Man stabbed to death in Shandon

June 2, 2019

A 26-year-old man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of stabbing a man to death during a fight in Shandon, according the the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 5 p.m., a 9-1-1 caller reported two men had been fighting in the 200 block of Escondido Way in Shandon, and one man had been stabbed. Emergency personnel transported the 23-year-old victim to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries.

During their investigation, sheriff deputies learned the suspect had left Shandon. With a friend driving, the suspect headed southbound on Highway 101.

Deputies followed the vehicle and made a high-risk traffic stop at the 4th Street exit in Pismo Beach. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

At this time, investigators are not releasing the names of the suspect or the victim.


The 2010 United States Census[6] reported that Shandon had a population of 1,295. The population density was 433.2 people per square mile (167.3/km²). The racial makeup of Shandon was 840 (64.9%) White, 34 (2.6%) African American, 18 (1.4%) Native American, 7 (0.5%) Asian, 2 (0.2%) Pacific Islander, 352 (27.2%) from other races, and 42 (3.2%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 693 persons (53.5%)


DPINC…you deserve the jerk of the year award for your assuming comments.


Just call it a wild guess on the El Chapo thing


Just call it a paranoid racist thing.


You are wrong and insensitive to Christopher’s family and friends. He was a good kid and did not deserve this. I think you need to apologize to his mother, shes devastated and not handling this very well. And this is not just a random comment, I knew him and his mother is a friend of mine.


More than likely a couple of illegal southern border hoppers involved ….Shandon not a good place to get hurt hospitals are a long drive away

Godless Heathen

You could be correct or not and,of course, you have the right to express your opinion but how does it add to the conversation when it is a speculation based in emotion that is expressed before the facts of the case has been revealed?


Because if you drive thru Shandon …it is mostly Hispanic … has been for a long time now

Godless Heathen

Mostly Hispanic is not all Hispanic and the person who commited the killing could or could not have been Hispanic and could or could not have been an illegal Hispanic immigrant. We don’t know because we don’t have facts yet.


The fact is that most here on CCN are a bit racist and mostly afraid of anyone of color…

DPINC is wrong however, the victim is most likely a white individual as his name is Christopher Wilson and the suspect still hasn’t been identified.

Get used to it Heathen, you’re in the bastion of white nationalism here on CCN, where the Party of Trump The Pervert sets the overall tone of conversation.


Amen, GHeathen! A voice of sense. Off the top of my head I can think of about half a dozen folks I know who live or lived in Shandon and not a one of them “hispanic” as far as I know, but then again I am part “hispanic” and so are many of my relatives but you’d never know looking at us.


It sounds like somebody doesn’t know Shandon OR Hispanics very well.


Or maybe some white dude with face and neck tattoos or a SLO city employee who frequents beachside bars? Pure speculation on your biased behalf.

Ben Daho

I’ve been to Shandon and I’ve never been stabbed,.