Flash mob like thieves hit clothing store in Santa Barbara

December 6, 2021


Santa Barbara police are looking for a group of about 10 teens who stole multiple items from a Volcom clothing store on the 600 block of State Street on Monday afternoon, in a theft that resembles the spat of flash mobs that have recently hit businesses across the country.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the teens entered the store and grabbed multiple items before escaping out the back door. A security alarm alerted store clerks that the teens had fled with the merchandise.

The teens, who all wore similar jackets, fled on foot or on bicycles.

More then seven years ago, California passed a ballot measure that reduced certain thefts from felonies to misdemeanors. In response to the increase in large-scale thefts, prosecutors and retailers want the state to adopt additional tools to go after shoplifters while Gov. Gavin Newsom argues sufficient tools are already in place.

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“More then seven years ago, California passed a ballot measure that reduced certain thefts from felonies to misdemeanors.” This seems to imply that these thefts are a consequence of that ballot measure. The fact is, however, that these type of thefts are occurring NATIONWIDE.

I’m sure there are cameras to identify the culprits. Then they can be apprehended… and immediately released to begin the game once again.

Masks make looting fun!!!

When it was just liquor stores and Walmart’s no one said a thing…now that its hitting the stores for the Elites like Oprah that donated to progressive politicians they are speaking up….but its too late….the train is off the track…any attempt to get tough on crime will be met with accusations of racism….

Progressives? Nice way to make a crime by teens political, no one thought it was possible until you came around. Last I remember That orange ex POTUS claimed to be a bankrupt billionaire who had a golden door on his pent house, but people licked his boots who live in rags.

Looks like the “orange ex potus” continues to occupy a portion of your mental real estate.

It’s only a matter of time before happy town gets it. Or are we going to welcome these poor underprivileged criminals into our community with open arms? They just need coddling. They’re parents probably didn’t show enough support through childhood. The progressives can find a way to change those criminals hearts. I’m sure of it. We just need dialogue. Ha ha.

Happy town already got it. The Apple store on Higuera was one of the first targets. It was successful and key in establishing the model.

Yeah, we just need to have an honest conversation about equity….bla…bla…bla…

Just ask New York’s Sandy Cortez, this isn’t really happening, just Fox News propaganda.