SLO County sheriff’s deputy arrested for DUI at the Oceano dunes

July 2, 2018

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested for DUI at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area on March 10. Nevertheless, the deputy was not booked into jail nor was his mugshot taken. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before midnight, Rainer Lee Bodine,32, was driving northbound near the shoreline toward Pier Avenue with three passengers when he was pulled over for driving 38 mph in a 15 mph zone. Bodine admitted to drinking about five beers in two and a half hours.

In side a side door compartment, a park ranger found Bodine’s service revolver. On the floorboard of the back seat, the ranger found several empty beer bottles.

A blood test showed Bodine had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit to drive is .08.

Following his arrest, Bodine was released to a family member. He was not booked into the county jail.

Bodine plans to plead no contest to misdemeanor DUI charges next week.

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Well what can you say , But You John Q public better not get caught.. This is cash cow for your county..

The difference between right and wrong is getting caught I guess.. I got popped in the same area at 34 .. The police watch bars , and so on all the time .. its easy money.. this Cop will cont. to act up .. watch .. this will take care of its self..

the reason this LEO wasn’t arrested and will be treated differently than a person who is not part of the LEO family is easy to explain:

The Double Standard.

For example: we serfs used to have the Bill of Rights. Supposedly we still have it, although it is applied differently than it used to be.

But did you know that police have the LEO’s Bill of Rights and that it supercedes the Serf’s Bill of Rights? That’s the Double Standard!

Other examples:

Speed limits. They apply to serfs. Not to LEO’s.

Body Armor: We buy theirs for LEO’s, but we serf’s are not allowed to wear body armor.

Open Carry: LEO’s do, we can’t

Committing Crimes: We are punished for crimes we commit on our jobs. LEO’s enjoy General Immunity from crimes they routinely commit in the “line of duty.”

Finally we can talk about use of deadly force: If a serf feels threatened and fears for his life at the hands of a LEO, he cannot shoot the LEO. But if a LEO feels threatened he is encouraged to shoot the serf!

That’s the Double Standard. It’s the law of the land.

So whats new? SLO counties elite get away with murder…literally. A little fun on the beach is no cause for concern, move along now.

If you were to check into DUI arrests, most don’t get booked if they are cooperative. They call someone to come and get them at the station and cite them out.

Also, the main reason for a booking photo is for law enforcement to use it to ID their defendant. Since he was already known to LE, what’s the need, unless it is to whet the insatiable appetite of the media?

Since when , CHP Dick Short , Wanted to beat me up ..he was 5 foot nothing and about the same round . AZURE SEES you are smoking dope ,over the limited hooked and booked..

I had 3 drinks , was .11

18 months on a bike, after my court case the cops circled my house like sharks hoping I would drive… If more of the cops were made to abide by the laws this world would be a better place, I was over the limit , got caught had to pay the price ..

They just let them go what Bull puckey ..

After reading these posts the media should jump all over this .. I would say ..

“…the main reason for a booking photo is for law enforcement to use it to ID their defendant”.

Sorry only partly right; the second part of the duel reason LE takes these photos is to paste them all over “Police Blotters”, “Law Enforcement Activity”, “Local Police Arrests” and other invasive ass policies given in to by local media that are meant for the most part to have the individual tried by the media long before he or she ever sees a judge. Shame them into pleading guilty and then say it’s meant to “deter” others from doin’ the same. Just walk all over a dude’s due process and privacy rights, while sellin’ the public on the “deterrent” Kool-Aid bull chit.

Welcome to Amerika….

To the posters claiming blue brotherhood, separate rules for law enforcement, etc.

There is no requirement in the law that someone arrested for misdemeanor dui must be booked at county jail. In fact, by far MOST misdemeanor dui arrests are NOT booked at county jail.

This deputy was arrested and he is pleading nolo to misdemeanor dui. The system worked exactly how it is supposed to. The deputy by pleading nolo, is not trying to fight the stop, the arrest, or that he wasn’t drunk. Most people charged with dui try to get it tossed by technicalities by challenging the stop, the field sobriety test, the machine that measured the BAC,…..

Now an abuse of the blue brotherhood would have been if they didn’t arrest him or the DA didn’t file because he is a cop.

A “nolo” plea, as you call it, is anything but an admission of responsibility, as you imply is with “… is not trying to fight the stop, the arrest, or that he wasn’t drunk.”, it’s a plea to circumvent responsibility, as it means he is not admitting guilt, and in most cases it’s a way to not open one’s self up to an open and shut civil case against you. It also saves the court tons of money in which the court usually rewards the person for.

You’re right about most “misdemeanor dui’s” not being booked at the county jail, not because they just aren’t, it’s because that process is usually done at the city jail level, where city cops, the most likely to arrest someone for DUI, does the booking. In most counties the county jail is usually a holding facility for all city LEA’s arrests, and some times only after being arraigned. Do county jails “book” you? Yea, but only for the charges the city LEA booked you on at their facility.

Your contention that most are not detained may be correct, but all are booked, photographed, fingerprinted and given notice of what they are being charged for, except maybe for this cop. Most that are arrested in this day of no due process and invasion of privacy their photograph is plastered all over the local media, misdemeanor DUI’s included, again except for this cop.

The tell will be in the sentencing, and I hope CCN follows up with that piece of information as well….

A disgusting set of separate rules for law enforcement.

Who’s give a chit?!! This what the voters of SLO wanted when casting their votes for Parkinson anyway, right? There was ample evidence that something like this, if not worse, was all but invadable to happen. And a misdemeanor to boot? With no booking or photo? Guess they just wanted to stop the “…constant barrage of media hate” that a felony DUI that any regular unprotected class of citizen would have brought, huh?

More to come, I garonetee it!

Nice to see the blue brotherhood in action. Shame.

I’m waiting for a really good explanation…