Person killed in head-on crash on Highway 166

October 17, 2016

ambulance 4One person died following a head-on collision on Highway 166 in northern Santa Barbara County Sunday evening. The accident was the third fatal collision on Highway 166 in the last month and a half. [Tribune]

At approximately 6:40 p.m., the two vehicles collided about 15 miles west of Cuyama, or about 40 miles east of Santa Maria.

Initial reports indicated one person suffered major injuries in the crash, and two others sustained minor to moderate injuries. Officials later said one person had died, and two others were hospitalized.

Responders transported the people injured in the crash to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria. Authorities have yet to identify the victim.

Last month, there were two fatal collisions on Highway 166. The first crash occurred on a section of the highway that is in San Luis Obispo County, while the second was in Santa Barbara County.

In the first accident, a Bakersfield man allegedly killed two children while driving drunk. The second collision involved five tractor trailer trucks and left one person dead.

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SLOnative, I was driving west on the 166 yesterday and the sun was already down far enough to NOT be in your eyes by 6:00. Plus, west bound traffic was headed toward very grey and stormy skies.

Which car was driving west into the setting sun?

The sun should not matter, your lane is your lane to stay within. (besides, it was raining and cloudy that day)