Man arrested for human trafficking in SLO County

September 10, 2020

Anthony Craig Richardson Gaines

Sheriff deputies extradited a man for allegedly trafficking a 31-year-old pregnant woman while in San Luis Obispo County in April.

During an undercover prostitution sting, investigators made contact with the female victim, and identified the male suspect as 33-year-old Anthony Richardson Gaines. Because of the state’s zero bail policy, and the further follow-up investigation that was needed, Richardson Gaines were released.

Following further review, deputies secured an arrest warrant for Richardson Gaines for human trafficking, pimping, and a prison prior enhancement.

Richardson Gaines was arrested in Modesto, extradited to San Luis Obispo County and booked in jail with his bail set at $550,000.

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The word “human trafficking” is so brutal its a decriptor my opinion

I’m sorry to say this to you guys but this story is complete b******* I’m the victim involved I’m 31 years old and this is my fiance. they are just making s*** up I’ve never once said this man did anything to me I’ve been doing massage for many years these are all just lies what a racist county. how can you make up a whole story about somebody whenever I told them the day that they held us up that he had no idea what was going on and this had nothing to do with him.

MeetMercedes, I think you’ve been pressured into writing this. Where are the Black Lives Matter people?