Our denier-in-chief is on his own

May 16, 2020

Stew Jenkins


Good friends, 116,708 American soldiers died in World War One. Of those 53,402 at the hands of German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers. The rest died from the H1-N1 Flu while serving their country in Europe.

Donald Trump may not be responsible for the origins of the virus, but he is at fault for his denial, delay, weakness and failure to lead. Had he acted like a president when he first learned of this disease in early January, the virus would have been contained.

By May 15, 88,000 American were dead from Covid-19, already more than the 52,402 Americans killed in combat during WWI.  While deaths in some parts of the country are going down, in others they are rising, keeping us at about 3,000 dead every day. At that rate, here is what May 2020 portends:

May 16 – 91,000 dead Americans

May 17 – 94,000 dead Americans

May 18 – 97,000 dead Americans

May 19 – 100,000 dead Americans

May 20 – 103,000 dead Americans

May 21 – 106,000 dead Americans

May 22 – 109,000 dead Americans

May 23 – 112,000 dead Americans

May 24 – 115,000 dead Americans

May 25 – 118,000 dead Americans

More Americans killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance than were killed by German, Austrian and Turkish soldiers and the flu in World War One.

By mid-August, America will have lost more than the 416,800 Americans killed in combat in World War II; killed by President Trump’s delay, denial, and despicable ignorance.

The denier-in-chief wants you to believe that the number of people dying from the coronavirus is exaggerated. That false propaganda depends on trotting out a very few isolated instances of people’s deaths being miss-categorized in hopes that you will forget that, for every miss-categorized death, there are scores of Americans who have died at home from Covid-19 without ever being diagnosed.

Good friends. God’s speed and good luck. Wear your masks and gloves when you go out, and follow the CDC guidelines when you work. More than at any other time, your family’s health and survival are in your hands alone.

President Trump will not help you and does not care if you survive. For him, you are nothing but a resource to be used and discarded when not useful to him. Trump will fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Don’t be fooled by his denial and delay.

To put our country on a war-time footing against these war-level casualties in the second and third waves of this virus, we need a president who cares about you and understands how to mobilize and inspire war-time production to end the carnage of this virus and bring our economy back.  Joe Biden can and will do both.

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Lol, was this just red meat for the psychos style joke or is the author actually serious?

Just a reminder for those who think Biden wasn’t efficient enough! Mitch McConnell is the obstructer/leader of that band of naysayers that represent the capitalism party. He managed to bring lots of money from our state to his. But what’s to show for it? Except the big ark. He put us where we are today, pitted against each other and shaming the other side. He embraced the current “leader” and continues to obstruct anything from the House that he can. Please with this tired, old trope. Stop explaining what you think you know. Skimming the surface.

Exactly right. Kentucky is the fifth most dependent state on federal funding, even higher than Alaska, which outright gives its residents a paycheck every year (about $2,000 in 2019). Kentucky pays far less in federal tax than it “TAKES” back in federal services.

The states that are “GIVERS,” meaning they contribute more in federal tax than they get back in services include California, which ranked 39th in dependency on federal funding. In fact, 13 of the top 15 states which take more than they contribute are Republican majority. Go figure.


Meanwhile, California at last count (2012-2013 that I could find) spends 4-6 billion per year for services to deal with and support undocumented folks. And before you say it, no, they pay nowhere near that in taxes, not even close.

Yet the Democrats at the State and National level want to print more money to give to these folks.


That’s right, don’t educate their kids, don’t police their neighborhoods, don’t pick up their trash, don’t make sure they aren’t carrying infectious diseases, etc. It’s always just grievance from Republicans. Zero solutions—what is Trump’s solution? Build a wall. How does that deal with the 11-15 million that are already here and working?

What, should we drag them out in the streets and shoot them, or put them in buses and send them all back over the border, or maybe concentration camps—we already have several of those built on the border where hundreds of children are still being detained for no reason other than they dared look for a better life?

Can’t you people realize that Trump just uses immigration as a wedge to divide us? Where are the solutions? Reagan gave them amnesty but you guys would have a conniption if anyone did that today. It’s all just rhetoric and grievance from your side. You’d just find some other grievance to spout if you didn’t have immigrants to look down on.

No, actually, I have a few ideas:

Legitimate guest worker program for jobs that cannot be filled by citizens. That would likely be agriculture related work mostly. Employers would be responsible for room and board and the Federal Govt would oversee the program.

