Grover Beach officer owned dog that attacked old woman

December 16, 2016
a Belgian Malinois

a Belgian Malinois

The K9 officer-type dog that attacked and nearly killed an 85-year-old woman and a 64-year-old man belonged to a Grover Beach policeman, according to San Luis Obispo County Animal Services.

Authorities have not identified the officer or stated whether he could face any charges or disciplinary measures. The victims of the dog attack remain in the hospital with serious injuries.

The Belgian Malinois was a personal pet of the Grover Beach officer, and was not a city-owned animal, according to a press release issued by Animal Services.

Around 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Grover Beach police officers and Five Cities Fire Authority personnel responded to reports of a dog attack in the 1100 block of Nacimiento Road. Responders found two dogs running at large and two victims who were suffering from serious injuries.

One of the dogs was a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois. The second dog was a German Shepherd that also belonged to the Grover Beach officer.

Responders determined the Belgian Malinois was the more aggressive dog.

Medical personnel arrived, provided care at the scene and transported both victims to the hospital.

David Fear, 64, lost six pints of blood as a result of the attack. The dog bites severed two arteries in his arm, and Fear developed an infection from the bites.

KSBY reports Fear has been put on dialysis because his kidneys were failing and he was suffering liver  issues. Fear remains in critical condition, but his condition is said to be improving.

Fear is being described as a hero who possibly saved the life of his neighbor, Betty Long, 85, who suffered a broken pelvis, broken shoulder and head wounds during the attack. Long is currently in fair condition.

An Animal Services investigation is ongoing. The Grover Beach officer who owned the dogs is cooperating with investigators, according to the agency.

The officer turned over the Belgian Malinois to authorities, and the dog has already been euthanized. The dog was also tested for rabies.

The Grover Beach Police Department is assisting with the Animal Services investigation, but is not the lead agency due to protocol for dog bite cases. Grover Beach police are not commenting on the incident and are referring all questions to Animal Services.

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WTF is a “therapy dog?” I understand what a service dog is (for the handicapped), but what is a “therapy dog?” Just another name for a “fur baby”?

My doctor told me he has many patients that request a letter from him saying they need to have their dogs with them at all times, this is needed to get the therapy dog certification.

He tells them that if they want mental illness as part of their medical history, they should go to a shrink with their request

Rams fan: I am an avid dog lover, all my fur family is adopted from shelters. I have raised dogs in the past from labs to Rottweilers, and now have small lap dogs. I love them and my cats too.

That being said I will tell you I find the current trend to treat pets like humans very disturbing. They do not belong in stores of any kind, but most particularly grocery stores. They do not belong in restaurants; even in outdoor patios. The reasons are numerous and fairly obvious IMHO.

Take your leashed dog on a walk, drive them to the park or beach for exercise, please do not take them with you like an accessory. They are animals, who do unsanitary things. Just like a human sneeze flies germs at 60 miles an hour, so does a dog sneeze, when they shake themselves fur flies; who knows what they have rolled in or where they have rolled.

Please be considerate of everyone and respect the reason dogs don’t belong everywhere.

The latest one for me was a medical office. I bet it was a ‘therapy dog’. No doubt.

First off, I don’t take my dog into stores nor restaurants, whether or not they belong there is something I can’t answer, but I would have you consider a couple of things in that assertion; I used to live in a town that had more than one restaurant that had what they called “Happy Dog Hour”, allowing dogs and their owners to go out to an enclosed patio area and enjoy the company of other dog owners and their dogs while eating and drinking and there was never an issue or incident with sanitation. More often than not people without a dog would come and join in because of the calming effect the dogs had.

