Appellate court rejects Friends of Oceano Dunes petition

April 30, 2022

Oceano Dunes dust mitigation fencing


The Second Appellate Court of Appeal this week denied an emergency petition seeking a writ to prohibit California State Parks from installing additional fencing and vegetation for dust control at the Oceano Dunes Vehicle Recreation Park.

SLO Superior Court Judge Tana Coates, on April 11, reversed her own temporary restraining order against the installation of new dust control measures at the dunes. A reversal endorsed by the court of appeal.

Coates noted the importance of protecting people who live several miles away on the mesa from dust blowing from the dunes.

State Parks is currently working to install fencing and vegetation for dust control on 130 acres of dunes.

Regardless, Coates’ February order relied on the likelihood that Friends would prevail in their lawsuit that questions the California Coastal Commission’s authority over the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area. The case continues to wind through the system.

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Those orange fences all over the sand will look WAY better than without them. They will never stop global sand blowing no matter how hard they try.

Reversed her own previous ruling? Someone has clearly been gotten to and has no integrity whatsoever. If people don’t like the dust they can move. Tired of government trying to “protect the public”.