Holland family donates $50,000 to opponents of Parkinson and Dow

February 8, 2018

Carty (Andrew’s father) and Andrew Holland

The family of the Atascadero man who died in San Luis Obispo County Jail after being strapped in a restraint chair for more than 46 hours has contributed $25,000 to the challenger in the county sheriff race and another $25,000 to the candidate attempting to unseat the county’s district attorney.

Andrew Holland, a mentally ill man, died in January 2017 at the age of 36 after jail guards left him strapped in the restraint chair, also known as the “Devil’s Chair.” Last July, the SLO County Board of Supervisors settled with Holland’s family for $5 million.

SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson allegedly gave approval for use of the restraint chair while practicing for at a fashion show. Sources at the jail say medical staff questioned keeping Holland restrained in the chair, but sheriff’s office staff decided to do so anyway.

Following Holland’s death, the FBI opened an investigation into the deaths — now 12 — that have occurred at SLO County Jail since 2012. Officials from the county district attorney’s office said they were not investigating the deaths because of the ongoing FBI investigation.

Greg Clayton

Hollands’ family has said neither Parkinson, nor District Attorney Dan Dow, are performing their jobs properly and that the two law enforcement officials maintain a close relationship with one another. The family recently decided to support retired police officer Greg Clayton, who is running for sheriff against Parkinson, and retired judge Mike Cummins, who is challenging Dow.

Clayton, who is a longtime private investigator in addition to being a retired SLOPD officer, is running on a campaign of justice and reform based on allegations of mistreatment of inmates under Parkinson’s watch. Over the past five years, SLO County’s jail deaths have been approximately three times the national average, and during that span, the sheriff’s office failed to abide by state regulations regarding the treatment of mentally ill inmates.

Judge Mike Cummins

Cummins served as a deputy district attorney in Stanislaus County for four and a half years before he was appointed to the bench in 1994. After more than 10 years as a judge, Cummins retired and returned to San Luis Obispo County to spend time with his aging parents.

The former prosecutor and judge has said the District Attorney should have launched a concurrent investigation into possible state law violations. The FBI investigation is focused on alleged civil rights abuses.

Both the sheriff and district attorney elections will take place in June.

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You are worried that the Sheriff is going to use its weapons against you (us)? What crimes have you committed that would cause you to have that fear?

Greg Clayton retired from SLOPD at the rank of police officer with no supervisory or management experience. The Sheriff’s job is way over his head. I am also curious to know specifically how he would have prevented any of the jail deaths.

While we’re cleaning house at Mental Health ( Jon Hamm defied Cal. law in not accepting Andrew Holland into the facility), let’s not forget the person who was supposed to be Hamm’s superior, but is so incompetent she just gets ignored by her staff, Penny Borenstein.

So we have a private eye running for Sheriff, a defense attorney running for judge, a retired judge running for DA (which seems backwards to me) and an actual businessman running for County Supervisor!?!

Now if they were all three women, it’d be perfect!

The problem I have with Ian Parkinson is that he convinced the Board of Supervisors that Policing SLO County, the jail, and its people with Police, Panga boats, and unicorn catchers was the best and only way to have positive and long lasting outcomes.

Guess what? HE WAS DEAD WRONG. Those of us who work with human beings in their sickest and darkest hours know this.

I am a fiscal conservative who sees both the financial and the humanitarian benefit of prevention, of public health programs, of drug and alcohol treatment programs, of helping people get back on their feet.

Ian Parkinson NEEDS TO GO. Glad Jeff Hamm is out the door. Maybe some GOOD public health can start to happen.

Sheriff Parkinson is an easy visible target to attack. There is always room for improvement almost everywhere. Since becoming Sheriff the people who live in SLO County have received the best service ever from the department. No doubt there are problems within the jail. It should be apparent to everyone that not only SLO but just about everywhere there has been a significant increase with mental illness and massive drug abuse. Deputies are trained to enforce the law and administer first aid, they are not paramedics or doctors. With that said I put some of the blame on the BOS and the mental health department. The programs that need to be implemented need funding. Without the funding and the tools needed, the mental health department, it is difficult or impossible for the Sheriff and his department to be held completley responsible for what has happened.

If you want a sheriff’s department flush with military gear and extra federal money for drug interdiction and cooperating with federal agencies in their various schemes, Parkinson is your guy. He’s great at finding money and military gear the cops can use against us.

If, on the other hand, you think that police should protect and serve and that they should have the well being of those they protect and serve as their formost goal, then vote against Parkinson.

It’s as simple as that.

Thankfully those who show suck displeasure with Ian Parkinson are not in control of the jail house policy. I happened to have voted for Cortez but Ian has performed his campaign promises and I see no reason to punish him for not being the doctor in charge. I do not know what $50,000 today will do, maybe $99 for Cortez would have done more years ago? That said, my vote will be for Ian and I hope the public gets involved with what is needed. Change requires participation through volunteerism not a witch hunt.


As voters, we must begin to look beyond the leadership of SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson. By now, I think it is evident to everyone that Parkinson lacks the ability to effectively lead a law enforcement agency in SLO County, so we must embrace change and progress.

Andrew Holland did not deserve to die, and Sheriff Parkinson has offered no good explanation why the death occurred, so we must replace leaders who do not lead.

Dump Parkinson.

Just saying,

George Bailey

Ok Judge whatever your name is.

But if Andrew had a last name like “Huerta” instead of “Holland”, and lived in Santa Maria which is designated as a “sanctuary city”, he, “Holland” would of course not qualify for your”…we must embrace change and progress” bullchit, right? Not much change goin’ on there cowboy, and the only embracin’ I see you doing is if the change you refer to involves lilly white skin.

Just Sayin’

Here, read your own hypocrisy…


1. Santa Maria is in Santa Barbara County, not San Luis Obispo County.

2. Mental illness doesn’t pick a certain ethnicity, I don’t know how you reached that conclusion.

Lastly, I made my earlier comment since it seems that there are opportunistic individuals that are trying to make a name for themselves using the Andrew Holland tragedy which sickens me to no end.


My apologies, my post wasn’t directed at you but rather to Mr. Baily and his post about the 13 year old kid shot and killed by his older brother in Santa Maria, and his obvious racist remark that it was directly related to Santa Maria’s “sanctuary city” designation.

Again, I apologize.

Ah, I didn’t read the other article-you gave a rational response

thus I understand your point better. Thank you.


Please excuse our ‘friend, America the Free, as he again just got released from the drunk tank, and he feels indebted to Sheriff Parkinson for letting him out. He rambles on about defending illegal alien invaders, but it’s probably because he swallowed the worm.

I say dump Sheriff Parkinson, and deport idiotic posters who ramble on about nonsense.

Just saying,

Dr. Josey Wales, Ph.D

Deport Stupidity

End Sanctuary City

Recall Corrupt Politicians

Support ICE: Operation Safe Communities

Civil Liberties for AMERICANS

Immediate Gang Injunction

Sorry I guess he must of just , crawled under the fence , its hard to tell where your at sometimes , say where is the Taco bell MR ..SI..