Here’s something else to consider; I was once injured while hiking with my dog and ended up in the hospital via ambulance. The EMT’s had no problem loading my dog up and the emergency room staff welcomed him with open arms. Now, I understand that this probably had to do more about keeping me in good spirits with my focus on my current sitiuation and not on the well being and whereabouts of my dog but if there was any real concern over the sanitary conditon of my dog that could somehow harm me or others he would have been kept outside instead of right next to me on the floor (on a blanket though, provide by the MD who treated me). And what about dogs that are taken into children’s wards in hospitals, or those who provide “comfort” to the elderly in rest homes and convalescent hospitals and are great moral lifters for vets’ who come home injured? Keep them out, why? Here read this:

After reading it the “reasons are numerious and fairly obvious” becomes a little less obvious and a lot less numerious.

Secondly, to insinuate that I think of my dog as an accessory is straight bullshit and insults both my dog and me! And to tell me that I should be considerate and respectfull of everyone even though everyone else isn’t considerate or respectfull of my dog and I is more bullshit. Consideration and respect is a two way street, in my world you only get what you give. I’ll always take the lead by not forcing my dog where he’s not allowed, wanted or appreciated but if someone just doesn’t want him there for no good reason? Well, they can just grow a pair and deal with it! Or, deal with me…

I appreciate your candor and the way you approached my post(s), thanks and Happy Holiday’s to You and Yours.

Unfortunately this therapy dog situation has followed in the footsteps of handicap parking. It started out with good intentions although like most things it has been abused. If somebody stubbs their toe they get a handicap parking sticker and now if they miss their dog they then have a therapy dog.

Dogs are dogs. They are not people. They are owned, trained and cared for by people. The large ones are the most dangerous legal pets. There are actually pet alligators who are docile and affectionate towards people and other pets. I have been swatted and bit by my cat for ignoring him because I had stuff to do. I’d be dead if he were a tiger. We would all be dead if that yapping Yorkie on the other side of the glass of grandma’s car in the parking lot were a Mastiff that could get at you. That said, it is up to business owners to decide whether dogs are allowed. If I had a restaurant with outside space and I could attract people who would walk their dogs to my restaurant and spend money and my insurance agent was ok I would do it. Miner’s Hardware reluctantly bans dogs due to one incident. Their sign is a graphic of a Snoopy-like sweet dog caricature within a red circle and line and a heartfelt “sorry”.

I think its ignorant of some of you to think this policeman trained his malinois to attack in this vicious manner. If that were true the shepherd would have most definitely been involved and you’d probably have two fatalities. The extent of their injuries are major for sure but, the way they were attacked makes me think the dog was sick to begin with.

Be respectful of all involved and no…..I have no involvement on either side.

Stunned, this is dog that was bread for protection and herding. So he is naturally aggressive (herding) and naturaly protective (self explanatory). What possibly could have happened is a common mistake among most who come into contact with a dog who is aggressive, they run! This just sets off every natural instinct this dog has, add that with his inbread traits and the training he more than likey had and it adds up to what happened.

You’re better off standing your ground with an aggressive dog than running from one, or just laying down and covering up as best as you can… but don’t ever run!

I wasn’t there but I cannot fault the dog, the owner on the other hand should be held accountable, especially if this was a retired police dog he took home and didn’t do anything to keep him contained properly. As much as we’d like to think they would be different at home then on the job it just isn’t the case. If this man dies then this cop should be booked for murder at the most or manslaughter at the least.

Oh shit! Another test of “equal justice” is on its way…

Yep, this officer will be getting the “Driving Drunk at 100mph” treatment. Despite the tremendous amount of pain and suffering he’s responsible for, he’ll never serve jail time, he’ll keep his job and pension, and he’ll enjoy a few weeks of administrative duties. Brace yourself for the “equal justice” on its way.

What does being a private citizen have to do with his job? It was stated in te article that the dog had nothing to do with the PD or city. There certainly will be legal action taken. Are you saying that anyone who owns a dog that attacks or bites a person should lose their job, irregardless of what it may be or should this policeman be treated different?