Constitutional amendment to change the way a person automatically becomes a US citizen if they are born here. (Big hurdle with that one)

Pay wages that will once again attract folks who are starting out in the labor market. For example, it used to be working in fast food for was one of those. Those jobs were not supposed to be “head of household jobs” but corporate America likes the cheap labor but passes the humanitarian burdens of that cheap labor into the backs of middle class taxpayers, or the roughly 50 percent of wage earners who actually pay Federal income tax.

So actually there is a lot we could do if there was political will and honesty about the mess.

Its really amazing how smart all the comments are on this site. We are all incredibly well informed by our news sources. We are all well read and know our history, economics, immunology and political science. We all recognize fascism when we see it.

We all agree that the country is going to hell, largely because so many people are so poorly informed by THIER news sources. Ask yourself this. Is it possible that we are ALL being misinformed & misdirected? While we’re fighting each other over every troll, dogwhistle, virtue signal and culture war skirmish, the corporations and myriad industrial complexes that control things (not our silly bought-and-paid-for politicians) keep driving us off a cliff.

Democrats. Ask yourself this. How is it possible that you controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency for two years (Obama) and didn’t manage to accomplish all your big ideas? Are your politicians really that incompetent? The ensuing 6 years brought a continuation of foreign wars, Patriot Act, Guantanamo…pretty much the status quo. Mr. Biden does not even pretend he will try to be transformational. He can’t even offer us Hope.

Republicans. Is unfettered capitalism (with associated booms/busts) really in the best interests of the American people? Do we really want our federal government run directly by lobbyists and corporatists who answer only to what is most profitable for one or two quarters? Remember only the little guys pay taxes…because paying taxes isn’t profitable!

All this stuff predated the pandemic. Stop believing your news and your political party. They are not looking out for you. Stop fighting each other. Our neighbors and community may be all we can rely on.

Stew you come across as a level headed and rational individual, then this rant out of left field, what’s up with that?

I’m not a Trumpster or a Bumbling Bidener either, but this partisan name calling is out of hand:(

On the world stage I’m not seeing any other countries response any better than here, besides a few authoritarian countries that had the ability to create much more severe lock downs!

So what’s your point?

Trump has always used inflammatory rhetoric to get his point across, but his actions tell another story, you have to grudgingly give it to the guy, he get’s stuff done!!!

So many politicians say the right things, promise the right things, just to get elected to serve their own self interests and political donors, now this guy comes along and actually follows through in doing everything that he said he was going to do!!!

I’ve always wanted a non politician business type to be elected to try and fix the inequities within the system, maybe not somebody as gregarious as Trump, but so interesting watching the system fight back for the status quo!!!

As for actual accomplishments by Trump, the only election promises kept are all partial accomplishments; 1) the partial Wall; 2) immigration enforcement but no immigration reform; and 3) partial troop reductions in Afghanistan. He also removed environmental regulations; placed conservative judges on the benches; and pardoned criminals. The tax reform package, a mistake that ballooned the deficit, was not an election promise.

On the other side of the equation, Trump’s administration has regularly evaded Congressional oversight and the rule of law; has a revolving door of administrators; doubled the national debt; and most importantly, left us vulnerable to, and unprepared for, the COVID-19 pandemic. Goldman Sachs now thinks second-quarter GDP will decline 9.75% from the previous quarter, 39% on an annual basis, and increased its peak unemployment estimate to 25%, according to a note published the evening of 5/12/20.

Your right, Trump is not a career politician. But he is also not a commander-in-chief, administrator, executive, diplomat, economist, or anything else our country needs.

It seems that we must recognize a political hit piece when presented. But, that is your Constitutionally guaranteed right Stew, as untruthful and misleading as it is.

There is an old saying that goes something like “numbers never lie but liars use numbers” which is exactly what Stew is attempting. What he doesn’t say is that the US population in 1918 was about 103 million and today it is about 329 million. So we are attempting to compare the death toll of COVID-19 to the soldiers who died in WW1, yet our population has tripled.

In addition, his proud political piece shows about half of our WW1 soldiers died of the flu rather than combat in an attempt to exacerbate the COVID-19 impact. Of course he didn’t mention that all of the US soldiers in WW1 were healthy young men screened before enlistment and more that 25% of todays mortality rate is from persons 60 years and older and many of the younger victims had an underlying heath condition.

The blaming of Mr. Trump for everything is so foolish that it warrants no response.

My suggestion is for Stew to obtain some Dramamine which might help him cope with the dizziness cause by spinning all of the numbers. While Stew has the Right to post his opinion, we, the people have many Constitutionally guaranteed rights which are summarily being revoked by executive order and health department orders without due process of law.