Cal Poly declares support for ‘undocumented’ students

November 11, 2016


Amid uncertainty as to whether President-elect Donald Trump will dismantle an executive order that grants some illegal immigrants exemption from deportation, Cal Poly administrators declared their support for “undocumented” students who are attending the university.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed an executive order creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA allows illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday to obtain exemption from deportation, renewable work permits and, in California, access to state financial aid for higher education.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said he would rescind Obama’s executive orders on immigration. Now, numerous people who moved to the United States illegally, including some Cal Poly students, are fearful of what Trump will do.

President Jeffrey Armstrong

President Jeffrey Armstrong

On Thursday, as part of “National Educators Coming Out Day,” Cal Poly held an event in support of its undocumented students. Both Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey attended the event and declared their support for undocumented students.

Humphrey announced the university will transform one of its building into a “DREAM” Center, which will open early next year. California’s Dream Act is the law that allows students who came to the United States illegally to obtain state financial aid.

In a letter announcing the new program, Humphrey stated the DREAM Center “will create a safe and welcome space where undocumented students and their supporters can gather in the community to receive support from staff, access resources and draw on the strength of their peers.”

A total of 176 current Cal Poly students have been identified as undocumented, and there may be about 200 attending the university, according to the Tribune.

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Everyone deserves a education to better themsevlves but when you are here illegally you need to be at the very back of the line until you go through the process of becoming a citizen. I wonder how many of the illegal students at Poly have started this process. I’m sure there are 176 citizens that would like to be able to go to Poly with the same help the illegals get. The illegals get medical,food, school and other aide because they show they make no money but most of them are paid under the table so there is no paper trail. Watched many in stores pull out a wad of cash and pay but never see them use checks or c card. A friends boy works 40 hr a week 16 a hr and has nothing left at the end of the month after paying outrageous rent and food. He is barely over poverty level and can’t get any aide. Come here illegally the red carpet is rolled out for you, especially in Dem run Calif. When they go to their new dream room I hope they express their thanks to this country for what they have and don’t organize to protest and burn the flag.

I wish I could get my tax dollars back. We are a bunch of suckers.

What part of ‘illegle’ doesn’t Poly get? Why is my hard earned tax money go to pay for the activities of individuals who are not in MY country legally? Cal Poly just got my last check to the Alumni Association.’

This Is Typical in California it has been for over 40 years.. Look at Gov. Moon Beam. Brown, Calif has had Bias about this for ever .. Thats why you pay his Taxes & People leave the state. F-Ed UP ! Look at how your cities are run too Time , to rip up the system.. Trump!

I agree that federal law require compliance but to make a blanket statement supporting undocumented students is a slap in the face to the citizens who were denied acceptance and have provided the same or better credentials to Cal Poly admin. The Dream Center has got to be a result of getting someone’s dreams crossed. What is happening to Cal Poly’s solid academia? Will it morph into Cal Folly, the anything goes California University?

Cal Poly is getting away with a lot. To make up for lost state revenue, they have accepted a significant number of out-of-state students, as these students pay significantly higher fees than in-state students. Yep, credentials are important, but money is more important to ethically challenged people as academic administrators.

All of these students should take a look at their countries of origin and see what their immigration laws are. It is ridiculous to think that working tax payers should pay for their education or anything else. There is a process in place for student visas, work visas and citizenship. Everyone needs to follow the same process or they are breaking the law.

If I am starving and can’t get State or Federal aid is it ok for me to go to the grocery store and shoplift? No, because it is against the law. All la s need to be held in the same esteem. One group is not entitled to break the law. Call them anything you want, they are illegally here and as such should have no rights.

No racism, no hate just truth. They are afraid because they are aware they are lawbreakers.

Whatdouno…taking exception to just one thing you mentioned:

“If I am starving and can’t get State or Federal aid is it ok for me to go to the grocery store and shoplift? No, because it is against the law.”

You may or may not be correct…we’ll see. Given the newly-passed Proposition 57, shoplifting *may* have just been downgraded to the extent that it is no longer against the law. Many “thanks” to Governor Brown for instigating this assault on our legal justice system and encouraging the escalation of crime throughout our state. More “thanks” to the voters who passed 57. With the passage of more similar legislation, we won’t even need law enforcement because EVERYTHING WILL BE LEGAL! Protect the criminals at all costs.

And we keep giving them our money to give away to programs like this, free child healthcare, etc. because you came and now you want to be rewarded for being ILLEGAL. Then we wonder why the hard working legal middle class American citizens are angry and elected Trump. Our world is so upside down that illegals come here and then are angry, riot, destroy and demand THEIR rights but when the citizens use the legal system, vote, do not riot or destroy they are condemned, pulled from cars and beaten, mocked, split on, abused, taunted, etc. and then the illegals say they don’t understand. Obviously, the free education they have received has not taught them about Democracy, respect and love of Country and hard work is your success for the future, not being crybabies. It is not just about all the freebie promises you have been promised but Democracy and how it works. Don;t like it, go back to your home Country and fix your problems, get your freebies and cry in your milk cup!

I would be a lot more sympathetic to the cause of these “angry” American citizens if they would focus on the biggest government give-aways first. I’m talking about the huge tax breaks, subsidies and sweetheart contracts going to big multi-national corporations. I’m talking about the bank bailouts repaid with funds the government funneled through the very same banks — and with no accountability for the individuals in the (ir)responsible institutions. These financial gifts dwarf what is wasted on illegal immigrants — although you would never know that by listening to any of the major news networks — including the conservative ones.

When their is justice for all — starting at the top — I will be more concerned about impoverished people abusing the system — and admittedly, some of them do so.

Cal Poly expresses support for people who break the law; are they going to re-enroll the football players who robbed the frat house a while back?

No, because they were black. Now if they were here illegally from Mexico….

“California’a Dream Act is the law that allows students who came to the United States illegally to obtain state financial aid”. When is the give away going to end. If you are legal and middle class you probably can’t get any aid. But be illegal and we will give you everything. When I grew up we all new that an E ticket was the best ride at Disneyland it sounds like this is one of the best rides for illegal.

So much for our self proclaimed intellectuals at the centers of higher education. Oh, I forgot they also have received the E ticket with their high pay, benefits and retirement programs.

Tsk, tsk. Envy is one of the deadliest of sins.

I guess who must be part of the problem?

I wonder what the American Citizen who didn’t get into Cal Poly because there was no room thinks about this?

You mean like my son, who had to go to another town and force me to pay for room and board in addition to all the other expenses for four years. He thinks it is corrupt pandering for the hispanic vote, which is another reason he and i both voted for Trump. The politically correctness of these liberals who put foreigners ahead of citizens cost me personally about $50,000

Hmmm, sounds like you might have a lawsuit there,

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