It definitely depends on all of the circumstances of the situation. If this police officer knew this dog was a menace. dangerous or had a prior history of issues, then yes, it is similiar to having a loaded gun around kids and should affect his position. But, since our local agencies are not going to give all the facts regarding this incident, second a a month I might add, then it creates these accusations, lack of true, and conspiracy theories to be purposed.

Lindsey Holden of The Tribune reported yesterday (December 15):

“On Thursday afternoon, no one appeared to be home at the Owens Court house where neighbors said the two dogs lived. Manny Vega and others living on the cul-de-sac said THE DOGS’ OWNER HAD ONLY LIVED IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD A SHORT TIME (emphasis mine), and the pets hadn’t caused problems in the past.

Perhaps the involved dogs have had incidents in whatever neighborhood they lived prior to arriving in their current Nacimiento neighborhood. If SLO County Animal Services Manager, Eric Anderson, DVM, would release the owner’s name, someone who may have experienced a previous “run-in” with these same dogs might step forward to share pertinent information re: these dogs’ behavioral histories.

Especially because of the severity of the both victims’ injuries, I fail to see the point or value in not releasing the owner’s name.

Both of these dogs need to be euthanized.

Their owner needs to be held accountable through the courts.


And the same goes for your children that no one but you appreciates! Keep them at home and out of restaurants.

You guys sound like a couple of grinchy old men with nothing but b*itching to do.

Get over yourself. Two elderly people were gravely injured because someone didn’t have control of their “K9 officer-type dogs”. Children don’t typically gravely injure others. Nor are dogs humans.

Both of these dogs need to be euthanized.

Their owner needs to be held accountable through the courts.

Hey San,

I’d like to see the numbers comparing children gravely injuring others compared to dogs; they are probably closer than both of us think considering the current culture and events.

Too bad the dog will be put down due to owner negligence, a lawsuit will follow too, a very serious offense. Sad that so many folks are completely unaware of the common sense that goes into working with animals to prevent this. My neighbors dogs to state..

Sick of dogs in public and the problems they cause.

More and more stores are doing NOTHING about dogs in their store.

If you love your dog, leave them home where they are happy.

The problem will increase, especially as long as those that are guilty are from the protected class, in this case LEO’s. Bet is nothing will happen to this owner, but had the owner been a regular person likely not the case.

ESPECIALLY keep your dog out of restaurants!!!

Hey Kevin! Why?

Because they lick their asses and then lick you…you should be concerned

You’re right. I don’t care for dogs licking my leg at the grocery checkout counter. I don’t care to see them inside of the Old Mission during community concerts or at Blues games sitting in the stands.

Look closely at some of the cute little doggie vests. There’s nothing official about them. Ordered off the Internet so they can take their “fur babies” wherever they want.

Yea, fur babies! Combine that with the “dirt bag” they’re usually with and you have the makings of an out-of-control licking homocide every frickin’ time!

One of the things you can enforce with anyone with a service dog, or a “fur baby” is your right to have them control there animal. If they don’t you can ask them to leave or have someone at the Blues game do so. That’s legal and well within your rights, unless of course you’d just rather Bitch, Bitch, Bitch?

Wow! Dogs are “only” happy at home. Tell that to my Lab’ and for the first time in his life he’d probably bite someone….

Here’s cop that not only had one of the “chopper monsters” at work but at home as well and you blame the dog? And your solution is to just keep all dogs at home? Dude, come out of the gas chamber for second and listen to yourself.

Deal with the cop, don’t involve ANY dog in the conversation! The dog who did this was killed! Killed because of the things he was more than likely trained to do.

Jeeeeez! Now I’m supposed to be afraid of ALL dogs! Suferdude! You’re self proclaimed life style is suppose to represent unabashed freedom and joy, why muddy the f***in’ whitewash with more fear? Do me a favor, find your self a cork, a log, a long board and find some slow rollin’ small long break somewhere and f***in’ chill!

Ramsfan, you echo my thoughts. Most dogs are happiest when out and about. I walk mine every day without leashes and they bring joy to all we encounter. They are small, well behaved and not a threat to anyone.

