Is it too expensive to sleep by the beach in California?

June 5, 2017

Too many California residents are priced out of beach getaways, according to a bill making its way through the state Legislature.

AB 250, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego), calls for the State Coastal Conservancy to develop a plan to improve existing and provide new low-cost lodging within 1.5 miles of the coast. Low-cost accommodations include campgrounds, cabins, hostels, hotels, motels, and RV parks.

“A lack of affordable accommodations remains a barrier to coastal access,” the bill states. “California’s historic supply of lower cost coastal accommodations has been reduced and continues to be diminished as a result of high coastal property values and economic pressures to develop new coastal accommodations that are too expensive to be affordable to most visitors.”

Last year, a California Coastal Commission study found the state has lost nearly 25,000 economy rate rooms in coastal counties since 1989 as a result of hotel closures.

The Coastal Commission collects in-lieu fees for the purpose of developing projects aimed to serve low-cost visitors. But, the Coastal Commission has failed to spend much of the in-lieu funds, which the agency says do not comprise enough money to build cabins and campgrounds.

If adopted, AB 250 would allow the Legislature to transfer the funds from the Coastal Commission to the Coastal Conservancy or to nonprofits or other agencies that would build or acquire low-cost lodging. The new accommodations would be available for low-income and middle-income families, as well as nonprofits and public agencies that serve young or at-risk populations.

Last week, AB 250 passed the Assembly on a 67 to 7 vote. The bill is now under consideration in the state Senate.


Easy fix!

If you can’t afford the hotel bill, the government will pay it for you! If you can afford the bill, you’ll pay double, triple or up to five times the advertised price for the room! This makes it fair!

Of course, the expense of a credit check and notarized copy of last years tax returns will be required. Write the law so it forces the hotel manager to do the credit check for free if the person booking the room is broke and has no money….but charge up to 25% of the cost of a night’s stay for the well-heeled clientele, who due to sheer luck are able to afford the price of a suite with an ocean view.

So, if a homeless person wants to stay a month in the honeymoon suite, all they need to do is fail a credit check and move right in! After filling out lengthy and confusing paperwork, the hotel will get a nice check from the government to partially subsidize the cost of the room.

Central Economic Planning worked well in the Soviet Union. It should work even better here in California, where the people are so much smarter about communism, fairness, privilege and all the other things that have become so important.

The cure to not being able to afford the right to stay on the beach is merely a government dictate away! Yay us! We’re so smart!


How about we kill two birds with one stone? …..and not make sleeping in your car a crime.

We’d solve the homeless problem and the beach access problem in one fell swoop.

No shelter’s to pay for. No low income renter designation’s for cities to plan and pay for. Nada.

They’ll always be kept moving, to a degree, so we’ll never really see them either. It’ll be like there not really here.

It is pure genius.

Any takers?

We might want to keep the gas tax though–can’t roll the red carpet out completely for them.


Oops. Yes it should be they’re–not there….just in case the word Nazi’s arrive to find something to critique.


Does everything have to be “Fair”?, Shouldn’t working hard and saving money be rewarded? If I take a nice vacation at the beach I don’t want it to be crowded! Things that are expensive are exclusive and they should be kept that way. Next she will get mad that people with no money can’t buy nice new expensive cars!


We need to vote everyone out of Sacramento


The market dictates the value of properties. Once the government gets involved it can only get worse. Maybe he should submit a bill where government gets involved and reduce or omit the costs to development in order to achieve what they are trying to do, But still it will never work. What it costs is what it costs.

First they could do away with the new gas tax and reduce the existing gas taxes that way people could get to the beach with extra money to spend and they could recover a higher return with the bed tax. Da!


Yes. Get rid of the gas tax, single payer health care and the bullet train and then one could afford to go to the beach. This state is insane. If my children and grandchildren weren’t here I’d be out of state in a place with good roads.


Eliminating the Coastal Commission would go a long way towards lowering what it costs to build affordable places to stay.


Good roads? Are you kidding me. Go to Michigan and drive the roads, I dare you. Frost lines matter :-)


try Wyoming


I have. It was a dream comparatively. Not kidding. Flint went from 170,000 population to 90,000. Economy? Nope. Leaded water? Yep.


I actually like the idea of more camp grounds being created. Have any of you tried to get a camping spot in this county during the spring and summer? Good Luck. Campers need to eat, drink, and buy fuel too. Good for the coastal economy.


try making a reservation


You have to make it 6 months in advance. Not always possible. The point is the campgrounds are booked and more of them would be a good idea. Does that clear it up for ya?


Give me a break. Sleeping/Camping near the beach is a luxury. It’s not a right or an entitlement.


You forget this is California where everyone has a right to everything you have and the fun part , you get to pay to give it to them.


So, in essence, money talks, and bullshit walks. IT ALWAYS HAS! This is California.



I heard Malibu and Pacific Palisades have stepped up to be the first to implement this……..


No way. Most of those properties are owned by the Hollywood liberals who are the big donors for these liberal fools in Sacramento. You can bet that no one will be stepping a foot onto “their” beaches.


Ironically…those are “limo” liberals who have no clue what it’s like to try and enjoy the beauty of California.


And one by Katie Lichtig


Hollywood liberals? Any citation or data to back that demographic?


Of course they have…the residents there control all the coastline….what a joke.

Rich in MB


Can you believe this State and the Leftists in California!

What next….subsidized access with Disney Land?

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