SLO County supervisors seek to sweeten Adam Hill

February 7, 2018

Supervisor Adam Hill

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor voted 4-0 Tuesday to bring back options for curtailing Supervisor Adam Hill’s threats and abuses against constituents. Hill was absent from the meeting.

Specifically, the board is looking to develop a code of conduct, through a governance manual, that will define rules for appropriate behavior. Several California counties have governance manuals that promote respect and encourage public officials to refrain from commenting on public issues or interacting with each other on social media.

The board’s action was spurred by several public speakers who accused Hill of making threats, bullying and causing harm.

Pismo Beach Real Estate broker Mark Burnes told the board of an “ugly situation” in which Hill responded to a Sunday commentary in the Tribune by telling Burnes to “fuck off.”

“I am keenly aware of the high standards public officials need to adhere too,” Burnes said. “Short of an all out recall election, is there a manner of which an errant member of this board might be removed?”

Another public speaker, Jack Hardy of Grover Beach, said the same thing that had happened to Burnes had happened to him. Hill had responded to a Facebook post of Hardy’s he did not like by dubbing Hardy a racist.

“If you go out into the community, there have been many threats like this,” Hardy said. “There are people who are afraid to speak up. It is just not right. I am asking you what can be done to stop this.”

Julie Tizzano, the owner of SLOCO Data & Printing in Grover Beach, said that after she supported Hill’s opponent in a race, Hill retaliated. Hill threatened to withhold county funding to the Food Bank if the nonprofit did not stop doing business with Tizzano’s company. The Food Bank complied and Tizzano’s printing company lost $50,000 a year in revenue, Tizzano said.

In rare cases, government entities have sanctioned public officials who violate codes of conduct rules with sanctions such as taking away their parking space or government office space.


Remember when Hill was passed over as chair of the board? Oh the outcry! The evil majority was picking on poor Adam, it was unfair…whaa, whaa, whaa.

Now even Gibson has had to separate himself and Hill is on his own. A BOS version of a “time out” for bad behavior. Sit in the corner and think about it Adam.


We all know Gibson is only separating himself from Hill now because he has a real re-election run coming up, lets hope the voters in his district remember his actions before and do not re-elect him.


Interesting that Bruce chooses to distance himself from Adam now that he’s up for re-election. He’s voted lock step with Adam all these years despite his outlandish behavior. Will he return the campaign donations Adam has made to him?

Dist. 2 voters, now is time for a change, we can do better.


Pretty funny that the anti Hill comments each have one vote down. Perhaps Hill is trolling? Creepy.

Jorge Estrada

The real issue, in my opinion from what I read, is Hill’s out of control and self validating verbiage that the public is working him. This is a very sad situation which makes me question a health issue? Not being funny.


Hill may have already decided not run in 2020 and feels the voters are too weak to vote him out before then so likely he will not change. Or a short time before his next election he may quiet down and thinks the voters in district will forget and re-elect him, they did last time and there were plenty of reasons not to.


Well it appears that the sane members of the BOS, even all 4, have publicly acknowledge what Adam Hill has been up to for so long. Like they say better late than never. I also hope that the BOS follows thru with this in a speedy manner instead of the usual study period that government falls behind. Hopefully Adam Hill may have got the word but sadly I think we may see more of his actions and if so we will see how strong the BOS really is.


Its about time they start to do something with this out of control mental case, there is no reason that a public servant should act the way hill does and this board should have done something a long time ago.

I am sure that somewhere there is a clause that would allow the board to oust hill without a recall,its time to find it and use it.

The Identarian

Who are the lo information voters that vote for this ill mannered turd? What exactly is WRONG with California anyway?


It’s kind of fun watching the final implosion. Perhaps they should start a #metoo page for all those who have been called names and “bullied” by Adam Hill. That would be hilarious.