Whenever I see someone walking their dog on a leash it tells me there is a prisoner and a guard, not a loving situation. I’m sure most of the readers will be outraged at these comments, the truth always hurts. Why don’t you instill some manners in your loved ones (in case you have any) so you don’t have to shackle them whenever you let them out of your house? Lazy, ignorant, irresponsible-what? Why don’t you?

Dogs are very easy to train and calm down, it takes a heart and a brain to issue forth the effort. Most dog training classes are relatively worthless (its the human that needs to learn new tricks); simple carrot and stick does what you want quickly and easily (and for the terminally faint of heart, almost painlessly). Most folks I know are just too lazy to do anything, they treat their canines like a piece of furniture. They ‘say’ they love them but do not instill any manners that will allow the critters to really be part of their lives, so they remain in solitude or shackled most of the time because they ‘can’t be trusted’. What rubbish, train them to be trusted…

For those with real intention to stop their animal abuse: I will meet anyone at a local park (in SLO); bring your dogs, I’ll bring mine. You will get some training and be amazed by the positive change in your life if you actually pick up some free tips.

Typical irresponsible dog owner response. The truth is, if your dog is off leash, you don’t have control of your dog; the notion that your dog is not a threat is simply your opinion. There is nothing to stop your dog from threatening someone or running out into traffic.

Why is it an irresponsible response? And, by-the-way, my dog IS NO threat to anyone, on a leash or otherwise, period! That’s not based on an opinion or some f***in’ notion, that’s based on knowing my dog and being a constant part of my dogs life since he was a pup.

I didn’t have to train him to be kind and gental, it’s just him!

Now, I can’t speak for all dog owners, especially those who throw their “best friend” in the backyard 23 hours out of the day, only findin’ time to feed him or her, or lettin’ ’em in the house only when they want to impress; because a dog treated in such a “loving” manner is inept at being social and is more likely then a dog raised in “public” to bite someone. Now if you have a bitch about anyone who owns a dog then I’d direct your ignorance at them and leave us who trully love our dogs alone.

Most do keep their dogs on a leash when appropriate to do so and that’s still not good enough for the likes of you. I don’t know how many times I’ve been walking down the sidewalk and someone will go out of their way not to make room for me and my dog and then bitch when my dogs puts his nose on their hand just to say “High, how are ya! How ’bout a little scratch?” He a social BEAST and actually thrives on the contact of others, especially kids! I’ll make as much room as humanly and safely possible, but, if you feel you need to push that just to prove you’re better than my dog or some other f***ed up point, well, be prepared to be asked for a little scratch behind the ear, or maybe a good spot like just under the chin, or, if you’ll give him a second he’ll even make his belly available. Or, if you choose to raise a hand in my dogs direction, well then expect ALL the “dirt bag” in me to come right out into your face! You see, we have this pact, my dog and me; he makes me laugh and feel like I mean something to someone and I’ll protect him with my life. How many freinds or family members do you have like that, jimmy_me?

I understand that there are those out there that fear dogs, a fear they can’t control because situations and or circumstances, and I’ll respect that but I do think it’s their responsibility to let me know when they see my dog with me and give me the opportunity to move.

As far as running out into traffic, I don’t know, I really don’t. My mind gets all cloudy just thinkin’ about my boy ever doin’ that and right now it’s even hard to type… F***! I promise you that I DO EVERYTHING possible not to have that happen! It’s a selfish thing though, I have to admit, because I’m not concerned with what possibly can happen to a driver and or his or her passengers, no, it’s because I KNOW my boy will be dead!

I challenge you or anyone who thinks like you to spend a couple of minutes with my boy and not have him melt your heart! I double dare ya!

Pete my dog are on leash most of the time because the law states that I must be in control of her. She does go to the dog park and we do hike in open spaces and she is off leash, so chill a bit about the prisoner and guard bit.

