SLO County Board of Supervisors to discuss sexually perverse emails

February 5, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday announced plans to discuss a series of threatening and vulgar emails sent from Supervisor Adam Hill’s home in a future closed session meeting.

On Sunday, CalCoastNews exclusively reported that in July 2016, someone created a Facebook account and a false persona, “Sal Krill.” The impersonator then sent a half-dozen messages to Dave Congalton, a KVEC radio icon who has been critical of Hill, mocking Congalton over the suicide of one of his friends, and his divorce.

The emails also made sexual comments about two CalCoastNews reporters and an activist who have also been critical of Hill.

On Tuesday, former Santa Barbara County administrator Mike Brown asked the board to order an investigation into Hill’s behavior and the emails. Brown reminded supervisors that when former county administrator David Edge sent inappropriate but consensual emails to a coworker, the county conducted an investigation before terminating Edge.

“This is yet another incident that’s been disclosed of threats, midnight phone calls, attempts at false impersonations,” Brown said during public comment. “These emails were directed at two local media commentators and some others who have repeatedly criticized supervisor Hill for the very behavior which is now the subject of this issue.

“The emails are so reprehensible and nasty that they can’t be read in the public forum,” Brown added. “They in fact accuse the subjects of sodomy and bestiality. They are so filthily misogynistic, you cannot read them in here.”

Supervisor John Peschong asked County Counsel Rita Neal if they could discuss Brown’s request for an investigation into the emails at a future closed session meeting. Neal agreed.

Kevin Rice

Closed session is inappropriate. SHOULD BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!! Under what guise is this closed?


Heidi Harmon and Dawn Addis and the SLO Progressives will stand with Pig Vomit and The Tribune will remain silent and useless. Respect for women? Only Heidi Harmon, Dawn Addis are eligible. Karen Viele is a dog to be f**cked per Pig Vomit.

Niles Q

Heck, now I want to read the emails!!! {;0)

But seriously, the man has already admitted to being mentally ill, even took a leave of absence to get his brain chemistry right, which apparently didn’t take.

The Board can’t kick him off entirely, that has to be done by the voters, who have a great opportunity right now to do just that.

I think this guy is the perfect example of why there should be term limits on the supervisors positions.

Anyone want to start a petition now to put such a law on the November Ballot? Sign me up!


Last Tuesday at the board meeting a hearing was held on a business license denial for a massage parlor. Peschong, Arnold, Gibson and Compton voted to deny the license and Hill abstained from voting. I wonder if that was because he was a customer? Been getting a happy ending there Adam?


The prolonged acceptance of His Behavior has belittled our entire county. Because we have allowed him to sit on that seat for so long, ignoring his freaky, crazy antics, This County has been looked at as a joke! How in the world has this mentally Ill man been allowed to get away with it all these years?

AND what does his bestest Buddy Bruce say about his behavior?