SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill is the real toxin

May 14, 2017
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


The San Luis Obispo County  Board of Supervisors’ comments on Administrator Dan Buckshi’s announcement that he was resigning to take the city manager position in Walnut Creek should come as no surprise. Chairman John Peschong, and supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton were gracious in their remarks about Buckshi and wished him well.

But leave it to Adam Hill to turn Buckshi’s good news into another opportunity to spew his vitriol at those he opposes.

For the most toxic supervisor to blame the “toxic majority” of the board for Buckshi’s decision is laughable. Buckshi apparently applied for his new job last fall before Peschong was elected, well before the new board majority started flexing its muscles, thereby incurring the wrath of Adam Hill.

While Buckshi is moving on to a “greener pasture” with a higher paying position and greater benefits, leave it to Hill to cheapen his announcement by shrouding it in a bilious rant of negativity. Adam’s  refusal to see that his own constant toxicity might have had something to do with Buckshi’s decision is to be expected.

The board now faces both a tremendous challenge and a great opportunity in filling two key positions in the county. Finding the right talented professionals to fill the county administrator and the planning director positions will be no small task. Having such a shrill misogynist and nabob of negativity like Adam Hill on the board won’t make that task any easier.

That the pendulum has swung away from Hill’s machine politics is obviously frustrating to him. But his latest childish antics only aid and abet that swing.

Let’s trust Peschong, Arnold, and Compton to do the right thing in filling these positions, despite Hill’s wingnut protestations.

Meanwhile, best of luck Dan Buckshi, and may you never have to listen to Adam Hill again!

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We are at the end of the Freedom and Liberty experiment.

There has always been Kings and Queens to lord over us peasants.

The middle class changed all of that and that is why the Progressive Social Justice Utopians are all in and MUST have Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson there to change us back into Kings and Queens and serfs.

Please stop picking on little napoleon (hill) and half-pint (gibson). They are only trying to to their best to further their own interests and public be damned!!!

I stuttered to do lol!!

are you serious?

and the quarry in margarita and the water to big grape don’t further the self interests of the other supervisors??? they’re all bought and paid for.