SLO woman allegedly stole elderly man’s car and money

June 22, 2017

Candice Kato, aka Sapphire Grace

A San Luis Obispo woman who has been using an alias for the last 20 years stole about $100,000 and a vehicle from en elderly man with Alzheimer’s who recently moved out of the area, according to police.

In May 2016, the family of the man with Alzheimer’s contacted police and reported that money was being withdrawn from their relative’s accounts. The elderly man left San Luis Obispo to move closer to his out-of state family as his health was deteriorating.

The family told police that their relative’s car had been taken, and its whereabouts were unknown. Relatives of the victim identified Sapphire Grace as the person likely responsible for the thefts, a press release states.

Detectives investigated the woman for two months and determined Candice Kato was her true identity. Kato fraudulently obtained about $100,000 from the victim’s accounts, investigators found.

Last month, police conducted an operation in which they identified Kato while she was trying to cash a forged check belonging to the victim. Officers also recovered the victim’s stolen vehicle, which Kato was driving.

Officers arrested Kato for possession of a stolen vehicle, trying to pass forged checks, burglary and possession of a fraudulent driver’s license. Kato’s driver’s license was under the name Sapphire Grace.

Police are seeking to add charges of elder abuse and identity theft.

Kato has been in custody at San Luis Obispo County Jail since May 31. Her bail is set at $270,000.

Investigators believe this is not the first time Kato victimized elderly acquaintances. Detectives are actively searching for others who may have been victimized by Kato, and police believe her victims are probably unaware she has stolen from them.

Police request that anyone who has information about this crime call the San Luis Obispo Police Department and speak with Detective L’Heureux at (805) 594-8038. Informants may also call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.

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Citizen, it’s pretty pathetic to link Bernie Sanders to a local con woman. Trumplethinskin paid $25,000,000.00 for defrauding people with an imaginary university.

Sapphire is a Bernie Sanders supporter and active in womens’ rights groups. Where did she come from, and why is she hiding her real identity? We have way too many posers around here.

It takes a special kind of sick to prey on the elderly.

Fry her in a pot of Metamucil.

I’ve met this woman. She was so sugary sweet she seemed phony.

Looking back, it’s almost as if she were a pedophile grooming her potential victims.

Sapphire Grace should run for a spot on the BOS’s…Two of them are doing essentially the same thing.

Between attorneys and caregivers, a wealthy elderly person does not stand a chance to avoid being taken advantage of. Give her the max sentence!

That’s why family needs to be closely involved. Predators such as Sapphire Grace are out there and hopefully there is a special place in hell for them.

A little advice – don’t hire a caregiver with a name fit for a stripper.