I do train my dogs and one is able to be off leash and in under my control verbally, one can not. She is scared of kids, loud sudden noises, among other things, so she is walked on leash so I have control and nothing bad happens.

She goes to the dog park and we go places she can be off leash and romp, and I am a very responsible pet owner. I think knowing your pet and working with the dog on their terms is the right thing to do with your pets.

This officer should have had a better screen( (security screen) on his front door, and really made sure the dog was not going to get loose. If he is a canine officer and he had this dog trained for protection he really did not do due diligence with his dog and making sure they could not harm someone. I am not sure he should remain a canine handler either since they bring the animals home with them.

My heart goes out to those who were injured by the bad judgment of the dog owner. I hope they are able to over-come all their injuries and I hope the officer has good insurance because he deserves to be sued.

So sorry, can’t chill out about the facts. It sounds like you are one of the few, like me, that actually has a connection with their canine pals. And I have control over mine because I spend the time to make the connection. Sure, I break the law all the time, everywhere. I do that with glee, and will never stop.

There is something wrong with the reasoning power of those who blasted my comment. I have voice control over my ‘kids’, the rest of the people rely on chains. I believe in watchful freedom, apparently the many readers here do not.

The law is there to control YOU (joe citizen), because you will not control your dog without shackles. Just like lots of our numerous and onerous laws because we have so many flakes, fools and irresponsible people in our midst.

And by the way, there are severe penalties for dogs at all or off leash in ‘wild’ areas because often they ignore the humans shouts and chase wildlife. So I guess, dog, we share a disdain for ‘the law’ in this regard.

What we have here is some folks chatting about something they know little about…

The bonding and connection people (and most lovingly, kids) make over dogs is of incalculable worth. Leashes destroy that pretty much.

I hear you Pete, Happy Holidays to your and your 4 legged friends.

just know that most people disagree with what you do.

Damn! Most people, really?! Man you must be well connected to be able to speak for “most people”, or is it you don’t have a clue and just think you do?

I think you are right, and they are wrong. Most people who have dogs aren’t ‘dog people’, they are simply people with dogs. They toss them in the back yard, letting them bark all day (driving the neighbors nuts) and then take them for a short walk while shackled. I call that abuse.

Mine are obedient (out of love), loving, never bother anyone and stay by my side while walking (one of them is blind and almost 20 years old). My doggie door is always open and I have an unfenced yard-they never leave. Who do you know that can say that?

It is unheard of, outrageous, impossible. And illegal. And doable.

Yet society has gotten so screwed up, stuffy and rule obsessed that we are the oddballs. So be it.

And of course none of all the smug obedient leash lovers have accepted my challenge to teach them how to be better custodians of their ‘loved ones’.

I am asked all the time: “how do you do it, my dog would run off if not on this here leash?” As soon as I begin to tell them they walk away in horror, for they don’t want to hear that they will have to spend a little time bonding and training, they are too busy and important to give their dog a life.

I hate leash laws…

My pup loves San Simeon! His favorite place is just above Pedras Blancas, just about a mile north of the old motel and gas station on the Pacific side of Hwy 1 there’s a turn out just before crossing the bridge above the creek. It’s now a part of The San Simeon State Park and there is a strick NO DOG OF ANY KIND ordinance there. No matter, we go anyway! He saw his first seal there when he was about a year or so old; he just sat down with his head cocked and ears raised and just stared at it! He also had a run in with a big frickin’ Angus bull that day; must have thought he was a big ol’ dog until that bull started toward him (mean lot those Angus) and then he tucked tail and beat feat (sorry, paws) the hell the other way! When he first saw the water, the ocean, he ran pell mell right into it and was promply lip shot by some shore break. He got up, looked at me, smiled (I swear!) and went right back at it! When his time comes that’s where I’ll take him…

Nothing worse than being out hiking when an off-leash dog passes by on the trail and rubs against you with their poison oak contaminated coat.

