Former Morro Bay teacher wins appeal, avoids jail time

September 30, 2021

Tyler Andree


A former Morro Bay High School teacher who had been sentenced to four months in jail for sexual offenses involving underage students will instead serve his time in home detention, following a ruling on Wednesday.

Tyler Andree, now 25, was a chemistry teacher and girls’ swimming coach at Morro Bay High School, where he worked from Aug. 2019 to Jan. 2021. On at least one occasion in 2020, Andree had sexual intercourse with one of his female students, who at the time, was 17 years old. Later in 2020, Andree sent messages communicating explicit sexual intent to another 17-year-old female student.

In June, Andree pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and contact with a minor for a sexual offense. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed two counts of child molestation and one count of contact with a minor for a sexual offense.

Then in July, a judge sentenced Andree to 120 days in jail, as well as two years of supervised felony probation. Additionally, Andree must register as a sex offender.

But in the aftermath of his sentencing hearing, Andree applied to serve his sentence as part of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office home detention program. Home detention is available to individuals sentenced to 20 days or more in jail who are deemed non-violent and low-risk.

The sheriff’s office initially denied Andree’s application. But, Andree appealed the denial and succeeded in overturning the sheriff’s office’s initial decision.

During a probation modification hearing on Wednesday, Judge Jacquelyn Duffy formally granted Andree’s request for home detention.

Andree had been scheduled to surrender for his jail sentence on Sept. 22, but that order was stayed because of the probation modification proceedings. Andree will now coordinate with the sheriff’s office on the start of his home detention, which is expected to occur within the next 60 days.


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Why does this family continue to skate?….

kevin rise

I wonder if race has anything to do with this. The school then blamed the victim saying she could have done more. This county let off the owner of Whale Bird Kombucha, some rich kid,in a prostitution sting too, that time it was the DA only charging him a misdemeanor and it was in context to child sex stings, you can Google the DAs criminal info on their sight, another white rich kid. Glad the Sheriff took the absolute right stance and wanted this psychopath sicko in jail where he can wear his pedo badge. This sick man’s behavior is Pedophilia, next to Murder, it’s about the same.


As a 17 year old you can get an abortion or get a sex change without parental knowledge or consent or permission. But if you sleep with someone 18 or over you were taken advantage of, influenced, and deceived.

I just think its interesting a 17 year old can decide to cut off his Willy without having a conversation with his family but at the same time determined to be too irresponsible to buy himself a beer.


A 17 year old can operate a 2-ton motor vehicle, hold legal employment, obtain a hunting license, join the military and get married (with parental consent). I guess we are all cool with children driving cars at break neck speeds and firing guns, child labor, child soldiers and child brides.

But right…. heaven forbid, a 17 year old child decides to willingly participate in biologically appropriate conduct (though the teacher / student relationship makes this inappropriate indeed). Then they can only be victimized.


Which states exactly?

Adam Trask

Sure, no white privilege in this nation.


Slap in the face to the parents of these girls. When will his job be reinstated?


Besides never teaching again, chances are that this young man will struggle to support himself and his (current or future) family for the rest of his life due to the stigma of his registration requirement. For a crime that warranted a 120 day home confinement sentence.

If by slap in the face to the parents of these girls you mean that they did an extremely poor job to raise responsible daughters, I would agree.


Seriously? You obviously have not spent time around young impresionable people. An adult in a position of responsibility such as a teacher, can easily take advantage of the situation. This guy is a creep, and insinuating any blame on the girls’ parents behalf is ridiculous.


Dead serious. Young impressionable people do stupid things all the time, and all the time they are held accountable by society and the system. The 14 year old who gets manipulated, pressured, even threatened to join a gang gets held responsible all day long, easily as an adult. For their inability to stand up to the pressure the do not get a pass, they get slapped with a gang enhancement. It was only a few years ago that Life without Parole (in adult prison) was eliminated.

Don’t take my word for it. The CA Supreme Court ruled not long ago that a 10 year old (ten!) was mature enough to to decide whether or not to give up his Miranda Rights when questioned by police (talk about adult in position of responsibility) without a parent or guardian present.

Only when a 17 year old child!! decides to have a relationship with someone are the void of any decision making capacity and an automatic victim.


Home dentention for a pervert teacher? Half as hard should be twice or three times as long then.

fat chance

Makes sense…