Tianna Arata supporters batter reporter in SLO

September 3, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Hundreds of protestors gathered in San Luis Obispo Thursday morning for the arraignment hearings of BLM organizer Tianna Arata and protester Elias Bautista, several of whom battered reporter Josh Friedman.

Arata’s arraignment was continued until Sept. 17 while Bautista plead not guilty. Before the hearing, protesters gathered in front of the courthouse.

Photo by Richard Bastian

Following the hearing, a speaker said, “CalCoastNews is fake news,” spurring a man in the crowd to try and snatch Friedman’s phone. Several other protesters then pushed Friedman, while others blocked his access.

Protester who attempted to take Friedman’s phone through force

While covering the event for the SLO New Times, photographer Jayson Mellom was flipping people off and attempting to escalate the violence against Friedman.

At a May 30 riot in Los Angeles, Friedman video taped looters breaking into multiple businesses while several protesters wrote antisemitic remarks on Jewish schools and businesses. In addition, while threatening and harassing Friedman, a handful of protesters referred to Friedman as a Nazi.

On social media, some protesters recommend harassing or assaulting journalists who refuse to stop filming during criminal activity.

Photo by Richard Bastian

On July 21, Arata allegedly led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour.

Arata is charged with one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare, and five counts of false imprisonment.

During Arata’s arrest, Bautista yelled at an officer before kicking him in the crotch. Prosecutors charged Bautista with one felony count of resisting an executive officer by force or violence and two misdemeanor counts of resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer for his acts committed against three individual peace officers.

During Thursday’s protest, speakers defended Bautisa, saying he was attempting to stop a kidnapping by cop. The primary goal of the protest, was to get prosecutors to drop the charges.

Friedman live streamed the protesters, who were at times chanting SLO County District Attorney”Dan Dow is a fucking bitch.”


Interesting Mob rules again and again, so here is a question, what do all they people who apparently do not work, what do they do to make a living ? I meet several from as far away as Sacramento and Los Angeles. They were fair when I asked where do they come from as they were not sure ” WHERE TO REPORT” for the demanding of freeing Tianna ?

Then a real question came up, what does Michelle and her Daughter Tianna do to make a Living in SLO. According to public records the both have lived off of Public Welfare for years, and still do they have nice clothes, shoes, make-up, Hair is done professionally, Jewelry, How are they paying for everyday living expenses ?

Public records from Law Enforcement officials points to Welfare, so why are we the taxpayers paying for them to disrupt, harm businesses, use foul words to children and stand in front of me on a Green Light stopping me from going to my Blood Tests for my health.

So a quick check of public records indeed shows they have filed Chapter 7 twice in 2005 and again in 2013, bankruptcy banks, credit cards, family members, lawyers, cell phone companies, schools, even tried to not pay back over paid Welfare they took. Tried to bankrupt pay day loans, CalPoly Parking tickets and so much more.

All one has too do is check the Federal Bankruptcy Court in and for the Western District of Washington (TACOMA) region.

HOW ARE THEY LIVING SUCH A NICE FREE LIFE IN SLO ? neither have Jobs so the only way is once again on Welfare and taking money from the many fund me sites.


Tianna worked at California Fresh grocery store on Foothill/Chorro and was fired for stealing according to another employee there.

Also, she has been asking people to Venmo her since her arrest (rather than contributing to GoFundMe), so has been getting donations directly from people that way.


Some people never change. I guess the Grizzly Academy did not to teach her moral standards.


They don’t have to work because the democrats want to continue paying them more than make when they are required to do a honest days work. Most probably have never had to work. They may have gotten when they were extorting money from the local businesses.

Paul Butterman

Maybe this will shut all them Trump serangement Sindrome people up for a mnute.


They can’t stop themselves.


Well, Josh Friedman, you know what George Ramos would say: get up, dust yourself off and go back to work. There are deadlines to meet and the fourth estate must fight on.


Go Josh!


Sounds very similar to how the media is treated at a MAGA rally. Neither should be acceptable.


No they are nice to Fox News and of course the outstanding Epoch Times. It’s nice see a newspaper where they actual hire journalist.


They are just a bunch of foul mouthed criminals.


To be fair, Dan Dow is a little bitch.


Attempted robbery?


If BLM is about peace and promoting equality then why would you not welcome objective press coverage?

If your message is honest and just the more media coverage the better I would think.

I don’t ever recall reading that one of Dr. King’s supporters assaulted a journalist, so what gives?

Cavin Stokes is well known in the community with his work to promote cruise nights and his friendships with certain LEOs, but don’t be fooled by his good natured act; he is committed to this cause and to tearing down a system he sees as unjust, even if it means harming people who think of him as a friend.

kevin rise

Just a few bad apples, as some guy coined police brutality and minorities being subjugated to systemic injustice. You know, our president. Just a few bad apples in BLM. Dont generalize e everyone.


Why not? Your side does it all the time.

Again, why beat up a reporter if your movement has nothing to hide?


They are showing who they really are…..a bunch of bullies.


BLM was formed by bad china financed Marxist apples, what do you expect.


If the police killed a white, Asian or a Hispanic man do you think these people would be “rioting”. Answer: NO


Calvin is also a self-centered individual.


The SLO New Times no longer hires journalists, they hire activists without a background in journalism to save money. The editor should have informed their uneducated staff not to try and create a news story, because that is unethical. But the editor appears more interested in trying to create false information about a competitor instead of bringing unbiased news to the public.

For years, the New Times provided cover to Adam Hill, while his buddies in dirty pot businesses spent big bucks on advertising. The New Times is shrinking in size – about 20 pages – as their credibility sinks further. The New Times attempt to paint those shop owners who said they were harassed as liars is likely to bite in the end.


I say you use the New Times as toilet paper. That’s really all it’s good for other than promoting drug use.