Seven teens arrested for assault at school in Santa Barbara

November 13, 2021


Santa Barbara County sheriff deputies arrested seven juveniles allegedly involved in a series of assaults on the San Marcos High School campus earlier this week. One student was seriously injured in the attacks.

After school administrators notified law enforcement they had videos of the assault, the sheriff’s department mounted an investigation.

On Nov. 10, deputies arrested seven male juveniles for felony charges including assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, and conspiracy. One juvenile was released to his guardians and the remaining six were transported to the Santa Maria Juvenile Hall.

Because the suspects and the victim are juveniles, further information about the alleged assault and the extent of the victim’s injuries are not being released at this time.


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Adam Trask

Not sure I’ve heard of an “After school administrator.” You mean we’re paying both regular admin. and an after school group as well?


They don’t want to release the full information but the teen that was assaulted sexual assaulted another student and this doesn’t justify their actions but enforce it on both parties not just one side of the story.


It’s ok. It’s a culture thing.


Just another reason to home school, or send to a private school. The public school system is rapidly imploding on itself across the board due to incompetent woke administrator’s and school boards. This kind of behavior has been building and increasing for years. Now that it has reached of point of being out of control, the very ones who should held this behavior accountable with consequences, can’t reign in the problem they helped to create by failing to hold school kids to morality standard of personal behavior and decency. It’s very sad to see, and worse yet it was very preventable. Being woke ALWAYS FAILS.

Adam Trask

This sort of thing has happened in public schools since the beginning of public schools. I guess you think we should go back to corporal punishment or a reading of the Bible every day. Unfortunately, those options don’t work either. Any time you involve the “public” there will be some problems. Has zero to do with being “woke” or following “Q.”


Holding individuals accountable and responsible for their violet actions needs to be returned to. There’s nothing wrong with reading the bible everyday. A great book of history, prophesy, knowledge, discernment, understanding, correction, direction, hope, peace, joy and the humbling of ones self to the truth to our latter end.


Are you familiar with the psychological phenomenon called “Sympathetic embarrassment”? I believe the kids refer to it simply as “cringe”. It’s when someone does something so embarrassing those who witness it feel a sense embarrassment for the person committing the cringeworthy act. It’s in the realm of empathy. So, as a conservative it’s getting into very unfamiliar territory for you, but let me see if i can help you understand.

when someone who knows anything about the world sees your comment they don’t actually hear what was in your head. What they actually hear is more along the lines of

“Me no understand world. TV box say “Woke bad!” So, me go round yelling “Woke bad” It no matter woke got nothing do with topic like it no matter I no know difference between rein and reign but woke like CRT!! Woke very bad!”

Even that’s not totally accurate. Imagine all that in capitals and we’re getting close


Opposite of Genovese Syndrome? You will not gain any change in opinion, with your current approach of insinuating everyone with an opinion different from yours must be because they are dumb. Indoctrination begins at birth.Few break free from what their parents (or caregivers) teach within their lifetime.