Supervisor Hill promotes favored candidates, bullies opponents

August 13, 2018

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill campaigns for political allies while bullying candidates he opposes for several local city councils. [Cal Coast Times]

Hill recently emailed several San Luis Obispo residents claims that mayoral candidate Keith Gurnee is an untrustworthy liar. At the same time, Hill asked SLO residents to support his favored candidates.

“On Sunday September 30th, my planning commissioner Dawn Ortiz-Legg and I will co-host a fundraiser at Dawn’s home in SLO from 2-5, with excellent wine and food, for the campaigns of: Heidi Harmon, Carlyn Christianson, & Erica Stewart,” Hill wrote in an Aug. 7 email. “More to come! Look for your invite soon! Sponsorships will be available!”

In two recent publications, New Times cartoonist Russel Hodin parroted Hill’s criticisms of Gurnee including an attempt to demean the mayoral candidate for sending opinion pieces to CalCoastNews. Hill titled his email “Hypocrisy, Deceit, & Blatant Lies.”

Gurnee wrote ” ‘Hill’arious” in a response email which appeared to further incite Hill.

“T-Bone, I love ya, just not in the way you desire… but now that you’re a Democrat you’ll find more tolerance and acceptance, as it must have been 45 years of hell for you in the GOP …if you need help with your journey just ask for it because you should not ever feel ashamed of being who you are (except for the lying and deceit part, that you need to be ashamed of)… I’m here for you, T-Bone, (but again, that’s meant platonically) you little minx!,” Hill responded on Aug. 11.

Hill began his latest tirade following a SLO Progressives candidates’ forum last month, Gurnee said.

“When he came out of the Heidi Harmon meltdown meeting, Hill poked his finger in my chest and said you need to tell the truth,” Gurnee said. “I have always told the truth and its readily apparent Hill cannot handle the truth.”

In the past, Hill has actively lobbied local city council members to vote for land use and marijuana businesses he supports. Hill has also actively campaigned for political allies who agree with his views, including Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals, and Arroyo Grande candidates Caren Ray and Jimmy Paulding.

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Adam Hill is one creepy little dude. 

Did anyone catch the phrase sponsorships at the end of the third paragraph,translation,buy your public servant.

Well, now we know where Erica stands. Fortunately there are ample decent candidates for the SLO CC to combat the destruction going on and hopefully defeat these minions of Hill.

Well, thanks Adam for telling us who not to vote for — your old girl friend Carlyn, your fellow flame-throwing uncivil rude and nasty buddy Mayor Harmon, and poor Erica, put up to run by SLO Chamber and Progressives. What kind of Progressives make common cause with any Chamber of Commerce? You and your buddies are such phonies. PINOs.

Remember the old Harvey Keitel movie, Bad Lieutenant? You could have an endless Netflix series, Bad Supervisor. 


More shameful behavior from the mentally deranged Adam Hill!

Once again we see SLO County 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill disrespect his office, and he ought to stop using his self-identifies mental illness as an excuse.  Plenty of people diagnosed with a mental illness do not use it as an excuse to act so unprofessionally, and Adam Hill has to be held accountable for his choices.

The good news with Mr. Hill’s endorsements are that we now know who NOT to support, and voters should reject Adam Hill clone’s Caren Ray, Heidi Harmon, Dawn Ortiz-Legg,  Jimmy Paulding, Carlen Christianson, and John Schoals.

The local SLO Progressives have disappointed us all with overdevelopment of the historic downtown district, and shoehorning all this new development in as a favor to their out-of-town developer friends.  Heidi Harmon & Co. have shown us the whacky, ultra-left progressives are too immature to lead our town, and we need leadership we can trust.

On Election Day, Vote Mr. Keith Gurnee for SLO Mayor!

Well as Ronald Reagan once said” well there you go.” As the mental rehab just didn’t have any affect on poor Adam. Along with Ortiz-Legg, another loser, they are teaming up to viciously attack anyone who isn’t on board with their whacko agendas and corruption participation. I’m beginning to wonder if the voters of SLO will ever realize that we have a case of mental illness for everyone to see right here in SLO on BOS. I can’t even imagine what lies in wait of not only the SLO City Council but the SLO BOS were ever to both have a majority of Progressives?

The SLO voters seem to approve of Supervisor Hill’s juvenile behavior as they re-elected him. I personally don’t understand.