Rallies for Tianna Arata and Dan Dow planned in SLO

August 24, 2020

Tianna Arata standing on a highway barrier

As civil unrest again spikes in the United States, rallies in support of both protester Tianna Arata and SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow are set to take place this week in San Luis Obispo.

Tianna Arata, who has not appeared at public demonstrations since her July 21 arrest, is expected to appear along with her mother Michelle Arata on the steps of the San Luis Obispo courthouse at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Supporters of Arata, including Mindbody founder Rick Stollmeyer, are planning to hold both a press conference and a rally as they continue to demand that Dow not file charges against her.

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, supporters of Dow and local law enforcement are expected to likewise stage a rally on the courthouse steps. A Facebook post promoting the event shared by the SLO County Republican Party states Erik Gorham and Amanda Hawkins are organizing the rally.

Dow has not yet announced whether or not the DA’s office will charge Arata over her involvement in the July 21 protest in which she led protesters onto Highway 101, and in one case, shattered the rear window of a car.

Meanwhile, civil unrest is again spiking across much of the country. On Sunday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a black man, Jacob Blake, multiple times in the back, prompting rioting in the midwestern city.

Also over the weekend, violent clashes broke out between right and left-wing groups in Portland. Likewise, brawls broke out at a Beverly Hills rally in support of President Donald Trump, which drew a crowd of Black Lives Matter-affiliated protesters who ended up fighting with Trump supporters.

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Tianna Arata, who has not appeared at public demonstrations since her July 21 arrest, is expected to appear along with her mother Michelle Arata on the steps of the ”

??? Yes she has! 2 weeks ago, my husband and I had dinner at Petra, and then found ourselves surrounded by Tiana’s protestors on Higuera. She was out there on her Bullhorn egging on her “Down with Dan” ranters. One sign said, “Dan, why would you destroy a young girls’ life?”


Thank you for reminding us their wishes.Yes Dan Dow needs to resign.

This Da is not clean.army background,religious,pretty face(not my type) are misleading people.He is working in the shadows

The slo police chef resign,she knows .The da,Dan Dow should resign

Why aren’t you all, patriots, as you like to call yourselves, commenting on the great police work in Nipomo that shot that terrorist who was shooting at random cars? Oh yeah, the terrorist was a white dude from Bakersfield, so he was probably a fine gentleman just having a bad day.

A rally on a Tuesday morning? Are they unemployed?

They are the pawns, the money backers are the puppeteers. Their usefulness will end after the election. It always does. Sorry for the mixed metaphor.

They can protest all they want, I’m not going to give them any attention. If they actively disrupt/antagonize/harress people minding their own business, arrest the…

I’m not going to give them any attention either.

You both just did…

When they head to the 101, arrest every last one of them that sets foot on the freeway. When they struggle to get free, charge them with resisting arrest. When they strike an officer, charge them for assaulting an LEO. Set an example of them, or be prepared to see this time and time again. Set an example of them, or accept responsibility when an innocent eventually gets hurt.

And there will be someone filming more than 100 people getting arrested for protesting, bringing even more attention and protests to our small city of SLO. Sorry to say, but you can’t make this problem go away by jailing people. That will only spark more outrage.

If you have any more sensible solutions, would love to hear them.

Exactly, attention is what protesters seek. It is why they are protesting.

“…arrest every last one of them that sets foot on the freeway…”

That may sound easy, but it’s naive. What if 100, 200, 300+ do so? Exactly how many LE personnel do you think are available to arrest and process said people?

As many as it takes

SLO really needs to ease up on its food truck restrictions – with so many big group gatherings, some local entrepreneurs should really be capitalizing on all this – especially with protests coinciding with lunch and dinner. Feed the protesters, help the economy, crank out a profit. Win-win-win.

San luis businesses have historically hated food trucks outside of farmers market and its toll fee to the Man. A good food truck and its culture is always needed during tough times.