Gay man reportedly assaulted by Trump supporters

November 21, 2016



San Luis Obispo police are treating the assault of a 47-year-old gay man near the Frog & Peach Pub on Hiquera Street as a hate crime, said Capt. Chris Staley.

On Nov. 10 at about 9:30 a.m., Alan Estes of Morro Bay parked his SUV on Hiquera Street with plans to take his dog for a walk. After Estes walked around to the passenger side door to retrieve his jacket, he heard a couple men talking about the two stick figure men and a dog on the SUV’s back window.

One of the men then hit Estes in the back of the head while yelling, “Trump hates fags.” Estes turned around to see both men running down Hiquera Street, Estes said.

“I’ve never had problems in SLO before,” Estes said. “This nasty election and this happens. I just don’t feel safe.”

Alan Estes and Ruben Garcia

Alan Estes and Ruben Garcia

While Estes did not see his attacker’s faces, he said both men appeared fit, had shortly cropped hair and were wearing jeans and matching green shirts.

Because he did not need medical care, Estes said he headed home. But later in the afternoon, Estes’ husband Ruben Garcia stood by while Estes reported the incident to police.

On Friday afternoon, an officer called Estes to gather more information and to say that the department planned to review video tapes from businesses in the area of the assault, Estes said.

Staley said the department plans to follow up on the report it had taken on Nov. 10.

“We did take a report and it will be followed up on and treated as a hate crime,” Staley said.

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Why on Earth would someone make this up? Um….. to cause more drama and division amongst political parties on a local level.


Seriously, I have had it with all the “Trump” Haters, flagging their paranoia in the media.

I am an educated middle aged female, who is NOT racists or homophobic. I just am bewildered at how the media is extrapolating every ounce of HATE from this election. What I see is incredibly UN-Democratic!! Trump won, get over it! Move on, without the crying and creating division and such ridiculous paranoia. YOU are only feeding the HATE Monsters. How much do you want to bet that these so called Haters in Trumps name are really Clintonites’ maintaining the division between all of us Americans?

IF this story is true, then what happened here is unacceptable! How small and degenerate is this “attacker”. God knows it wasn’t Trump who made him that way. Rather his own lowly self, incapable of human decency.

But PLEASE STOP the HATE on BOTH sides. STOP perpetuating more absurdity!!!

Let’s get on with life.

I very much agree. This guy’s story also doesn’t smell right. I would ask where he parked and then check surveillance cameras to see if he was even in SLO at the time he claims he was.

Oh, and before I post this, I’ll note that my comments are not a product of: racism, misogyny anti-homosexual beliefs or any other attacks that are immediately thrown out when someone does not follow the harsh rules of political correctness in this day and age.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

With all due respect, I question the veracity of this claim. The time and location suggests there would have been witnesses, yet no one has come forward?

Certainly, if true, this behavior would be unacceptable, but the greater crime would be false reporting when none occurred.

I agree with the others, let’s fire up the lie detector and see if this guy is telling the truth.

Just saying,


This claim is complete BS. And certainly not newsworthy. Sorry CCN, but REALLY? Slow news day?

so this is a hate crime but setting a Trump supporter truck on fire isn’t?

So, his hair was ruffled by some punks? Not newsworthy.

If you want something newsworthy print an article about the BLM cowards who just assassinated 4 cops yesterday.


Gee folks. The comments here suggest we’ve got a lot of sore winners in this happy place. Could they be any sorer if they’d lost?

I call absolute, total BULL$HIT on this guy.

Thursday morning at 9:30am near Frog and Peach and there are no witnesses? Come on, Alan Estes, you’ve got to come up with a better story than that.

Why not polygraph this guy and not waste any further law enforcement time, money and effort?

Why on earth would someone make this up? Trump supporters have morphed into a paranoid bunch of douchebags.

So now we all look like Democrats?

Some Trump supporters have gone over the edge with unleashing their hate. But it is a small minority — just like the small minority of Clinton supporters who have done likewise.

We need to all kind of back down with the broad generalizations and realize that most people — liberal, conservative or whatever — are basically decent people. We have some disagreements about goals and priorities and even more about the means to achieve them but we need to try peaceful, rational means to resolve our differences first. Uncompromising speech and protests should happen only when the other side stops listening. Violence is only justified against specific individuals who initiate it and not always even in those cases.

And who parks in the middle of downtown and feeds the parking meter to take their dog for a walk?

Well then they should polygraph the guy who claims his car was set on fire in broad daylight with no witnesses because of a Trump bumper sticker. That sounds like even bigger bs than this story.

Are you talking about the green Mustang? I followed that post and it reeked of insurance fraud.