SLO County cannot lift mask mandate until after June 15

May 17, 2021

Kaleb Powers, 14, getting his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.


Health officials announced Monday that California will not follow updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on wearing masks until possibly after June 15.

“Following recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance related to masking for fully vaccinated people, the County of San Luis Obispo reminds residents and visitors that the State of California’s updated guidance for the use of face coverings remains in effect in California, including San Luis Obispo County,” said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health officer. “This guidance mandates face masks in indoor settings, with few exceptions.”

The CDC announced last week that fully vaccinated people can resume indoors and outdoors activities without wearing a masks or distancing, regardless of the size of the gathering, if permitted by state and local governments. The update was based on studies showing that even if infected with COVID-19, fully vaccinated people generally do not pass on the virus and are not at risk of serious complications.

Aside from New Jersey, California remains one of the only states in the union not to adopt the new CDC guidelines. On Wednesday, fully vaccinated New Yorkers can stop wearing masks in most settings.

Currently, California has one of the slowest rates of COVID-19 spread in the country, with a seven day average of 3.2 new cases per 100,000 residents.

Even so, state officials want to give Californians time to prepare for the change while focusing on vaccinations.

Last week, San Luis Obispo County began vaccinating residents age 12. You can sign up for a vaccine through Recover SLO. The vaccine is free of charge for those without insurance.

Teens and their parents wait for 30 minutes following their vaccination appointments at Cuesta College. Photo by Kaleb Powers

Because of FDA regulations, only the Pfizer vaccine is approved for minors. Those under age 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Downtown Bob

Last I Checked, unelected shill Dr. Penny Borenstein has no authority in my life nor do I respect her opinion. She can kiss my ass.


Over 90 percent of covid related deaths were those 65 and older. The risk of aging. Nothing new. Nothing scary. Instead of this pandemic reinstating respecting and caring for our elders, like we should. It has made everyone afraid and judgmental. Shameful.


So that’s your advise. It’s aging. Easy for you for now, I suppose.

Except that may not work, many folks have problems, young and old.

Hey, got a free solution to this quibble, get vaccinated, bingo, done.


My advice is to take the standard precautions that we’ve always implemented. You’re absolutely right, just like the flu vaccine, not a big deal. Certainly nothing to shut down the planet for. Thx for reaffirming my point.

Adam Trask

“Currently, California has one of the slowest rates of COVID-19 spread in the country, with a seven day average of 3.2 new cases per 100,000 residents.”

Plus, California ranks ahead of Texas and Florida for per capita deaths from COVID-19.

So, I’ll listen to our officials first. They’ve mostly gotten this right. If only the federal government prior to Jan. 2021 had done the same.


Red States on the whole have done much better. Florida with its numerous retirees had more at risk I’ll bet and still did well under Desantis. California with much less population density than the east coast, better weather and probably more of an opportunity to get outdoors and get fresh would have done just as well without any of the protective measure, maybe even better since people congregating at home for long periods of time infected each other. For political reasons a lot of the truth has been suppressed. You have to look at the big picture, of course Californian did well for reasons not even remotely connected with the management of the disease here.

Francesca Bolognini

I get a big kick out of how most of the people who are, so very predictably, making a big stink about wearing a mask are the same people who don’t want to get vaccinated in the first place. It is pretty amusing to watch them making such point about how they “don’t trust” science or the CDC or WHO or Dr. Fauci, on and on, how they have the “right” not to be vaccinated, etc., etc., when they are really afraid of being vaccinated. Those same people don’t want to wear a mask, therefore continuing the plague. That maturity level is equal to a kid of about 6, who doesn’t want to go to the Dr. for his vaccinations. And those people are the reason why continuing to wear a mask is necessary. They are still spreading disease.

But suddenly, they are all in line with the CDC! Hilarious. Can’t wait to see what’s next with this crazy bunch of overgrown kids. I hope the next time they get any surgery done that they remember to tell their surgeon that they would prefer everyone drop the pretense and not wear masks. It would be great so see some of them being a little more consistent once in a while.


Disease? Plague? Stop insulting people that are actually sick with something serious.

The CDC is suddenly in line with them actually. Science has finally proven this all to be excessively overblown.

No one is arguing against basic sanitation practices either. Quit over stating. But then, you just love the drama don’t you?


What has been proven is that vaccines work. Get your double shot, keep up with boosters, and you are done. Donate blood with antibodies, help some one else out.

This may be a realm of vision that you are incapable of seeing, but what is going on in countries and communities without vaccinations, is disease and plague.


You seem to “get a big kick” from a lot of what people say. Good to know you are so easily entertained.

kevin rise

Those darn Liberals, always causing a ruckus, those whipper snappers. Not sure masks make people so upset, and why people who detest them for whatever reason seem to feel the need to antagonize those who enjoy them or want to stay healthy. I’ll continue to wear one, so will my kid, and many business still want them. Next thing they’ll tell their surgeon to take the masks off, or shoot, ditch medical science all together.

Daniel Millrose

lol… you said science….

Jorge Estrada

If he wears his mask In the outhouse I bet it will still stink and COVID particles are much smaller, have another whiff.


It’s painful to even have to write this, but you might want to read about aerosolized particles and how small particles can be trapped by fabric.

Jon Tatro

So once again the liberals refuse to follow science and common sense, pathetic frauds.

kevin rise

Those socialist Marxist antifa mask wearing fascists, always trying to “stay healthy”.

Jon Tatro

With your face I suggest a face mask forever to protect the rest of us.


Gavin already decreed that June 15th is the day that masks can come off, so he’s sticking to that day. Not sure why the CDC didn’t check with him before adjusting their guidelines. After all, California knows best.

kevin rise

Yeah Gavin, mask loving Marxist Commi, that young whipper snapper.


Yup, you said it.


A big thanks to Dr. Borenstein for bringing us this far. Hope the end is near.


You never know, right?


I guess we need time for the ones who will miss covid to grieve its passing….

kevin rise

Those gosh darn young people, right!


And the opportunity for control and group think.