I applaud the State of CA in keeping dogs off trails. City and county trails have leash laws and guess what — people don’t follow them. People like you who don’t follow laws.

It is obvious you don’t like dogs and they don’t cause the problem. It is owners who don’t socialize and train their dogs that are the problem.

Stores can’t do anything about the dogs in the store, and I agree with you on that one. I go and ask the dog owner for proof it is a SERVICE dog, most of the time they are therapy dogs and are not allowed in stores. I then offer to call law enforcement if they don’t remove the dog immediately. 9 times out of 10 they bring the dog out and I think are less likely to do it a second time.

My dogs love going in the car and being with me. Why don’t you ask people with kids throwing temper tantrums to leave their kids at home where they are happy.

I take offense to your comments as I know you don’t like dogs and why don’t you stay home yourself so you don’t have to be in public where I have my dogs. And NO my dogs do not go into restaurants or grocery stores my dogs and I obey the law.


I agree with your post, I do, but be carefull about your contention that Service Dogs are required by law to be identified and or “tagged” as such, they aren’t.

The only thing a person must do under current laws is to identify there service animal as such, tell them what’s he trained for and that’s it. There are a couple of other things that can be considered but they don’t go to identifying them as such with a collar, tag, vest or any other type of garment or tag, it has more to do with the animals appearance, demeanor and the control the owner has over the animal.

No, you can’t just walk up to a person in a super market and demand proof that his or her animal is a “certified” service animal, mainly because there is currently no state or federal agency that “certifies” them as such. And if you do and they can’t produce and you ask or demand that they leave you’ll open yourself and your business up to a beehive you want nothing to do with.

The first sight I could find but there are many more that aren’t addressing just the deaf and will say the same things.

Happy Holidays!

I’m sorry, but if a person does identify their animal as a “Therpy Animal” he or she is not afforded the same rights as one who identifies one as a “Service Animal” in a public place. It’s all in the questioning and the answer…

Rams fan, I agree with you on service dog need to be indentified. It just pisses me off to no end all these people who try to insinuate their dog is a service dog.

Those with true service dogs would give anything to not need them and just have a companion dog like you and I.

The service dog is a well breed dog for temperament, well trained and most of all give a quality of life to those who use them.A service dog is more like a piece of equipment to aid the person with a special need, be it sight, alerting to medical condition ect.

I wish there were more good dog owners but I find we are in very short supply.

Merry Christmas to you too.

I understand how you feel but for a moment put yourself in that other person’s shoes… Currently there is no state or federal registering for service animals and the cost of getting a well trained one is enourmess. You can take any dog in to be trained to a specific disability but the cost of that is also very large. Besides all that? One person’s therapy dog is anothers service dog, the definitioin is that thin and can sometimes depend on who you look to for a legal definition as some states define them differently than others and the feds’ have there own definition as well (there’s trumps all others so I would consider their’s first).

This is how I would look at it; if a person has control of their dog, he or she is clean (the dog) and well behaved (I wish it was more than just the dog in this case) and the person ID’s their dog as a service animal and explains his or her training (again, the dog) let it go! Fighting it and demanding proof can get you in a ton of trouble.

One other thing… Don’t do the job that the local super market is suppose to do, again you can find yourself in a mess. If it’s their policy to allow any type of service animal in then it’s their risk. Ask for manager and let him or her know what’s goin’ on and then leave it to them.

In the “Happiest Place On Earth” there sure is a lot of hatred towards dogs, suprising since the environment there is absoultely outstanding for dogs and their partners encouraging them, I hope, to get out in it! Here in Oregon I’ll be at Crater Lake on Christmas Day with my boy. He’ll be playin’ in the snow, chasin’ snow balls and generaly bein’ the pup he’s always been (and exudes even more now that he’s 10) while I set up camp and my telescope for a nights worth of good fire cooked food, beer and star gazin’… Man I love it here!

Yea, Happy Holidays to Everyone!