Hundreds partake in SLO’s “March for Science”

April 24, 2017

Hundreds of science supporters marched the streets of San Luis Obispo on Saturday in a march to raise awareness of the importance of science in addressing society’s largest and complex issues.

At the rally that took place on Earth Day, numerous speakers addressed the large crowd at Emerson Park, including San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon. More than 300 people attended.

Similar marches happened throughout the United States and the world. With hundreds of thousands of protesters, the largest march was in Washington, D.C. The day-long celebration of science was organized by the Earth Day Network.

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What we need is an anti-fact march for Trumpisconi.

Almost all of these marchers would be stunned to learn that both the scientific method and the university system are gifts to society direct from the Catholic Church.

Tell that to Aristotle or Galileo. I am sure they felt the encouragement of the church to pursue the scientific method. And I am not so sure that Father Mendel was revered by the church either.

The university system was created by the church, you are correct. But they were vessels to contain and steer religious thought. If any of the early scholars deviated from the accepted teachings they were labeled heretics.

So the scientific method may be been derived within those universities it was not promoted by the church itself. It was an outgrowth, an unwanted outgrowth, from their system.

What jobs do these people have where they can leave during the workday to protest?

You posted at 8:17 am. Since the whole world works 8-5 — no exceptions….

Shouldn’t you be working too instead of speculating about others use of their time?

Or perhaps your schedule is as flexible as those you disparage?

Saturday Kid, not everyone works 24/7 like you.

2017 – the year od the march. And it’s only April.

Heidi Harmon seems much more interested in promoting herself than in doing the business of the City of San Luis Obispo.

And her superficial notion of what “progressivism” is.

Couldn’t WAIT to see the comments here! CCN commenters never let me down…Science=Bad. Ignorance=Good. LOL! Thanks for being so predictable…

How’s this formula for you bad science=liberal religion/good Liberal Progressives=utter arrogant ignorance = eight years of Zero and Ten Trillion dollars wasted…fixed it for ya and thanks for the virtue signaling that you are superior to the rest of us slobs…

So you mean the eight years in which Obama fixed W’s train wreck? Or the eight years in which the US regained some respect in the world? Or was it the admittedly flawed (courtesy of the Repubs) ACA that provided health care for millions? The recovery of the housing market? The climb of the stock market? I’m confused what eight years you mean…OH! Wait! You are referring to W’s eight years! Now I get it!

No, you don’t get it…even a little bit but I expect Progressives to be confused. Looks like science has failed you once again whatever drug you’re taking for BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome, is not working. Those other drugs, esp. the one you see the Zero years as anything but a global disaster, seems to have kicked in. Good luck with taking enough of that drug…

Why do you lie? Most commenters here are not denigrating “science.” Not at all. They’re judging individuals who are trying to sell the lie that only they realize and support the importance of science. That’s out-and-out bull manure.

Yet another good reason to avoid SLO.

The list continues to grow.

Damn they’re gonna miss you.

Yes, please do avoid SLO horse- thanks.