Ragged Point body identified as missing North Hollywood woman

January 5, 2017
Olivia Hannah Gonzalez

Olivia Hannah Gonzalez

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials identified the body found at the car wreck near Ragged Point as missing North Hollywood woman Olivia Hannah Gonzalez, 20.

Gonzalez disappeared along with her boyfriend, Brian Fernandez on Dec. 23. Fernandez remains missing.

The North Hollywood couple was traveling to Big Sur in a tan 2002 four-door Honda Civic. They brought two large dogs with them.

On Tuesday, rescue workers found the car about 325 feet below Highway 1 near Ragged Point. Gonzalez’s body and one dead dog were lying near the vehicle.

The county coroner’s office performed an autopsy on Wednesday. The cause of Gonzalez’s death is pending.

Gonzalez’s sister, Vanessa Guzman, had been searching for the couple and holding out hope until the last minute. Guzman started a GoFundMe page after Los Angeles police confirmed her sister’s death.

“Olivia was my beautiful and smart sister. She was an amazing person and my best friend,” Guzman wrote. “Our family is shaken to the core at this time.”

Olivia Hannah Gonzalez and Brian Fernandez

Olivia Hannah Gonzalez and Brian Fernandez

Guzman began searching for Gonzalez and Feranndez when they stopped responding to calls and messages shortly before the holidays began. The couple was due back in Los Angles for Christmas, but did not show up.

The sister managed to track the missing couple to the North Coast of SLO County via Fernandez’s credit card log. The last purchased made with the card occurred at Old Cambria Market Place on Dec. 23. A Cambria woman later reported seeing the couple at Ragged Point.

Prior to crews finding the car and Gonzalez’s body, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office had been flying a plane along the coast in search of the couple. Bad weather has hampered search efforts.

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There is something very fishy going on here….

I don’t think it was even implied they were out of contact for a significant period of time prior to the accident. They traveled south, disappeared on the 23rd and the sister was already looking for them by the following day.

swmut, if you read the various news reports you will see the couple left North Hollywood on the 23rd, heading north, not south, assuming they were heading to Big Sur. The sister didn’t report them missing until Christmas Day, the 26th. It’s possible the sister was trying to contact Ms. Gonzalez between the 23rd and 26th, but certainly after the 26th. We don’t know if the sister was “already looking for them the following day”. She reported them missing on the 26th. In any event, they WERE out of contact “for a significant period of time”. Nothing is implied. It’s fact. Now the question is: Where is the boyfriend? If his body is found near the wreckage or in the water, that is sad indeed. If not, then we’ve got a troubling situation.

There is nothing suspicious about them being out of contact for a day or two, especially in that area. The cellphone reception is poor to non-existent in that area and also not everyone has a phone tied to their hip at all times and is neurotic about calling people back right away. When I’m in Big Sur, I’d prefer to turn my phone off, disconnect, and enjoy nature. Plus, they could easily have crashed and died as early as the 23rd.

This is a tragic situation and there is no reason to cast doubt on the boyfriend when his body could very easily have been washed away by the ocean. I know some of you love conspiracy, but what happened here seems pretty straightforward.

my QUESTION would be is their foul play involved here , where is he and the other dog?

Uh, your ANSWER is that there is the Pacific Ocean at the bottom of the cliff that regularly sweeps away its victims without a trace.

It’s an area with lots of tourists and only one road passing through, so he’d have to walk out unnoticed and hitch a ride with an unsuspecting driver who he would hope wouldn’t report him. Or maybe you think it was premeditated and he stashed a second car nearby? Yeah right. And then there is the whole matter of fooling modern forensics and an autopsy.

Don’t get caught up on the conspiracy train – the simplest answer is usually the correct one.

Agreed. The speculation is disheartening. At this point there are absolutely zero facts to lead us away from an accident.

This is troubling. Did the family know she was traveling up to Big Sur prior to finding the credit card charges? I would think Ms. Gonzalez would have kept in touch during the trip since she is apparently close to her family.

A lot of that area does not have cell phone service.