrats have always tried to create new voters out of illegal aliens or ex convicts. Look up how Bob Dornan lost his Congressional seat to Loretta Sanchez back in 1996. The 1960 election was stolen from Richard Nixon. Al Gore tried to use a legal challenge to steal the 2000 election. Why is so unreasonable to believe voter fraud may happen when it has occurred in American history?


Voter suppression affects far more citizens then these few recent cases of so-called voter fraud.

Still mad about 1960?

Kaiser Bill

What is this voter suppression you speak of?

I have to show my ID at the bank or to buy gas on a credit card.

Why the hell shouldn’t people be required to provide Government ID when they vote or register to vote? If they are too stupid to not have ID, they shouldn’t be voting. We give illegal aliens drivers licenses at the DMV. The DMV also registers voters. Are illegal aliens voting in California and elsewhere? Of course.


I am so sorry I did not realize this is all about being able to claim Trump would have won if not for illegal aliens and felons in 2016.

So start printing the “stolen election” t shirts, posters and websites because the birther thing won’t work on the goldwater girl and the alt-right needs materal.


The more you peel the onion, the rottener it gets. Thanks for revealing more troubling facts. As to Dave’s comment, I think we can infer that Debbie has-in her own way-endorsed Dan Carpenter. Thanks Debbie Peterson, hope you get elected in Grover Beach!


Most likely it has something to do with concern that the Democrat party will not help her in future campaigns. The power of the parties has to be removed from local politics




The political parties have power because the electorate is generally stupid, ignorant, and uninformed. I’m not trying to be elitist here, but I simply don’t vote for someone because they sent me some propaganda in the mail, or I saw a sign on someone’s lawn, or I saw some garbage advertisement on TV. The parties do this stuff because most people are endlessly gullible.




I have always argued this. Whenever we get the “GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS” bunk, I reply, “NO, GET STUPID OUT OF PEOPLE!”

It’s not because they spent more on commercials or mailers, it’s because people are lazy and are swayed from a commercial or mailer. It is not the money’s fault, the advertiser’s fault; it is only the fault of someone too lazy or ignorant to make an informed choice based on a political mailer/commercial. Period.

Good old addressing the symptom, not the problem.


Yes I absolutely agree. The problem isn’t money in politics.. it’s not literally buying votes. If the fact that being able to purchase more TV spots and other advertisements will win you an election, then that’s a voter problem, not a money problem,.


Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking?

Debbie–if you feel this way about Adam Hill, why aren’t you publicly endorsing Dan Carpenter?

What am I missing here?

Tick Tock goes the election clock as we get closer to November 8th.