Cal Poly declares support for ‘undocumented’ students

November 11, 2016


Amid uncertainty as to whether President-elect Donald Trump will dismantle an executive order that grants some illegal immigrants exemption from deportation, Cal Poly administrators declared their support for “undocumented” students who are attending the university.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed an executive order creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA allows illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday to obtain exemption from deportation, renewable work permits and, in California, access to state financial aid for higher education.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said he would rescind Obama’s executive orders on immigration. Now, numerous people who moved to the United States illegally, including some Cal Poly students, are fearful of what Trump will do.

President Jeffrey Armstrong

President Jeffrey Armstrong

On Thursday, as part of “National Educators Coming Out Day,” Cal Poly held an event in support of its undocumented students. Both Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey attended the event and declared their support for undocumented students.

Humphrey announced the university will transform one of its building into a “DREAM” Center, which will open early next year. California’s Dream Act is the law that allows students who came to the United States illegally to obtain state financial aid.

In a letter announcing the new program, Humphrey stated the DREAM Center “will create a safe and welcome space where undocumented students and their supporters can gather in the community to receive support from staff, access resources and draw on the strength of their peers.”

A total of 176 current Cal Poly students have been identified as undocumented, and there may be about 200 attending the university, according to the Tribune.

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A country without laws is not a country. A country that has laws, but chooses not to enforce them, is not a country.

Getting past the mass hysteria and hand-wringing that seems to have risen with the Trump

victory seems to be beyond the capability of so many that if it wasn’t so sad; it would be funny,

Get over it, If you feel so strongly about the idea that it is perfectly OK to not obey the laws of this country; then work to change the laws. But if you think that laws are good – just that some don’t have to adhere to them, while others must – well that is the thinking that resulted in Tuesday’s results.

Finally it is sad commentary on the situation when a university president publicly states that

he will not follow the law. Is it any wonder that this country is so divided?

Do you ever text while driving? Or look at your phone? Those are laws that everyone should adhere to.

Well Jeffrey, I feel for the 176 students that ARE legal citizens who did not get accepted to Poly. So….as a graduate, I will never donate a dime in your honor for denying those 176 students acceptance as you made room for illegals. You sir are part of the problem.

The people that support undocumented students and others that are here illegally would do better for those students by working within the law and with the new administration not defy and ridicule them and the law. That kind of attitude should be reserved for children not presidents of universities. Get with the program Jeffrey.

Let’s amend the California Dream Act so that illegals can come to Cal Poly and replace President Armstrong and all of the tenured professors. Maybe then the legals would be eligible for a free education.

You’re obviously unaware that President Armstrong already is replacing all of the tenured professors. Hiring “lecturers”, who are under-paid and have no job security is Armstrong’s approach. I guess we should keep Armstrong around then.

Look Not Legal is Not Legal, Follow the Rules, You Go to Mexico , with out proper paper work your Deported or in Jail… Even if you follow Channels you need to have a Income ,NOT from Mexico, Check it out

FM-3, Look it up …

Look I’m Sorry about all this but if you do not go by the LAWS of the USA,thats on you!

This Last month myself , I operate a Business , I happen to hold a Calif. General contractor’s license, I was fined for having a ad that had my License number on it, My License is Not active ,

I was not offering to Build anything , but the laws says it was a violation,no consumer was hurt, it cost me $350.00 fine . California is handing out those fines..

So your in this country without proper Documentation , or Violating the law by being in this country… I paid a fine , Why Should People be here illegal ,and get away with it..?

Explains the Difference to me …Our New President will make people follow the Laws.. So be warned

I feel a level of sympathy for these students. It really isn’t their fault that parents brought them here. That said, it isn’t the fault of taxpayers of the US either.

I pay taxes and want those tax dollars to go to MY kids. My husband went to war for our country, and my kids should not have to take out HUGE student loans to go to school while illegal alien children go FOR FREE.

I think it is enough that we pay for free medi-cal care, free public education, free lunches, etc for non citizens. FREE college education is not a right, and I think we shame our tax paying citizens to offer more free stuff to non-citizens. I might feel differently if we had tons of money here in the US, but in the past 10 years, millions of US citizens lost jobs overseas and those families are the ones we should be helping with college costs for displaced workers and their kids.

HBO has a documentary called “The Last Truck: The closing of a GM Plant” available to watch now. Very sad. THESE are the Americans who need our help.

What will Cal Poly do when the Border Patrol comes to the Dream Center to collect the illegals? Friends of mine in the USBP are ecstatic about Trump being elected because they can actually do the job were hired them to do..

P.S. by the way, most of those agents are Hispanic, not angry white men, like the libs want to believe.

That’s groovy Jeffrey. Why don’t you show your support first of documented citizens of the US whose parents have paid taxes in this country to support the education system that you benefit from with your enormous salary? And of prioritizing state financial aid and other benefits to citizens of the US instead of to outsiders who illegally entered the US-for your sole purpose of them voting with the democrats in the future?

The growth of Cal Poly’s administration was partially funded by increasing the enrollment of out-of-state students. These students also take spots away from resident students who have parents who have lived and paid taxes in this state for years and years. Cal Poly’s been in the quiet mode about this, but the numbers affect much more than undocumented students. Does anyone care?

Perhaps Dave could invite Armstrong and Humphrey onto his show and play the Everly Brothers as soothing background music while his listeners Dream, Dream, Dream of the days when our tax dollars paid for things that were LEGAL and RIGHT.