Senator Kamala Harris announces run for president

January 21, 2019

Sen. Kamala Harris

California Sen. Kamala Harris formally jumped in the race Monday for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president of the United States. [Cal Coast Times]

Harris, a first-term United States senator and former California attorney general, announced her run for president on the ABC show Good Morning America. She is expected to deliver a speech announcing her candidacy on Saturday in Oakland, the city in which she was raised.

For two decades, Harris worked as a prosecutor in California, serving as the San Francisco district attorney prior to getting elected attorney general in 2010. Harris was elected to the Senate in 2016, in the middle of her second term as attorney general.

Though Harris has criticized law enforcement and the United States justice system for having racial bias, she has faced criticism from progressives and advocates of criminal justice reform for her work as a prosecutor, leading some to question whether she can secure the Democratic nomination. Harris has responded to the criticism from progressives by saying the left needs to get over its bias against law enforcement.

“I think it is a false choice to suggest that communities don’t want law enforcement,” Harris said Monday on Good Morning America.

When asked about the general sentiments of Americans, Harris spoke about the economic hardships faced by workers, particularly federal employees impacted by the current government shutdown.

“Those folks don’t want a wall. They want a paycheck,” Harris said of the federal workers foregoing pay.

Harris, whose parents met in Berkeley during their involvement in the Civil Rights movement, announced her presidential campaign on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Harris is the child of two immigrants, as her mother was born in India and her father in Jamaica.


Her parents were not citizens when she was born in Ca. How does that qualify her for president.


She was born in Ca.


What does her parents not being born in the United States have to do with the price of tea in China?

She was born in California. She wasn’t born on foreign soil (which is an outdated requirement. Made sense when we had legitimate threats in the late 1700s).


The more time she spends campaigning the less time she’ll be in CA. That is a good thing.


Hope she gets the nomination. This is the demise of the Dems.


Low level flash in the pan…..not going anywhere….the person able to challenge Trump has not entered the race yet….

Shocked in MB

Now we have about 20 people ready to run for president who will spend the next 2 years trying to get the best sound-byte and to hell with actual governing. How do we honestly stop this ridiculous process? Term limits do not seem to work.

Unfortunately with the current investigations into every single aspect of a potential candidates personal life, it leaves us with some very atypical people who can pass this scrutiny. They are now questioning a persons religion as to whether that will influence their policy/decision making.

Since they are supposed to be our representatives, I would hope that they are representative of a certain group of people.

With this scrutiny, by the age of 14 I believe I had eliminated myself from a political career.

Seriously, how do we get the right people in office who actually have our future at heart vs their next election? I do honestly feel that my question is about as realistic as “is there an Easter bunny”?

Color me naive


Everyone, if you have an opinion of the policy’s or actions of Sen. Kamala Harris, that is one thing.

If you are just posting insults and bad sexual jokes, the rest of the internet is that way >>>>

Edit: snoid, Commenting on fantasy political blowjobs etc is not ok here, even if trump was insulted somewhere on the net.


But she is a joke in many people’s opinion. I agree that there is enough sexual topics going around and enough is enough, thank you for that. Sometimes a fact may be an insult to some and sometimes the truth hurts, no reason to hide or remove it.


Does not matter how many/few facts are in a comment, if it has certain phrasing it gets removed.

We don’t edit comments, its all or nothing.

Sometimes people make assumptions about things that they don’t know, don’t understand.


I predict Kamala will be the Democratic nominee in 2020, mark my words. Hillary’s too tainted & Bernie’s too old.

And Kamala may choose Gavin as her VP running mate…if so, our state really will be screwed.

Higher taxes, even more of an open border, continued shoving of the LBTQABC agenda down our throats…


I’m not a big Trump fan but the thought of Kamala Harris as POTUS scares the sh&% out of me.


Don’t be sad… the republican party hired all the unemployed circus clowns and put them in charge of running the show.


This Woman is not fit to run our Country,

She wouldn’t even prosecute a Cop killer for a Death sentence.

This person is the Worst that California can bring to the Election.

More of the same from San Francisco.


She’s not the worst. She is unqualified and obnoxious lacking integrity and social skills.. What makes her appealing to the left is the fact shes not an old white Male. Orange hair and sex change operation pack on another 60 lbs and who you got?