Dozens of people rally against Asian hate in San Luis Obispo

April 2, 2021

More than 100 people attended a peaceful rally on Thursday in San Luis Obispo in opposition to hate and racism directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

After organizers Kaela Lee and Mia Shin spoke to the crowd at Mitchell Park, they led a march through downtown San Luis Obispo.

People are rallying against Asian hate throughout the nation following a series of assaults against Asian people during the past year.

Mayor Heidi Harmon’s friend and campaign manager Quinn Brady blocked traffic at intersections. During the Black Lives Matter marches that she helped organize, Brady identified herself as a “peacekeeper.”


For those accusing others of fabricating accounts of many of those committing anti-Asian violence being black, here are links:

Attack elderly Asian woman – Video of assault NBC – — Video about arrest —

Attack on Asian man NY subway – Video off assault on CNBC –

Attack on elderly Asian man, fatal:

Attack of women following protest rally:

Attack on Asian man by three men:

Attack in Chinatown –

Verbal attack LA –

What happened to the goal of not noticing race and treating all people with respect. Now everything is about race, which I believe increases hate and racism.


Your sample size of SEVEN is ridiculously small, designed to shock and lead to a false inference. Here’s is a more complete picture with about 100 cases.

If someone wants to tally the perpetrators be my guest.


So “Mazin,” please post a minimum of 7 links to assaults on Asians by white folks. Since you consider it so prolific, should be a pretty easy task to find a mere 7 examples. I’ll wait here. If videos are not available, I’ll be happy with official statistics or police reports.


A sample of 7 is too small to be statistically significant (could even be angled). Poor sampling can lead to incorrect conclusions about certain groups, in this case feeding bigotries about black men. If I came up with 7 other links with white criminals, it would also be an angled sample. I posted what appears to be a thorough NYT study. If you want to dig into this be my guest. My take away is that anti Asian hate appears to be rising with the ‘Chyna virus’ rhetoric often the verbal assault.


This protest should have been on the steps of the college. Our college systems across the country continually discriminate against Asians. Of course these “protesters” are ignorant hypocrites.


I truly wonder if this group of ignorant and entitled children from Palo Alto and Santa Monica, mixed with a remnant of grey from the “tune in, turn on and drop out” cesspool, honestly believe they’re fooling anyone?

Yeah, they’re bitter they didn’t get accepted by the Farm or even SUC. They’re mad their parents sent them to SLO. Still, their actions truly trigger the sad shaking of heads in astonishment.

As for the greys, the actuarial tables suggest they’ll soon escape this without truly feeling the hideous impact of their decades of “activism.” Hallelujah.


Harmon got 54% of the vote in a four person contest SLO mayor’s contest. Buchon, why live in a place where you clearly hate the majority?


Yep, SLO keeps preaching diversity…but the majority of our leaders and city management positions are still held by very white folk. Diversity is more of a feeling to be expressed here in SLO. All talk, no action.


I wonder whatever happened to that lawyer that was going around suing cities and requiring them to have city council members that actually lived in the districts they represented? We could sure use him for a shake-up here in SLO. Old white post-menopausal wacky hippie is not an accurate representation of the SLO neighborhood I live in. But sure seems to be the candidate of choice for Mayor and council.

I realize we have our “token” Vice Mayor. But the history of our Mayor and City Council is painfully deficient of diversity. Not to mention the VERY white City Manager and his minions of pale-faced subordinates. Change doesn’t begin with a bunch of trust-fund babies marching through city streets to get their picture on the 6’oclock news. REAL diversity starts at the ballot box.


The leaders of the rally led “End White Supremacy” chants ignoring the fact that the majority of attacks are by Blacks mad at the “model minority” where the second generation become our doctors, dentists, computer scientists, and engineers. It was just another white-hate rally, they all are.


Wait! Where was Michelle,Tiana, Quinn and Heidi? They did not get the memo?


It’s totally trendy, it’s part of the virtue-signaling that woke people love to express. It’s more important for the protestors ( really makes them feel SO good about themselves). BUT, sadly, crimes agains Asians is ancient. Nothing new here. There is really something to be learned about how Asians thrived and flourished in the US after the anti-Chinese laws of the 19th century, the WW2 internments, etc. They never dwelled on their “victim status” ( and they had the right to), rather they worked hard, very hard and climbed to the top, in academics, the professions, business while retaining their identity. We could all learn from that. Hopefully the current “wokeness” won’t infect that culture or that recipe could be lost for future Americans.


This is absolutely ridiculous…

These agitators are SEARCHING for something to be offended about. Searching for something that does nothing but spread unrest. Something that in the end will benefit them ($$$.)

These activists (of all skin tones) are losing what’s left of their waning credibility. I wonder if they truly do not understand this?

One thing was nice to see. Asian Americans and blacks peacefully coexisting. Most of the “Asian hate” I read about in the news today is perpetuated by African Americans. Go figure.

I wonder if they addressed that in their protest?


You know, there is a difference between a rally and a protest.


True. While pretty much the same group of SLO narcissists show up for both “rallies” and “protests,” a “rally” will only get you (at most) the attention of the Mayor’s campaign manager to block traffic for you. If this were an actual protest, then you would have the Mayor herself involved, taking selfies with protesters just before she gives them permission to block the freeway and brutally attack 4 year-olds with skateboards ( or intimidate residents with the threat of physical harm while they try to peacefully enjoy their dinner outdoors). Yep, must have just been a “rally” because the freeway kept moving and downtown businesses didn’t board up their windows. What a sad and sick place the former “happiest city in the universe” has become.


Buchon quote “Most of the “Asian hate” I read about in the NEWS TODAY is perpetuated by African Americans. Go figure”

Buchon, your date of posting is 4/3/21 and your sources, examples, studies of this phenomena are?


Even if Buchon did cite credible sources, would you accept them? Or just make lame excuses as to why you don’t and won’t believe whatever he/she presents to you. Why should Buchon waste the keystrokes when you have already closed your mind.


Gave a link to a NYT article with about 100 crimes above, if you want to do the analysis of who is committing these hate crimes go for it.


I am American born and raised and of Japanese descent. I have never felt hated because of my race. However, I have been stereotyped many times through out my life. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard jokes about Asians (especially old females) being terrible drivers. How hot, or sexy Asian women are, that I must be good in math, etc. etc. I’ve been told “You don’t act like an Asian woman…all submissive and stuff.” This is not hate but it is trying to categorize me by my race. I am able to laugh at jokes and sometimes joke about myself in the same way. I do not get offended because I know who I am. I have lived into my 6th decade and know that the heritage of my parents and grandparents are a part of me and am proud and appreciative of the difficulties they endured so I can have the life I have. I am strong, resilient, and I speak my mind and am intimidated by no one. That is something that we each have to achieve in our own unique way no matter what our race or heritage is. And we must all be open to listening to other people and be open to their perceptions, opinions and ideas. We have not had the same experiences they have had. To semi quote Martin Luther King, ” judge others on the content of their character”……period.


Very well stated. Character and integrity are core values that are waning in many today. Thank you for having both. May you always stand in them while encouraging and showing others by your example.


I grew up with Asians from well-respected old and prominent SLO County families. Other than the regrettable paranoia about Japanese-American loyalty during WWII, like NorthCountyLady’s experience, no problems, until now. Hmm…


Well said:

Who you are, and your values, are defined by what you do, everything else is just conversation.

Cancel your Facebook, Twitter. Social media, in my opinion, is infecting or culture.