Is it too expensive to sleep by the beach in California?

June 5, 2017

Too many California residents are priced out of beach getaways, according to a bill making its way through the state Legislature.

AB 250, which was introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego), calls for the State Coastal Conservancy to develop a plan to improve existing and provide new low-cost lodging within 1.5 miles of the coast. Low-cost accommodations include campgrounds, cabins, hostels, hotels, motels, and RV parks.

“A lack of affordable accommodations remains a barrier to coastal access,” the bill states. “California’s historic supply of lower cost coastal accommodations has been reduced and continues to be diminished as a result of high coastal property values and economic pressures to develop new coastal accommodations that are too expensive to be affordable to most visitors.”

Last year, a California Coastal Commission study found the state has lost nearly 25,000 economy rate rooms in coastal counties since 1989 as a result of hotel closures.

The Coastal Commission collects in-lieu fees for the purpose of developing projects aimed to serve low-cost visitors. But, the Coastal Commission has failed to spend much of the in-lieu funds, which the agency says do not comprise enough money to build cabins and campgrounds.

If adopted, AB 250 would allow the Legislature to transfer the funds from the Coastal Commission to the Coastal Conservancy or to nonprofits or other agencies that would build or acquire low-cost lodging. The new accommodations would be available for low-income and middle-income families, as well as nonprofits and public agencies that serve young or at-risk populations.

Last week, AB 250 passed the Assembly on a 67 to 7 vote. The bill is now under consideration in the state Senate.

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Similar comments here as on a Facebook article on the new Amazon Prime discounts for those on government assistance. It seems that a large portion of our disenfranchised population now believes that all good things should come NOT to those who wait (work), but to ALL. They feel that it’s their RIGHT and their PRIVILEGE to have access to and consume the finest, even if they have no education, motivation, or resources.

Get over it folks. Financial discrimination is real and it’s here to stay. It’s the basis for class, capitalism, and order. With the internet, there literally is NO excuse for lack of education or work. Anyone can do anything. Get off your duff, quit watching TV, and go get it. No job, Uber. No car, they will lease you one. When not driving, learn, write, or sell on the web.

There has never, in the history of mankind, been a better time to become an entrepreneur, employed, or educated.

Rant over.

You are super confused, our disenfranchised population did not choose Amazon, Amazon wants the government money because Amazon want’s what Walmart get’s now.

But you can blame the poor if it make you feel better

As usual, you missed my point and blamed me.

It is very expensive for many things in California especially funding public employee benefits and pensions. So the legislatures is trying to develop more for the needed tax revenue?

This will screw up traffic even more.

Stayed in hotel quite awhile ago, as my wife and i looked at each other laying on the pillow there was a pubic hair between us and it was not ours ,,, So my wife called the front desk told them the situation the clerk replied flip the pillow over LOL . My wife was beyond words lol . YA ever since a maid clean a room shake this out and shake that out and put it back for another night of use no need to over work the laundry room lol . The washer machine is like a big old stew of human aftermath

HMM, only cost me $10..00 a night to stay on the beach at oceano in my own bed ,,, but people would rather sleep in hotel bed where 1000 people have slept and left there dna , and walk around on floors , carpet coated with 1000 peoples germs . They are willing to spend hundereds of dollars a night for that experience ,,,,HMMM does not equate in my book

In the 30 years Ive lived in this county there has been more regulations and “rules” made than you can fathom. Once upon a time on our “public” land, in a area where nobody typically was, no crowds or other life, my dog and myself could run free and she could frolic in the water. Save a few dog OK areas,now its miles of fences with limited access. No dogs, no horses, no nothing. You think the coastal Nazis are going to let this fly? How much you gonna pay them I askd

Could it get any crazier here in good ‘ol CA?

Yes. Guaranteed.

Just looking at RV parks/camp sites, it’s not that private entities don’t want to develop parks, it’s that local municipal zoning laws make it prohibitive:(

The zoning density allowance would allow more condo’s per acre than RV/camp spaces!!!

So more condo’s, less RV/camping spaces:(

Public likes the idea of recreational opportunities, just not in their back yards!!!

It never fails, as soon as I see “Bill proposed by… so-and-so (D)” I know it’s going to be moronic, short-sighted, and damaging to the state. Can we PLEASE take back the democrat party from the idiots(D) who run it now?

vote republican

I would, but like in sports, the opposition “plays to its level” – that is, the republicans are not much better than the democrats, it’s just they have no power nor teeth. The (R)’s have been taking it in the arse for so long here, I truly believe they enjoy it (e.g. status quo).

If we can make the democrat party worthy of ½ a shit, then the (R)’s might have to up their game, then (hopefully) we’d have two decent choices to choose from in elections.

The only benefit republicans have is they are actually held to scrutiny (obnoxiously so, most times), so they are less likely to get away with stupid crap, like the democrats have enjoyed doing for so many years. I’d rather they ALL be under the microscope.