Templeton football player’s family launches lawsuit

October 11, 2016
Isaac Lindsey

Isaac Lindsey

The family of Templeton High School football player Isaac Lindsey filed a lawsuit Friday against Templeton Unified School District and Riddell All-American Sports Corp. for failing to properly protect Isaac Lindsey.

Lindsey suffered a brain injury during a game at Templeton High School on Sept. 18. An exact cause of the injury was never announced, but Lindsey was involved in at least three helmet-to-helmet hits during the game.

A few plays following the final helmet-to-helmet hit and requests by the player for a substitution, Lindsey collapsed on the field. Emergency personnel transported him to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, where he spent several days in critical condition.

In the suit, Isaac Lindsey’s mother Jennifer Lindsey claims that school officials failed to follow proper protocol after the helmet-to-helmet hits and her son’s collapse.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Isaac Lindsey’s helmet, manufactured by Riddell, was defective and did not provide the proper protection.

As a result of his injury, Isaac Lindsey is physically and mentally impaired, according to the lawsuit. The suit is seeking unspecific damages regarding the injury and emotional distress.

Jorge Estrada

Where is the dad on this issue?


Should there be a settlement, will the parents refund all the money that has been raised by the community and school for their benefit? Oh and there are other “does” that should be added to the suit because there is always more money to be squeezed:

The other kid’s parents for the helmet-to-helmet hit

The coaches for both teams that didn’t firmly admonish the kids beforehand about such illegal hits

The ambulance company that didn’t act quickly enough in response to the accident

CIF for still allowing kids to play sports where they could get hurt


Actually, they are also suing Riddell, the helmet maker. That is where the real money will be for a settlement. Very sad!

No more team Isaac!


I think the kid should sue his own parents for allowing him to play football, a game with inherent risks.


The parents have no money, just yet. When taxpayer money is involved the magic word is settlement.


A sad as this is, this lawsuit reminds me of the smokers who have developed cancer and other life threatening diseases and suing the tobacco companies…blaming them for them taking up the habit.

The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of the man, woman, or child..



the sport where the biggest, strongest males in society bang their heads together and then sue when they get brain damage.

Makes perfect sense.


Saw or read in last few months another article about CTE and helmets. Dr. they talked to said, it doesn’t matter what type of helmet you make, you can’t prevent to any degree brain injuries. The brain sits in fluid and when the body comes to a sudden stop, the brain slams to front of skull. NO HELMET will stop that. Plain and simple.

Sorry for the kid but it is NOT the manufactures fault. Especially in recent years with all the media attention on concussions, risks are known. It would be like taking up smoking, getting lung cancer and saying, I didn’t know.

Look at Chris Borlen, (believe that’s his name) from the 49’s. Walked away last year from football and MILLIONS, because he said with all the information coming out……….it just isn’t worth it.


You would think in this day and age the player would have been required to sign something releasing the school from any liability. Did he?


If he is physically and mentally impaired why does she put him at risk and allow him to be on the sidelines during games? With his impairments why does she not have him sit in the stands so he does not get run over by other players. Why did she allow him to play such a dangerous sport that has been known to cause head injuries. It is all good and well watching him play this brain damaging sport for years then when he gets injured it’s someone’s else to blame. I hate to see any kid get any kind of injury playing a game they love to play just for fun. Nothing intentional, no malice an injury every parent knows can happen to their son or daughter playing in these sports but thinking it never will.


This is so scummy that I want to puke! If anyone is guilty of not providing proper protect, it’s the mom for allowing her child to engage in a known, inherently dangerous activity. it’s sickening when someone gets hurt and it always seems to become someone else’s fault, anyone but the person that decided to partake in the potentially damaging activity.


This is absolutely ridiculous. People donated out of kindness tons of money to that family for his injury. He choose to play, his parents endorsed it, well knowing risks involved. Aside from this sport being a joke, taking advantage of kids, college students etc, distracting the public, leaching money from schools that could be spent towards arts and academics. Now to sue the county and citizens for some B.S. This is a joke. The kid could of been in band, went to a nice university to play jazz, become a teacher, have a future. Instead, threw him into the modern rendition of Roman gladiators now blaming others for their intellectual shortcomings, COME ON! I feel for people as an empathetic being, but naivety isn’t a burden for taxpayers.

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