Tianna Arata supporters batter reporter in SLO

September 3, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Hundreds of protestors gathered in San Luis Obispo Thursday morning for the arraignment hearings of BLM organizer Tianna Arata and protester Elias Bautista, several of whom battered reporter Josh Friedman.

Arata’s arraignment was continued until Sept. 17 while Bautista plead not guilty. Before the hearing, protesters gathered in front of the courthouse.

Photo by Richard Bastian

Following the hearing, a speaker said, “CalCoastNews is fake news,” spurring a man in the crowd to try and snatch Friedman’s phone. Several other protesters then pushed Friedman, while others blocked his access.

Protester who attempted to take Friedman’s phone through force

While covering the event for the SLO New Times, photographer Jayson Mellom was flipping people off and attempting to escalate the violence against Friedman.

At a May 30 riot in Los Angeles, Friedman video taped looters breaking into multiple businesses while several protesters wrote antisemitic remarks on Jewish schools and businesses. In addition, while threatening and harassing Friedman, a handful of protesters referred to Friedman as a Nazi.

On social media, some protesters recommend harassing or assaulting journalists who refuse to stop filming during criminal activity.

Photo by Richard Bastian

On July 21, Arata allegedly led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour.

Arata is charged with one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare, and five counts of false imprisonment.

During Arata’s arrest, Bautista yelled at an officer before kicking him in the crotch. Prosecutors charged Bautista with one felony count of resisting an executive officer by force or violence and two misdemeanor counts of resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer for his acts committed against three individual peace officers.

During Thursday’s protest, speakers defended Bautisa, saying he was attempting to stop a kidnapping by cop. The primary goal of the protest, was to get prosecutors to drop the charges.

Friedman live streamed the protesters, who were at times chanting SLO County District Attorney”Dan Dow is a fucking bitch.”


The phone stealer/Tianna’s friend is the same guy on Tianna’s video, that she streamed live before she was arrested. Forward to 3 minutes 35 seconds into the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZiQPRoej8U&t=223s


Know him well,he just follows the crowd, as for how Tianna and her mother live and pay expenses is Welfare, they have a long History of being taken care of by the working class tax payers. Her Mother is NOT a Teacher and Tianna does not work, Mother has filed two Bankruptcy cases in the past 13 years

2005- case #05-42889-PBS

2013- case #13-43929-BDL

Their M.O. is get credit use it all up and then file a Bankruptcy they live off the public welfare system. Research the cases it speaks volume’s of who they really are and want everything for free.

As businesses are being hurt i saw Finnley’s letter he was very sorry he donated $1000.00 to BLM and RACE Matters. So many businesses have lost business and customers are not coming back.


We forgive Finnley. Everyone makes mistakes, He recognized it and hopefully next time he will donate to the Food Bank or the Homeless Shelter. Our my personal favorite Finnley Transitional Food & Shelter.


Couldn’t help but notice that the crowd was mostly women. I wonder why?


How insensitive and possible racist of you to say that. Don’t you have to ask which gender each and everyone of them wants to be identified before making such a generalized statement. Guessing you won’t be asked to serve on the Diversity committee.


I got a chuckle out of your response



If in your world there are no genders why did we have to have a woman president?

I don’t think they want to be part of a brainwashing committee.


And they were all very young adults. Children with not much life experience. Hopefully they grow up and learn how to fight for a cause legally, and start doing good for communities instead of tearing them apart.


That will not happen until they have good role models in the life. Clearly that isn’t happening.


They have nothing else to do.

Buns N Roses

If she is your hero, there’s something wrong with your mental capacity. If you use force and intimidation to protect her, you should join her in jail.


a call for civility and an apology to Josh from HH or BLM or Tianna, anyone? didn’t think so.


People who believe they have done nothing wrong don’t apologize.


Sheesh. The DJ at the event, Cavin Stokes, incited hate when he pointed out Josh Friedman and Cal Coast News in a hateful way. Even the photographer from New Times, Jason Mellon, was antagonizing Josh and flipping the bird! Josh is merely videotaping. What do they have against transparency? Cavin and New Times need to be publicly called out for their hate.


That DJ is one HUGE jerk! “Cavin?” Did his parents forget the “l”? He’s trouble! He’s totally two-faced! A loud, rude, not-too-bright, wannabe thug. He claims to be a local, while also being in charge of these various protests.

A very poor representative of black folk! I’m not racist, but I cannot stand punks like him. Bad news.


He did grow up in San Luis. His family is very nice and he was friends with everyone growing up. I still see him around occasionally and we still talk like old friends.

I don’t understand his desire to always hang around people much younger than himself (pre-protests to current) or this hateful side, though. I’m going to guess that these protests are good for his business however..ching ching $$$


He advertises the fact he was born in Oakland. He often acts like a ghetto street punk, yet he’s 50, or thereabouts. Sad.

I have never interacted with him directly, but I have observed him critically on a number of occasions. Two things are clear. First, he absolutely craves attention/publicity. Given the level of his craving, I would suggest he’s a narcissist. Second, he’s not-too-bright, nor does he appear to be well educated. That might play a part in his behavior as well.

I have zero insider information, but I suggest his behavior involving Friedman is a product of his realization that BLM is slowly headed for the scuppers here in SLO.


I think the best way to deal with these bullies is not to give them the attention they so desperately need. Or do something to really annoy them like very loud accordion music. Polkafest at Mission Plaza during protests.


A lot of these people clam they are local and they are not. Maybe someone should find out more about Calvin and Jason.


Cavin’s family came from Oakland when he was around 10 or so. While he did attend SLO schools, the Oakland cultural influence in his life is apparent.


This “cavin” guy is precisely the sort of (real or faked) ghetto individual that gives blacks a bad name. A horrific representative of the local black population. A terrible role model.

If I was heading up the local NAACP branch, I certainly wouldn’t allow him to take a visible, public role. I actually wouldn’t want him to be involved at all.

He’s bad news and he’s clearly getting worse based on this Friedman incident.


Calvin and Jason are followers. Many of these people are followers because they lack the ability to think for themselves. Just like a cult.


These are the faces/actions of the 21st century Democratic party and the devastation of Communism having been taught in the public education system for the last 50 years.


I truly hope that they are not representative of all 18-15 year olds in the US.


Well Kamala Harris said, ” 18-24 year olds are stupid.”


I am not sure many of these people (aka Calvin) actually finished school.


So here’s my problem with this article. People who support Tianna clearly don’t like Josh and CCN. Josh is doing his job so he shouldn’t be harassed or punched or “battered” as the headline says BUT if one watches the video you see that he had some really good conversations with Black Lives Matter supporters during this demonstration. Some rich and fruitful conversation where he asked respectful questions and receive the same respect back. So, once again, this headline is misleading, isn’t it?


Now that makes up for beating him up.


Several protesters have made antisemitic remarks while threatening and harassing Friedman but they call us Nazis?….these cretins are just lacking in a good education…whoever is teaching world history in our schools should be watching this and adjusting their curriculum accordingly….


Just put her in Jail already!

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