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Central Coast house sitters busted for credit card theft, other crimes

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies arrested three suspects last week for a series of crimes they allegedly committed, including credit card theft, at a Central Coast home that at least one of the individuals was hired to... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo police seek help identifying theft, fraud suspects

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The San Luis Obispo Police Department is seeking the public for help identifying four individuals who last week allegedly stole an elderly person’s wallet, after which the victim’s credit cards were used to make fraudulent purchases across... (Continue reading)

Romanian man arrested over ATM skimmer in San Luis Obispo

By JOSH FRIEDMAN For the second time in less than a month, police officers in San Luis Obispo County arrested a Romanian national for allegedly placing a card skimming device inside an ATM. Over the past several months, thieves have... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police arrest Romanian men over card skimmers in ATMs

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach police officers on Wednesday arrested two men from Romania for allegedly placing skimming devices inside ATMs in the South County city. On Tuesday, officers found a skimming device inside the Grover Plaza Bank of America... (Continue reading)

Police repeatedly find skimming devices in Grover Beach ATMs

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach police are warning the public that officers have found several ATM skimmers on card reading devices over the past few weeks, particularly at a walk-up Bank of America automated teller machine.  Thieves have targeted the... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police searching for woman in check fraud case

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach police officers are asking the public for help locating a woman who they say is connected to a check fraud case. The Grover Beach Police Department is circulating a surveillance image of a woman in... (Continue reading)

Skimming devices located inside two Paso Robles ATMs

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Paso Robles police officers are attempting to determine who inserted skimming devices inside ATMs at local branches of CoastHills Federal Credit Union and Premier Valley Bank, which workers discovered on Friday. Shortly before 10 a.m., the CoastHills... (Continue reading)

Thieves steal wallet in SLO grocery store, go on Home Depot shopping spree

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A pair of thieves stole a customer’s wallet inside Ralphs in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, then proceeded to spend more than $2,000 of the victim’s money at Home Depot, according to the San Luis Obispo Police... (Continue reading)

Santa Barbara private investigator battling charges, arrested again

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A longtime Santa Barbara private investigator appeared in court on Tuesday as a defendant in a felony forgery and identity theft case, then stepped out of the courthouse and was promptly arrested on charges related to embezzlement.... (Continue reading)

SLO police searching for identity theft, counterfeiting suspects

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo police officers are searching for a man and woman who allegedly used stolen credit cards to purchase more than $1,000 of gift cards.  On Saturday afternoon, a burglar smashed the window of a vehicle... (Continue reading)