Tianna Arata supporters batter reporter in SLO

September 3, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Hundreds of protestors gathered in San Luis Obispo Thursday morning for the arraignment hearings of BLM organizer Tianna Arata and protester Elias Bautista, several of whom battered reporter Josh Friedman.

Arata’s arraignment was continued until Sept. 17 while Bautista plead not guilty. Before the hearing, protesters gathered in front of the courthouse.

Photo by Richard Bastian

Following the hearing, a speaker said, “CalCoastNews is fake news,” spurring a man in the crowd to try and snatch Friedman’s phone. Several other protesters then pushed Friedman, while others blocked his access.

Protester who attempted to take Friedman’s phone through force

While covering the event for the SLO New Times, photographer Jayson Mellom was flipping people off and attempting to escalate the violence against Friedman.

At a May 30 riot in Los Angeles, Friedman video taped looters breaking into multiple businesses while several protesters wrote antisemitic remarks on Jewish schools and businesses. In addition, while threatening and harassing Friedman, a handful of protesters referred to Friedman as a Nazi.

On social media, some protesters recommend harassing or assaulting journalists who refuse to stop filming during criminal activity.

Photo by Richard Bastian

On July 21, Arata allegedly led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour.

Arata is charged with one count of unlawful assembly, one count of disturbing the peace, six counts of obstruction of a thoroughfare, and five counts of false imprisonment.

During Arata’s arrest, Bautista yelled at an officer before kicking him in the crotch. Prosecutors charged Bautista with one felony count of resisting an executive officer by force or violence and two misdemeanor counts of resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer for his acts committed against three individual peace officers.

During Thursday’s protest, speakers defended Bautisa, saying he was attempting to stop a kidnapping by cop. The primary goal of the protest, was to get prosecutors to drop the charges.

Friedman live streamed the protesters, who were at times chanting SLO County District Attorney”Dan Dow is a fucking bitch.”

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As Labor Day is near, remeber, strikes and protest to support basic workers rights lead to a National Holiday, this holiday, and required people to skip work in solidarity. Sorry if these pervasive facts upset some of you.

What we need now is a Christmas celebration. I know there is allot of gratefulness wanting to get out, even in this crowd.

No, these people don’t care about anyone but themselves. If they were sincere in what they say they believe they would not be doing this.

I watched the ENTIRE video by Josh. The Abolitionist Dudes need to LEAVE AMERICA — get the hell out! And the sheeple who were cheering for his stupid remarks about the police need to think long and hard about home invasions, rapists, murderers and such and HOW they will be protected from the EVIL people in our society. NO MATTER, even with mental health programs — there are some people who are JUST EVIL (including some LE peeps!) and nothing is going to stop them from acting criminally. He remarks that “police will always, always, always be our enemy.” Man, hope he doesn’t get into a situation where he needs help or his family. WHO is he going to call? Doesn’t he understand that our society has evolved, working towards — improved civil rights — and the deranged man talked about the “status quo” and how it always “be fundamentally unjust” — so if THEY were in charge then miraculously things would be just??? hmmmm, what a bunch of horse manure!! They’ll want to take away what OTHERS have worked hard for, undermining the fundamental nature of our America…that those who persevere, are determined hard working will get ahead. He’s just promoting taking from others! Such an idiot! Funny how he never mentions WHITE COMMUNITIES when mentioning how their Abolitionist Society would benefit communities?? A bit racist, huh?

And the lame guy that works for Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson, so hypocritical since he talked about how it wasn’t right that Arata shouldn’t be held accountable for what MANY people were doing and yet BLM wants to cast a LARGE NET OVER ALL POLICE for what some bad apples have done!

AND again, NO RESPECT for other people as the group plays LOUD vulgar music!! So SICK AND TIRED of these pukes. Arata/Bautista need to be held accountable. OHHH, and where’s the OUTRAGE from the Pandemic Nazi for the “gathering of a large group” some wearing masks, then not, and when you know all these lemmings are not in the same “pod.”

And, the remarks at the end of the rally about “don’t walk home alone” — sorry I had to chuckle.

