Vehicles vandalized with swastikas and racial slurs in Orcutt

December 7, 2021


Residents found swastikas and racial slurs painted on several vehicles in an Orcutt neighborhood last week.

The vehicles included a pickup truck and a minibus, neighbors said. In addition to swastikas, “I h8” was painted on the minibus, Orcutt resident Cleona Bautista said. [KCOY]

An Orcutt man told KSBY he woke up Friday morning to find a Swastika and a racial slur in red ink on his truck. Several Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies came out to the area to investigate, the man said.

Following the incident, the NAACP Santa Maria-Lompoc Branch released a statement condemning the graffiti.

“The NAACP finds the graffiti messaging reprehensible, offensive and intolerant and condemn it in the strongest language possible,” the local NAACP branch said in the statement. “The NAACP further calls on the community of Orcutt and all communities to reject hatred, bigotry and intolerance in their communities and society as a whole and to work with the NAACP and other like-minded organizations to embrace diversity, tolerance, inclusivity and equitable society where all members are valued, treated equally and with dignity and respect.”


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Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.


Hopefully we’ll find the actual culprit. I’m thinking a Jussie Smollett thing. Just doesn’t seem credible.


I agree with the NAACP statement. I’m sure they will be consistant and come out with a statement denouncing the “flash mob” attack in Santa Barbara. We need to see them true to their word to all humanity.

kevin rise

What’s with deflecting on this vandalism race hate crime and then comparing a flash mob of teens to a race crime and you denying racism is real? Is this some Putin mind trick?


I’m not denying racism, my family is in its third generation of feeling the bigotry, hate, and racism because of our ethnicity. We deal with it on many levels as a blended family. We’ve overcome the discrimination through determination and hope in what we can achieve ourselves through perseverance and toughness and a great work ethic. It’s freeing and cleansing in many ways. More ought to strive for it instead playing the race card.

Both actions by each of these groups are crimes. Period. They all need to be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just because they’re teens it’s acceptable and should be shrugged off? Today’s teenage flash mob is very possible the next wave of ANTIFA insurgents. You will probably deny that. No room for any of this in our nation.

Putin mind trick? What a bizarre statement without any merit or factual context.

kevin rise

Putin deflects modern day atrocities in social society with an unequal fact that is politically motivated to divert people’s focus, propaganda some call it. You do this alot with religion too, adding your religion should Govern us, like women’s rights to choose abortion without religious interference, which you, assuming are a man based on your expressions, sorry it I’m wrong, which is corrupt and Putinesque. Your dialogue comes off as nationalist; very dangerous, religious and racist.


If standing for a child’s right to life, wanting criminals held accountable, and responsible for their acts, and respecting the freedom of speech for all, even if we disagree, that’s a Nationalist? It appears you want to limit many freedoms to those you don’t agree with while demonizing with destructive hypocrisy.

Your dialogue comes off as a bitter and angry person who doesn’t respect freedom of speech or a different point of view from yours. Very closed minded. Very like Germany in late 30’s and early 40’s. We defeated that mindset once.

kevin rise

And poor people are raiding rich establishments all over the world because the wealth gap is massive and suffering is real, minus Baby Boomers and their silver spoons, unless they were black and Boomers.


So, your justifying acts of crimes on others as acceptable? Are you saying as well, if you identify yourself as poor it’s okay to blatantly commit crimes against those wealthier than you? Strange thought process.


They may if the SB crimes were race related. Profit being the motive there-not animus.

I think you confused the news story, or made gross assumptions about the perpetrators in SB.

In SB it was about thieves “dressed in Black” and not “Black thieves”.


I’m not confused. Both acts are crimes and should called as such by the NAACP no matter what ethnicity or age they are. If it was a Black business owner whose store was mobbed, would you still say the motive was profit? Would the NAACP be silent and look the other way? None of it is acceptable. I’m sure we can agree on that.

kevin rise

You’re comparing a hate crime with crime, YES, you are confused by fact buddy, to use this as a podium to force your views and religious beliefs,.not very American.


The key word “crime” is equal and applicable. Both are worthy of conviction and a sentence for a crime. I question who’s really confused about the facts and the committing of a crime. I’m sickened by each act of lawlessness. No justification or lessening the act of any involved.

It is “Very American” to have the freedom of speech to express one’s views. A Constitutional fact.

Please show me any religious beliefs I’m forcing on anyone in my comment. Your comment is factually incorrect.