Home intruder crashes outside Trader Joe’s in SLO

December 5, 2021


San Luis Obispo police arrested a man after he crashed in the Trader Joe’s parking lot while fleeing residents of a home he broke into on Saturday.

The driver broke into a residence near the shopping center, but was quickly confronted by the residents. While fleeing, the suspect miscalculated a turn and launched over a landscaping wall and landed in the parking lot near Trader Joe’s.

Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with misdemeanor hit and run, felony vandalism, being under the influence of a controlled substance, attempted car jacking and possession of a dagger.


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The charges don’t seem to correlate to the events that took place … If he drove away in the prius it does not matter if it was 5 feet its not his car to take … That would be car jacking/involving a weapon not attempted car jacking .. He was charged with being under the influence ,so he should be charged with DUI/ with accident .He broke into the residence that would be burglary of an occupied residence which carries a stiffer penalty and he was armed with a deadly weapon ….Why are the charges so soft ??


I hope he banged his head, really hard,


“Officers arrested the suspect and charged him with misdemeanor hit and run, felony vandalism, being under the influence of a controlled substance, attempted car jacking and possession of a dagger”

And will be back on the streets tomorrow…..hope he shows up for trial….


The violent criminal actions continue to increase in SLO city. The mayor and city council need to address this increase in violent crimes asap along with addressing the drug, alcohol and homeless problem that has a big part in all of it. It is starting to overwhelm your city due the incompetence, lack of leadership, and care by the previous hapless mayor Harmon. Take back control of your city for the sake of the residents and business community.

Ben Daho

What’s your solution?

The conservatives want smaller government. The Liberals want police swat equipment sold and the money going to homeless, drug, and counselling

What’s your WORKABLE plan?


Well, here you go:

1. Do away with “bail reform “ or at least the progressive definition of it. Bail should be at the discretion of judges with input from both the DA and defense. Guidelines perhaps but a big dose of common sense.

2. Do away with the anti police propaganda perpetuated media and local and State government; stop giving safe-harbor to rioters and looters for those who operate under the guise of social justice.

3. Fund the police ADEQUATELY, emphasizing staffing, ongoing training, work hours, etc. We don’t need, in SLO? a Taj Mahal edifice for a new police station! Some remodeling, some expansion, perhaps. Funding should be focused on those actually doing the job, front line staff as well as PERS retirement funding shortfalls.

4. Introduce a robust “community policing” presence in the community. Officers should be on foot and bike, especially in the downtown. Not to exclude auto and motorcycle but additive. Business owners especially and the community, should be seeing each other daily, akin to a first name basis perhaps.

5. Education and outreach to the community to enhance the two way dialog between the “served and protected” and those that do the “serving and protecting.”

For starters, that’s my plan


First would be too stop incentivising them to come to/stay in the area. Second would be too have mandatory transportation for inmates when they are released from CMC.


Well, we can start by getting back to holding these criminals accountable for the laws broke and serving full sentences along a return the “Three Strikes” law for felony offenders. Stop legalizing drugs and stop glorifying drug and alcohol use. The root cause of most crimes are drugs and alcohol. People with debased minds from them don’t think clearly and make stupid choices. Just go back and read the articles locally about the crimes and the charges beyond the crime that was committed. Most are previous offenders with drug and alcohol arrest in priors.

There is nothing wrong with smaller government. We would all benefit from it as hardworking taxpayers. We need more efficient, accountable, and responsible government at all levels. Do the f……. job we’re paying them to do without any partisan agenda’s while answering monthly to their constituents. That goes for all parties. We need to let them know again they work for us. We need to hold their feet to the fire in monthly townhall meetings until we have their attention. Then shorten the leash even further on them.

So, you say “The Liberals want police swat equipment sold, and the money going to homeless, drug, and counseling.” That’s the kind of shallow thinking and complete irresponsibility that put us in this situation. The same dumba…. said that legalizing pot would solve that problem and bring in millions of tax dollars and solve the budget issues. How’s that worked out? Look no further than Adam Hill, Helios Daysping and others soon to fall locally as evidence of another liberal boondoggle to nowhere. but corruption and lawlessness. That’s just a start to answer your question.