You’re the Faux News of the central coast so what exactly do you expect? Your disingenuous reporting on the kid with broken glass from the protest is what made me realize you guys have a strong conservative agenda (you conveniently left out in that story that the driver of that car was attempting to run over protesters) and if you want credibility try being objective instead of pandering to the trumptards of the area.

How do you know the car attempted to run over protesters? The driver of the car who had his window broken by protesters on the 101 is listed as a victim/witness in the complaint against Tianna Arata. I reserve judgment about what happened until I hear first-hand witness accounts on the matter.

Same is true for the driver of the Honda Pilot on Chorro. Drone footage shows Tianna ran a full block ahead of the protest to intercept and stand in front of the car while other protesters ran toward the vehicle to prevent it from moving. The driver was apparently terrified and fled the area while Tianna struck the car with her flagpole. Do you contend that the driver was the aggressor??

The NAACP folks running their rallies are fare nicer and better behaved than the profane punks running the BLM-backed protests in SLO.

Most likely because the punks are running off the Antifa play book. NAACP is a more civilized group that has been around a while and at least try to play by the rules in order to get their point across and effect change.

Because the NAACP is a respectful ADULT organization. They do not believe in violence, vandalism or theft. They are wonderful hardworking people whose parents taught them how to address their concerns in a more constructive manner. This group of hoodlums has no respectful even for themselves. Clearly they have no jobs since they have so much time on their hands to terrorizing innocent people. You are right they are punks. Just remember that saying, “what happens in SLO DOES NOT STAY IN SLO!” These things will come back to haunt them in the future.

Ah but they DO have jobs. When you are being paid to do something that is a job by definition.

If you care about the folks in Wisconsin, a couple of charities.



SLO city will need to put up new signs, Welcome to San Luis Ofrisco.

Or Portland, CA.

Or “Southern Portlandia”

CCN staff, you blend the various events in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, and with the mixture invent a local story greater than the local realty, all in an effort to create an intentional victim-hood. I don’t buy it.

I think it’s time to stop giving these bored, entitled children on Covid vacation so much attention. Most functional people are going to work. I can’t think of any word, except LOSERs for these kids who really neither understand sacrifice, hard work, real racism, or appreciate the heritage of this great country which has given them liberty they themselves don’t recognize. The Tribune highlights the absolute bizarre guy who attacked a cop. He does not even know enough to see the gonads he was born with. A mixed race gal who is appropriating Black ghetto culture to find any meaning in her life. Enough already. We need to start pushing back less we leave a really damaged America to our children.

Uh, without radical uprising and protest in america to form public institutions for all, there wouldn’t be a heratige, just a monarchy. Only uneducated losers wouldn’t take time to dive into our history before commenting. Do you know where the term Ghetto came from, Nazi germany my friend, and why do we call Failed American “housing project appropriation for past slaves Ghettos”.? I advocate people research Andrew Yang for historical protesting and social uprising.

Do you know where the term Kindergarden comes from? Nazi Germany my friend. Right it is what it is, these are just words, you guys need to get a life.

Speak for yourself, you choose to comment comrade.

Ghetto is a small, once densely populated, island, and together with a small adjacent locale, comprise where Jews were allowed to live during the Venetian Republic. When you visit, you can see the desecrated tombstones in the small hidden cemeteries; the adjacent walled Church of San Girolamo; walled adjacent christian neighborhoods. Over two hundred residents, maybe 250, were murdered in the holocaust, including some 20 residents of a Jewish convalescence home, and 29 from a Jewish hospital. Only 8 Jewish residents of Venice, from the 200-250 deported, emerged.

WRONG.. the term Ghetto was first used in 1516. It was used to describe the area in Venice, Italy where the Jews were segregated away from the Italian population of the city. I can see how, as someone who equates everyone who disagrees with you, as a nazi, you made the connection, but as a Jew I felt obligated to point out to the readers that the term predates the nazis.


Dude, if this country is so awful, why are so many trying to get in, and not just from Mexico and Central America.

If You find the US so disgusting, so broken, so flawed, why don’t you leave, really. You might actually be happier someplace else.

Just a thought.