Hundreds gather at abortion rights rally in SLO

May 22, 2019

Several hundred people gathered in front of the San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Tuesday for a rally in response to the recent wave of anti-abortion legislation that has been passed in several states. [Cal Coast Times]

The local rally was organized by the SLO Women’s March as part of a national movement to “Stop the Bans.” Rallies and marches were held across the nation as part of a defense of abortion rights, legalized in the United States by the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade.

Last week, Missouri lawmakers voted to make most abortions illegal after eight weeks of pregnancy, joining a tide of anti-abortion legislation in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Ohio. The new laws are seen as an attempt by anti-abortion advocates to get the issue before the Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade.

A group of right to life activists also participated in the SLO rally. While most of the protestors were peaceful, a pro-life participant called those who support abortion rights murderers while a pro-abortion attendee called a pro-life supporter sexist.

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Bring out your liberals

Funny is ok for abortion but it’s not ok to own a gun.

Donald killed 6 kids in 6 months at the border. Get back to me when the RWNJ’S care about live kids.

Maybe these women should just cede their vaginas to Yemen. It would be OK then to kill the babies inside them.

Such concern for those inside the womb, and cold indifference for those who’ve managed to get outside of it.

Hey news flash — women just don’t get pregnant on their own so why is the woman always blamed for an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy and that it was her ‘fault’?

Just a couple of things to consider in the quest of equality:

1) Why doesn’t the father have a “choice” as well?

2) Why does the father get strapped with 18 years of child support because the mother wants to keep the child while he doesn’t?

“Women have the right to raise a child without the father knowing he even has a child, and can sue him for retroactive child support even 10 to 20 years later.” – “The Myth of Male Power”, Dr. Warren Farrell

New technology is changing minds on abortion…I understand the viewpoint of pro choice women…its their bodies…I’m a man I understand I will never face this dilemma but if I got pregnant and didn’t want a baby I would be devastated…my life plan would be overturned in one heartbeat…I would be upset over the fact that I would have to go through a pregnancy I didn’t plan on and that I would have to do something I didn’t want to do….I would be worried about finances but isn’t that how life works?…

Don’t we all have to do things we don’t want to do?…the fact would still be that I have a potential life inside of me and I would bring myself to the realization that I have a very important responsibility….if we all protested the things we have to do nothing would ever get done…that’s life folks….just because there is a convenient way of terminating a pregnancy and wiping the board clean doesn’t make it right…

Save for the health and safety of the mother and severe deformity I believe a baby in the womb is still a baby and should be protected as such…

1.) In this context it’s not their bodies, it’s their children’s bodies.

2.) Temporarily disrupting one’s “life plan” is not license to murder babies in a just society.

3.) Few ever talk about the enormous damage (physically, mentally and spiritually) done to women who undergo abortions. Hardcore guilt! Many NEVER recover — such women, whether they underwent an abortion or facilitated one are the main source of the half-crazed pro-abortion extremists we see in the news. If women are truly concerned about they quality of their own lives long term, they would bring their babies to term and then offer them for adoption if they choose not to raise them.

4.) Those living in guilt for undergoing or facilitating an abortion can get help from pro-life groups like Rachel’s Vineyard. Baby-killing groups like Planned Parenthood (which was originally created to extinguish the black race in the US) offer no such support to their “clients.”

5.) The number of mothers’ lives that can be saved by killing their babies is infinitesimally tiny, yet it’s often offered as a common occurrence.

A question or two for ya Acta’…

1) What about in the case of rape or incest?

2) Doesn’t your god command you to follow the laws of the land (Romans 13:1-5)?

3) Isn’t Roe v Wade the law of the land?

4) Is there a place in a “just society” for state sponsored first degree murder, the death penalty?

Just askin’…

Ha, I love freedom of speech, apparently some here do to on this forum, same as the protesters. It’s odd though, people are ok with war and loss, but lord forbid women have a say in their body with or without men’s involvement, luckily Roe did something right. I don’t want Jesus or the US gov in my business or personal life in mass, unless I want them. I want freedom from both as I choose. Isn’t this a foundation of the USA? And how and why Christians are making Gov Law a thing to suppress women idk, where’s separation of church and state? Also, practicing medicine is more Gov than religion, and science that saves life takes it away too, seems normal. We make missles and kill kids “on accident” all day, I can post numbers if anyone asks, whers the outrage in that, they were at least on earth alive right??? USA is still avoiding and blanketing war crimes from our troops as well. What about babies in Vietnam mutated with Roundup? God’s will I guess? Lol @ religious supression.

An excerpt from my recent response to my local congressperson’s survey:

Imagine you are a space traveler from another planet and your job is to report on the life that you find on other planets. You eventually end up looking in on a planet called Earth, and find (among other oddities) that a number of the female of the species are killing the babies growing in their womb and that many of them are insisting on a policy permitting such.

I have come from elsewhere. Aborting unwanted reproduction was my favorite evidence of hope for your species. I was impressed that there were people willing to admit that they were not going to be good parents at that time in their life and terminating unwanted children that would otherwise be raised by the state and over populate an already overcrowded world. During my time here, I have accidentally impregnated THREE times over the years. Two of those times I was blessed with a child that I have been lovingly raising. Once, a POTENTIAL human being was aborted as a ball of cells that was attempting to make a brain still. No thoughts. Please, study ACTUAL college science texts on the subject. It is NOT a ‘baby’ during the legally-agreed upon termination dates. Blastocyst. Look it up. Using the words ‘killing’ and ‘baby’ automatically make thinkers stop listening to you. Using the word baby on a ball of cells is just a damn lie.

You eat babies every day. Since they aren’t human, you pretend it doesn’t matter or happen. Why doesn’t that register with you? it is literally a universal practice in your culture to abuse, confine and then kill fully viable and well developed living beings for food.

Average age of a meat chicken at harvest; 45 days

Pigs are born and live a short 6 months before you eat them

Cattle get the longest ‘childhood’ around 2 years, then POP

[ yes, I am one of the farmers who do this killing FOR YOU, out of sight]

Critical thinking is completely different than forming all your opinions from biases you inherited from your father or the TV.

Gosh golly, I wish aliens would stop all the super sensitive hyper conservative religious folks here on this forum and the news causing so much terror, chaos, suppressive laws and pain everywhere! All in the name of this thing called “god”. Be it white christian nationalist terrorists or radical Islamic terrorists!

Protesting to have the right to kill babies OKEE DOKEE !!! Then they venture over to the PETA rally to save pets WOW

I just don’t get it, whats wrong with birth control?. There are so many products on the market today to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The caravans that are heading to our border, the parents that are not traveling with their young (11 year old daughters) are putting them on birth control. Ladies Isn’t that the purpose of ” planned parenthood”.

Women out there protesting that their bodies are theirs. Nobody has the right to tell them what to do with their bodies. These women are correct, so go ahead start being responsible for your body. If you slip up and get pregnant then it is still your body. Go do what you have to do, but they should not expect the Government aka the tax payers to step in and murder their unwanted child.

Some forms of artificial birth control are actually abortifacients. They kill newly conceived babies.

Tuesday, eh? So that’s how women that don’t work spend their time.