Inmate overdoses at Atascadero State Hospital

November 20, 2019


Officials are investigating the cause of an apparent overdose at Atascadero State Hospital on Tuesday.

A patient reportedly overdosed on an undetermined substance. Investigators are attempting to determine the substance consumed, as well as the circumstances surrounding the apparent overdose, according to the California Department of State Hospitals.

The patient who reportedly overdosed is currently in stable condition. Officials have yet to release additional details about the incident.


Drugs have been smuggled into ASH by staff for decades with little, actually no, investigation. And the decades-old “joke” is that the only people at ASH worse than the inmates were the staff. This is openly known, but never acknowledged or reported on by The Tribune. They do not want to know and they have no interest in anything that does not advance local left-wing advocacy.


To put the blame on the Tribune is ridiculous. Have credible sources ever come forward to make the claim that staff has been smuggling drugs in for “decades”? I doubt it. Seems like something that Karen Velie would have picked up on and I don’t know that such an investigation has been launched because, again, there are no credible sources, despite, as you claim, it is “openly known.”

And, as for the Tribune’s “left-wing advocacy,” that seems a product of the present—after all, the current mayor, duly elected by the populace, is an environmental activist. The Tribune has always floated with the wind. Back in the 70’s and 80’s when the congressional district was represented by the likes of Bob Lagomarsino, Michael Huffington and Andrea Seastrand, the Tribune tilted right. If you really want right-wing politics I suggest moving to the mountain states or the south. Unfortunately, the southwest, which used to be solidly Republican has gone left in recent years.

Today, the Tribune is a shadow of its former self. I doubt that many of its reporters, maybe 3 or 4 in total, make much more than minimum wage. In fact, I have to hand it to the folks at CCN who persist—and do a mostly excellent job—even though I’m guessing not much pay is involved in the endeavor.