San Luis Obispo mayor curses at progressive event, gets quoted in Rolling Stone

January 29, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon


San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon traveled to Vermont to attend a gathering of top progressive minds that Rolling Stone suggested had the feel of a campaign rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders. In its coverage of the event, Rolling Stone quoted Harmon as saying her children could “fucking die” over an emergency like climate change.

Speakers at the event talked about climate change and other “dire emergencies spiraling out of control,” the article said. The article quoted Harmon in the following paragraph.

“I have two kids, and they’re going to fucking die if we don’t fix all this. That’s how I look at it,” Harmon was quoted as saying.

The article described Harmon as “the colorful mayor of San Luis Obispo.”

Rolling Stone published the article in December, but Harmon waited until last weekend to share it on social media. Harmon said she hesitated to share the article because she recognizes that “‘prominent woman says curse word’ has become a new genre unto itself.”

Harmon said there is a double standard with regard to perceptions of men and women cursing.

“I’m going to let you in on a shocking secret: sometimes women swear,” Harmon said in an Instagram post. “Here’s another revelation: there is generally nothing newsworthy about a woman swearing.”

Harmon also doubled down, effectively repeating her comments from the Vermont event in the Instagram post.

“Let’s not forget that the fact that we actually have to grapple with the reality that our kids may in fact actually fucking die is the real travesty — not a woman cussing,” Harmon wrote.

Headlined “Yes, Bernie Should Run,” the Rolling Stone article said the event held in Burlington, Vermont was hosted by Sen. Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, and her Sanders Institute. The event was called “The Gathering.”

The event featured numerous notable names in progressive politics, including Sen. Sanders, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, academic Cornel West and political commentator Cenk Uygur, according to the Sanders Institute website.


Well Ms. Harmon, the world will come to and end with folks like you eating all the food. And as for your kids, they will die in a civil war that will soon start because of whacked out liberals like yourself. See you on the front lines.


She acts like a product of the dope smoking hippys that we were stuck with going to school, wacked out dumb ideas is what they came up with, way out of main stream thinking, they hung out with their own kind and dreamed up weird stuff while smoken in the bathroom and now we are stuck with this crap again, just wonderful.


Do any writers have the balls to ask her direct, substantive questions?

1. Is she ready to double or triple energy prices for citizens in pursuit of a dubious goal?

2. The Bible of Global Warming, the IPCC report, says the solution for large-scale green energy is to build 1,000 nuclear power plants worldwide.

So is she ready for America to build 100-200 nuclear power plants? Ready to keep Diablo Canyon open; AND add 2 more reactors?

(You can’t run the largest economy in the world off kitchen grease and solar panels.)

3. Is she aware of the two instances of major data manipulation by GW ‘scientists’?


Ml1999 Thank you for bringing some sanity into this discussion! We need more logic in this world and less emotionalism.

Niles Q

A rather harsh thing to say about your kids. I wonder how they feel about being condemned to fucking die unless climate change is stopped? I’m sure she was a tad juiced up being in the presence of Bernie. How cool anyway to be quoted in Rolling Stone. Way to go Heidi. Will you autograph my copy, please! (;0)


“I have two kids, and they’re going to fucking die if we don’t fix all this”

Her kids will die because none of us live forever…but the idea that the world will come to an end in her children’s lifetime or her great grandchildren’s lifetime is ludicrous…

Her teachers or someone has lied to her about the earths climate….

How can anyone with a brain think that the earths warming or cooling just 2 degrees will spell doom for mankind?…who has taught you this?…and why do you believe it?….

It sure doesn’t require foul language….but the global warming believers use anger and fear tactics for effect…like children when they are losing and failing to convince…..but she is top dog in SLO….wow…..

fat chance

Very classy!!

Jon Tatro

I don’t care that she cusses, I care that she is just so damn dumb.


Dumb???? she just got a all expense taxpayer paid vacation. When’s the last time you got some else to pay for your vacation?


Top progressive minds? Now that’s an oxymoron. There are top progressive emotions like anger, outrage, and being offended, but I don’t believe progressive thought actually exists.