Supervisor Adam Hill excoriates Democratic leadership

July 10, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill


In a scathing email to a San Luis Obispo County Democratic party group list, Supervisor Adam Hill has charged Democratic legislators with “taking bribes” and failing to support local elected officials.

Specifically, Hill takes issue with state legislators not supporting his side on the controversial Air Pollution Control District’s dust rule. The rule requires state parks to reduce the particulate matter blowing from the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area or face fines of $1,000 per day.

The rule is based on a contested study that concluded off-road vehicle activity on the dunes has caused an increase in particulate matter blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa.

Hill then refers to Sen. Bill Monning and California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird as hacks, noting their refusal to support his agenda.

Hill’s July 10 email:

“This column lays out just the latest reason why our Dem legislature is NO friend to our local governments–they take bribes from corporations to pre-empt our control.

“If you saw the Tribune’s Sunday column about the Mesa dunes dust issue and the lack of outrage — this too is another example. We have been dismissed by John Laird who doesn’t want to act to control his own agency, nor will Bill Monning go anywhere near the issue.  Thanks, heroes!

“If we were to list the number of issues on which the legislature does something to hurt or nothing to help local governments, we might stop spending so much time worshiping these hacks.

“(I hope this doesn’t make Pat Harris to purge me yet again from this list-serve…)

“ politics/la-pol-sac-skelton- telecom-att-verizon- california-bill-20170710- story.html”

For more than a year, Hill has touted himself as the heir-apparent for Monning, who was elected to a second and final term in 2016. Former Democratic nominee for State Assembly Stew Jenkins questions if Hill’s latest tirade reflects a change in party support.

“It is a sign that legislative leaders have passed over Mr. Hill in favor of others to run for the state Senate seat held by Bill Monning,” Jenkins said.



Donal Trump and Adam Hill what a comparison WRONG!

But then when you are a “lefty” who else would you want to bash?

Adam Hill is no one to have for dinner!

He is a dirt bag and with Tom Fulks leaving The Tribune then what are the Progressives going to do?

Maybe all the democrats that just sit in their homes thinking they HIRED a HIT man Tom Fulks and Adam Hill to do all the dirty politics for them so they can just cry for the children and homeless and not get their fat government retirements reduced if they were to be real.

All the citizens of District 3 should have kicked Adam Hill out and I always have voted for anyone else but Adam Hill!!!!!


My god this man is disgusting.


Some things said can be taken with a grain of salt, and then other things said, written or repeated should be deeply evaluated for just what is being spread, some things are weightily that can affect others like swinging a big stick around thoughtlessly, not considering the damage that it could cause, as there is at times only ones opinion which matters leaving the arthur blank in the head the damage created.

For those who have been following the damage caused by those highly seated must have been noticing there are such ones as mentioned welding the mighty pen only to boister themselves to yet higher positions in county seats and higher.

When is enough enough, how many hearts must bleed before notice is taken and those who truly care about truth and fairness stand up by holding those responsible s feet to the fire, charging them to answer the questions put to them, not allowing their slithery minds to sneak on out from under the obligations in honoring their oath of office?

Embedded journalist in these troubled times are not needed, for they are the ones taking marching orders without question, lap puppies doing all a great disservice, yes those are the ones seen seated at heads of tables, standing first at the head of lines.

Lap puppies sitting in the masters lap kissing their cheeks for perks and treats

Watchdogs, who cary a big bite, the ones un afraid to shine their journalistic spotlights in those dark corners were deeds are done in darkness, standing firm waiting answers to weightily questions to be answered.

Might see them once at news conferences, never to be called on again, once bitten, twice cautious, so it’s said, so has been proven to be so, so the fight is on to stand strong and together as one.

As the saying goes, all for one and one for all, these are now not the times to shrink back in fear.

The only thing fake are those diverting truth, for the light s getting brighter and brighter, the heat is on, nothing fake but those seeking darkness, keep em on the run and lets be quick about it for who knows what tactics they would use, I wouldn’t put it past them to hit the button.

Forgive me for getting a little off track, but still on the path.

Up the Hill lets climb until justice is brought to those sounding the alarm in our behalf.

keep up the good work and, “DON’T GIVE UP”



Let me say that I detest Hill’s dishonest and unethical ways in an enormous way. Keep in mind that I was on the receiving end of he and his girlfriend’s wicked ways so my thoughts are heartfelt.

This said, I still don’t think it is proper to use the juvenile descriptors as recorded in your post.

The best way to rid our selves of this unethical politico is to stick with the facts, call him out and hopefully vote him out. Silly name calling is beneath us all.

My hope is that all unethical politicos are shown the door, whether they have a R in front of their title or a D in front of their title.

Just my Opinion


Who the double-hockeysticks still believes this demented creep is a Democrat? This is pure trump b.s. How can anyone still support this creep?


Some of Hill’s criticisms of state legislators are accurate, — “This column lays out just the latest reason why our Dem legislature is NO friend to our local governments–they take bribes from corporations to pre-empt our control.” However, it seems like this is a case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” (No racial slur intended.)


As a political independent, I pose this question to my liberal friends:

How can you bash Donald Trump repeatedly for his social media behavior, his bullying, his temper, his mental condition, etc.

And yet you give Adam Hill a pass. Not a word. Not a peep. Not a whimper.

So explain to me, please, what exactly is the difference between Adam Hill and Donald Trump?

A boor is a boor is a boor.


I’ve not heard nor seen any “grab ’em by the pussy” tapes regarding Hill.

Hey, the man needs to adopt some tact, granted, but at least in the above case, he’s not wrong.

If you focus on the issues, Hill is right more than he’s wrong.

If you focus on the issues, Trump is wrong more than he’s right.

Black Copter Pilot

That’s only true if you’re on the wrong side of the issue

Black Copter Pilot

It’s the liberal way of thinking, has been for a long time.


It’s called willful ignorance. We are all hypocrites to some degree.

I like sports, not politics. As a Red Sox fan I would never want to believe that Big Papi used steroids and would question any story that came out to the contrary. Yet I celebrate when Roger Clemens (who defected to the Yankees) is proven to be a user.

No difference.


Go Sox.

Jorge Estrada

If you use Trump as your comparison, you only elevate Hill. I don’t think that was your intention? As for the dust rule, I’d guess that Trump would not waste his time arguing with people who live on a pile of dust.


Sure Hill’s obnoxious. But, really Dave, you serious you can’t see the difference between Trump and Hill? Wake up out of your hatred for the man. Trump’s a bazillionnaire schmuck who screws everybody he has contact with, and he’s really, really dumb to boot. Hill makes his living from his job and whether you like him or not, he’s smart. Trump cares only about himself, but Hill in his ham-fisted way actually seems to care a bit about people who need caring about, whereas Trump cares only about his own (self and rich classmates). Trump gets good press (from the faction that likes him, at least) and has Hill ever had good press other than from the blog he’s affiliated with?


Ah, Hill. A fine, fine politician and gentleman.


Uh….that would be considered oxymoron.

Black Copter Pilot

Sarcasm is not appreciated?