Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong requests privacy

July 8, 2019

Tommy and Sherry Gong


My wife, Sherry Gong, is being charged for some criminal actions. I was not aware of this matter until I received a call from an Atascadero Police Department detective recently, and I am not implicated in these matters.

This is a painful, personal family matter, and I ask that my family and I be granted privacy regarding this matter. I deeply love and care for my wife and family, and I will stand by her side and support her during this very difficult time.

At this time, I have no further comments.

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How can you possibly believe this is a privacy matter. She took advantage of her position of trust and stole money marked for other purposes. She is a thief, and a criminal as viewed by law enforcement.

Sloweb is spot-on.

Oh, come on Tommy, she gambled it away. Just admit it, let her do her time, get of out county service and move elsewhere. Your only real alternative at this point.

“I am not implicated in these matters” (yet)

This is not a family matter, it is a criminal matter.