Prized eucalyptus tree chopped down at SLO High

August 8, 2017

A eucalyptus known as the “Big Tree” has been chopped down at San Luis Obispo High School as part of a planned remodel of the campus, upsetting numerous members of the community.

The old eucalyptus served as a gathering spot for students. A petition to salvage the tree garnered more than 1,650 signatures.

“The Big Tree stands as a landmark for not only the high school, but for San Luis Obispo itself,” the petition stated. “San Luis Obispo High School wouldn’t be the same without it.”

San Luis Coastal officials said the eucalyptus tree was unsafe. However, district officials also announced plans to replace the tree with a new student support center and performing arts building.

The district likewise announced plans to remove a large Heritage Oak and other trees located at the northern edge of the SLO High School campus and replace them with a 12-classroom building. District officials say there are few, if any, places to build on campus, and they need to meet the expanding needs of students.

San Luis Coastal’s tree removal plans prompted protests, including a tree sit-in, which took place last month. Nonetheless, the district is proceeding with removing the trees.

On Monday, Brian Dzukola, a SLO High parent, posted photos on Facebook of what is left of the eucalyptus tree.

“It’s a sad day at San Luis Obispo High School when the Big Tree is officially gone!” Dzukola wrote.


Hmmm, dangerous, nasty, forever garbage dropping Eucalyptus tree or new student center and performing arts building.

Ya, that’s a tough one.


Good call by San Luis Coastal. Eucalyptus trees have the nickname “Widow Maker” for a reason.

George Bailey

We should have known crap like this would start going on when San Luis Obispo High School hired Leslie O’Connor, a principal from Bakersfield.


It’s a tree, nothing else…an invasive species to boot.


Last week a Eucalyptus of almost this size–one that was even recently trimmed–lost a huge branch into our street. Luckily no car was driving by at the moment and no kids were nearby. It would have killed someone. Too dangerous.

SLO people are crazy about trees–apparently even the kind that they coincidentally complain are not indigenous to the area. It’s just a tree, one tree. For God sakes, you’d think we’ve just executed someone.


So, SLO High is building all these new classrooms, performing arts structure, etc. and then when Diablo shutdowns will cry like a baby since their income comes from property taxes.and want more bond $money$. Can’t wait for reality to set in! As a native SLO I am so happy I got out of that Socialist town and better yet the corrupt school district.

Rich in MB

No Crying….they will just raise your Taxes…..


I don’t usually back up public servants, but in the case of this tree, yes, it posed a hazard. It would be dumb to build around it.


Eucalyptus trees are non-native and many view them as a weed. I shed no tears when one goes down.

Rich in MB

….and people can’t figure out why we can’t seem to build affordable housing in SLO and adequate apartment complexes for the workforce? Folks if there is this much protest and angst over a TREE now can you start to understand the SLO mindset? Trees over people. Trees over homes and apartments and Trees over progress.